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  1. Mike
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 18, 2015

    Mike , Oct 18, 2015 :
    This is not a support thread.

    Alright guys, it's time for some real talk. There have been multiple threads surfacing in the last few days where community members with varying degrees of accuracy depict what they think is wrong with the community "these days". Yesterday, I'm reading a thread called "lol caption this" and halfway through there are suddenly really long posts about software development and how OnePlus doesn't listen to the community.

    Well; to make it easier for us to listen to the community: post your feedback here, and me and the team will make sure to engage in open dialogue about what's up. We'll bring in some guest appearances if need be (I suspect @Helen and @Carl will be called upon by more than one of you) and we'll try to reach some conclusions.

    Yes, that means some of you (@sidlittlefield @mwayner @Ian_P etc) will have to submit your critiques again in this thread. Sorry about that. Just copy and paste your best work.

    Real talk also means that I will not tolerate any unreal talk in this thread. GIFs, one-liners, +1s, shoutouts etc will be summarily removed and punished. Furthermore, if you want an actual response, keep it vaguely civil. Remember that we're all human and if somebody responds with a bunch of foul language when you're trying to ask them for feedback, communication is likely to break down and otherwise legitimate criticisms will go unheard because you're unable to make a reasonable point without insulting literally everyone. If you're just angry but don't know why, vote in the poll to make your voice heard without disrupting the discussion the rest of us are having.

    Also don't comment on why I put this thread in Off topic. I did it because it will show up on recents and there is no better subforum.

    Cool? Cool. Go ahead.

    Feedback that's been heard and acted upon in some way:


    - CAPTCHA for new threads is in progress as of last week
    - I've asked software team to provide more consistent updates on the progress of O2OS for the One
    - Everyone who hates pinned threads, the recents page etc will be very happy to see the overhaul that is coming soon(tm) (yes, the one I referred to in the allegedly deleted post). ETA for that is "early next year" but I will be bringing select member in to beta test (a few have already seen the plans and provided feedback) once it gets more mature
    - Search sucks, we know. It's just very very costly to improve at the moment. Sorry.
    - The reason only I am responding here is because I woke up this morning and felt like I had to post this. It's our only day off of the week and I'm not going to force other people to come here just because I chose to start a thread today.
    - We will remove "new thread" from the recents page as soon as possible
    - Community chat is making a comeback to recents
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  2. Naman Bhalla
    Recognized developer Recognized Developer Oct 18, 2015

    Naman Bhalla , Oct 18, 2015 :
    Thanks Mike for this ...I also have some suggestions for the community that I sent to Adam.Will post them here too... :)

    Suggestion 1 :-
    Suggestion 2 :- (Kinda not related to community but related to community needs.)
    Suggestion 3 :-
    Suggestion 4 :-
    And the bestest post or suggestion by @hkagashe :-

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  3. Ceasedd
    Marshmallow Oct 18, 2015

    Ceasedd , Oct 18, 2015 :
    Well said.Looking forward to enjoying the forum for the long haul.I have nothing to say atm.:)
    OK,maybe one: Please pin this one.
    I hope people understand that this concerns the community issues and you don't get inundated with other requests like updates and customer service.*Cheers*
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  4. sn00pster
    Froyo Oct 18, 2015

    sn00pster , Oct 18, 2015 :
    There appears to be no way or zero acknowledgement of software issues from oneplus. It's infuriating, for example the fact that oxygen has completely broken third party led control (weird color mixing, no control over flash rate etc) and is reported many times on the board without any acknowledgement of the issue or a fix in sight. (opt)

    You need a bug report system, preferably community based so that these issues can be fixed quickly.

    You need to listen to your customers who use these devices day in day out or you're no different to apple.

  5. SoniaB
    Head Moderator; Community Hero 2020 Head Moderator Oct 18, 2015

    SoniaB , Oct 18, 2015 :
    Some of the changes that were made (creation of community chat section in particular) was to enable threads where users need help, to be seen better in recents.
    BUT I feel that is not really happening.
    Threads in the 'General Support' section should be allowed to show in recents.
    Not everyone goes to the general support section and so visibility here would be good.

