The nonsense CM power modes

  1. varunchhabra
    Donut Apr 24, 2015

    varunchhabra , Apr 24, 2015 :
    I have been using the One since December 8 2014 and i didn't find any problem in the phone except the power mode feature provided inbuilt by Cyanogen. Though the One is a fone for the tech geek but still some things should be kept simple enough. Basically there was just the need of a power saver mode and a normal mode the way it is offered by other OEMS. I don't like the fact that whenever i want to play Asphalt 8 i have to first shift to Performance mode cause it will lag in balanced profile. When i first came to know of this i felt that this something i can adjust with but the real issue is that in both cm11s and now COS 12 the balanced mode is seriously fuc*ed up. Even Low profile and light games like bing bong don't work smoothly on balanced mode( i saw my friend playing this game on his Redmi 1s and it was definitely much better on it ). Shockingly the game worked better on power save mode which i think confirms that the problem is related to the cpu governor and the clock speeds. Earlier on CM11S one way to overcome this was change the governor to conservative though i never wanted to do this and why does cyanogen in the first place has put in such configurable processor settings which can freak out your phone... Why can't it just keep somethings simple like an iPhone?. After having updated to Cos 12 even this option is gone and i can't do anything other than switching modes all the time. This definitely has taken away some part of the experience and nothing can be done about it :(
    Keep it simple cyanogen!

  2. imightbesomeone
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 24, 2015

  3. ayy1892
    Gingerbread Apr 24, 2015

    ayy1892 , Apr 24, 2015 :
    lol...i have been playing asphalt8 for a long time and i always play it in balanced mode and it works smoothly...

  4. sheetalpatil
    Froyo Apr 24, 2015