    The 5 pinned threads - I agree with the reasoning behind having this, but almost every one of those threads becomes subject to spam posts and invite begging. There is very little 'clean up' done on those threads.

  6. SoniaB
    Head Moderator; Community Hero 2020 Head Moderator Oct 18, 2015

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  7. Mike
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 18, 2015

    Mike , Oct 18, 2015 :
    Stickied the thread. Look at us, already making progress. Yes, I am deleting everything that is not feedback, including posts saying "I have feedback" but then don't proceed to actually contain feedback. It's nothing personal. PM me if you disagree.

  8. ButterFlYnez
    Jelly Bean Oct 18, 2015

    ButterFlYnez , Oct 18, 2015 :
    A system to report bugs would be very nice. Also it would be nice if you could block the ip-adress of the notorious spammers. I know the moderators do their best but those spammers just use a new email and clog up the forum again.

  9. Mike
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 18, 2015

    Mike , Oct 18, 2015 :
    Suggestion 2: we cannot release proprietary source code, especially when it doesn't belong to us. If you want it, you will have to license it from the respective owners (Qualcomm, Google, Fingerprints etc).

    This is an excellent example of how business needs and community wants are wholly contradictory and if we want to survive as a business we have to ignore the community. Sorry, but it's better than not existing.

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  10. philipp21897
    Gingerbread Oct 18, 2015

    philipp21897 , Oct 18, 2015 :
    Hi, nice thread :). Could you pls Release the Code for the fingerprint Scanner and the Laser Autofocus to the developers over at xda? I really miss that features in Custom Roms for the oneplus 2.
    Thank you

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  11. Mike
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 18, 2015

    Mike , Oct 18, 2015 :
    Korean spam: we block their IPs every time, but they get new ones. We are currently looking at ways to predict what they're doing but right now the only way to stop them would be to block the entirety of South Korea from accessing the forums. That would suck for South Koreans (and the spammers would just get a VPN).
    So: we're working on it.

    edit: But it's super weird right, it's not like our users are anywhere near the target demographic for their shitty spam.

  12. royz0r
    Jelly Bean Oct 18, 2015

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  13. Mike
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 18, 2015

    Mike , Oct 18, 2015 :
    Multiple users want a community JIRA or other form of bug tracking system. This has been noted and forwarded to the software team. Now I will take a break as it is a Sunday and I need to see a man about a horse.

  14. SoniaB
    Head Moderator; Community Hero 2020 Head Moderator Oct 18, 2015

    SoniaB , Oct 18, 2015 :
    You didn't read Mike's post


  15. ahighfield
    KitKat Oct 18, 2015

    ahighfield , Oct 18, 2015 :
    OK, let's try this. I agree, but it has not just been the last few days, it has been a recurring theme since the OPO pre-order days (at least!).

    For me, the main problem is fundamentally that there is no clear purpose to the forum and conflicting aims for OP here that may ultimately be unreconcilable...
    1. Substitute for adequate customer support (the support page still directs users here)
    2. "HYPE" and virtual shop front
    3. Customer engagement
    4. "Earning" invites...
    5. Community and general discussion

    In particular, removing 1 and 4 from the above (and your business model) would make the forum a much more serene environment where people have greater alignment in their reasons to be here and interact.

    In addition, and @sidlittlefield noted this and we have discussed this frequently, communication is a key issue for OP. There is a huge disconnect between what OP views as "transparency" versus what really matters for your customers. It's like your recent invites for charity campaign. At least for me, when something costs you nothing, it's hard to give a lot of credit for "charity". The same goes for things that are easy to communicate. Read some of the comments to your "weekly updates" to see what your members really want to hear about.

    I am not sure what you track, but what is clearly evident is that while overall forum membership has grown significantly over the past year (more than double), average forum online members and activity is pretty much at the same level. What this should tell you is most people do not hang around (likely according to which of the above rationale they have for being here) and you are not really building any long term support base.

    Aside from that, there are other broader issues with OP's business model, business management and execution that is a source of much conflict in these pages.

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  16. Maximus Decimus Meridius
    Moderator Moderator Oct 18, 2015

    Maximus Decimus Meridius , Oct 18, 2015 :
    Great here are my issues:
    Reserved for ever. (Will quote when ready :) )
    1 I really want the spammers to be removed. But i think its not the biggest problem: the spammers can be removed easily by reporting, ignoring and being blocked by mods/admins. This will do for me (for now)
    2 i may mentioned it before @Mike, but the categories/subs have been quite a mess before. Now its better already.
    3 i would like to see a more real community-based level-up system. I can imagine you need to control this, so its ALWAYS a good thing you get the final say in this.
    4 An individual customisable recents-list (i may missed an official post about this, sorry) or something where the thread-poster can control his thread.
    5 More cool admins;) . But im actually serious; i think its a good thing, some important guys (with actual influence) with a listening ear. I believe Oneplus has a very intwined community.
    6 Not really "something wrong" but...; if postcount REALLY doesnt matter. Just dont let it show (that easily).

    Only thing what really stops people from posting now is that Oneplus /@Martin claims somewhere that postcount/trophies arent important at all. Frankly, thats not much.
    Why want people to level up? Because of bragging-rights of postcounts, post-like ratios and the dessert level. You can see immediately @Maximus Decimus Meridius has Lollipop and 10k+ posts, just enough likes.

    What if? :
    @Anonymous has something to say, a few likes and views on his threads?
    1 Would you help this person faster if its a problem-thread? (Or question)
    2 would you believe this person if it wants to announce some problems?
    3 how trustful is this person? He sends some links about a Full-rom-download....
    Etc etc

    I dont mind for it being tucked away very, VERY far in my profile along with the dessert-level. Lets say somewhere on the bottom of the "recent-activity"tab (there wont be no-direct link to show off and people who will go to that tab are stalkers anyway). Only thing that will stay is that people might still "know me" or recognise my weird posts/avatar :D. And this might fade as the forum grows.
    Of course some things should be seen easily: admins&mods.
    And i dont know if you think registration date is important too, but if it doesnt, there should be another obstacle too.

    So not like this:

    But like this:

    Is this an important forummember?

    Note: i'm not telling what is wrong actually, i'm trying to analyse what "we" can do better :D.
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  17. jakereed
    Gingerbread Oct 18, 2015

    jakereed , Oct 18, 2015 :
    I want better etas for invites. I was one of the first to get on the wait list and I was an active forum member but 3 months later I still haven't had an invite. I know there was an open sale but I would prefare if etas were met to start with.

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  18. ButterFlYnez
    Jelly Bean Oct 18, 2015

    ButterFlYnez , Oct 18, 2015 :
    Ah good to know :)

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  19. Mr. BG
    Community Hero 2020 Oct 18, 2015

    Mr. BG , Oct 18, 2015 :
    I think the most important question is to ask yourself why people are irritated to the point of flaming. The members you mention kept it quite factual, simple and straight, I leave it to those members to fill in on that tech part.

    But for many it is not about technicalities like forum structure or things like that. Being a coach/consultant and trainer I focus more on group dynamics here, considering the fact that we human beings are far less rational than we think I'd like to focus on the emotional side of things.

    The point is the big forum changes a while ago affected the way Oneplus is perceived on a lot of people. To many people it was not a reshuffle of parts of the forum just to better the structure, it felt as a personal attack on all that contributed in their own way.

    Just try reading your Dear Socialites thread through the eyes of a member that just got stripped of half of their post count. Members who thought that focusing on welcoming new members, helping out with invites or guiding new members on how to go about in the forums was the way to "share and care", because a good vibe, friendly helpful people and cheer and laughter are crucial parts in any forum or community, right?

    Then they got mugged, robbed of their post count and where thrown in the darkest corner of be forum possible, unappreciated, deemed useless and being dumped big time.

    Think about that.

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  20. imDiwakar
    Honeycomb Oct 18, 2015

    imDiwakar , Oct 18, 2015 :
    Issues with OP2:
    1) heating,even usin for a shorter period of time .
    2)battery life
    3)ghost touch,back button operates automatically while using any app.
    4)screen flashes while browsing though it's negligible bt still needs to be resolved

    That's ol I hv found till nw

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