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  1. Mike
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 29, 2015

    Mike , Oct 29, 2015 :
    Legitimate criticism. You're one of a kind in your demand for the 16gb version. I wouldn't say you're shit out of luck, though, if you really really want it there's countless resellers on Amazon etc selling that version. I wouldn't recommend it though, as they will be reflashed Chinese versions. Sorry.

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  2. AndroidKraken
    Froyo Oct 29, 2015

    AndroidKraken , Oct 29, 2015 :
    I think this has been posted before but oh well. i don't care.

    "re-posts" are rampant here, i think when you click on the forums and try to post a new thread before having gone past the 5-reply limit it should auto link you to the thread creation rules.

    Just my opinion, feel free to ignore it.

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  3. justindory
    Honeycomb Oct 29, 2015

    justindory , Oct 29, 2015 :
    My major complaint with the invite process this time around is that it didn't feel like we were all on a even playing field. From what I've seen in these forums people every where but North America are getting invites ahead of those of us from the US and Canada. The first OPO I waited months to get an invite but at least with that release it felt like I was on the same playing field as everyone else. Now I see people who joined the forums within the last week and never purchased a OPO getting invites before people like me who have been on the forum for awhile now and in my case I purchased THREE OPOs. Makes no sense whatsoever but it makes no difference now as I already have purchased/preordered devices I think will be better anyways. I guess everything works out as it should but still very disappointed in the invite process this go around.

  4. ageorgiou
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 29, 2015

    ageorgiou , Oct 29, 2015 :
    Part of the success of the OPO was that it came with Cyanogen out of the box. I personally think Oneplus should try to settle the differences with Cyanogen because I am sure it will cost Oneplus sales in the long run. This will also assist Oneplus to focus on the hardware and not have to deal with so many software issues. Also being a small outfit either the quality of the Oxygen Rom will suffer or the cost of hiring a team of developers will eat into Oneplus' profits not to mention additional support staff to support Oxygen. Eventually I suppose the additional cost will go to the consumer .

    For those who will like to see a return of Cyanogen in the future please like my post I know Oneplus probably wont go back to Cyanogen but it is worth trying.

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  5. geraldcortez
    Jelly Bean Oct 29, 2015

    geraldcortez , Oct 29, 2015 :
    I bought 3 Oneplus One last year.. it was nice.. I was impressed.. and I was hoping that things will get better with Oneplus 2, but I was disappointed... so I skipped buying the Oneplus 2.

    Oneplus should listen to what end users want.
    1. "Nobody uses NFC anyways.." come on, me and my friends have been using NFC even before the Oneplus One came out.
    2. "You can't tell the difference between QHD and HD..." then why is youtube making 4K videos available anyways if you can't tell the difference? My Nexus 6 is a QHD and yes I can tell the difference.
    3. "Adding those features will make it more expensive..." then what's the point of a cheaper Oneplus X if the supposedly "flagship killer" Oneplus 2 is way underspec compared to the real flagships out there?
    - if people believe in a product ( which I do when I bought the Oneplus One), then they will buy it even if you increase the price... isn't this what Apple fans all about? iPhones are expensive, but still a lot of people buy it because they believe in Apple.

    So, me and my friends will buy a new Oneplus only if the new version will include QHD, and NFC.

    I don't care what other people want or don't want, it's my money and all I care about is to spend my money on a product with features that I want.

  6. niaz738
    Gingerbread Oct 29, 2015

  7. geraldcortez
    Jelly Bean Oct 29, 2015

    geraldcortez , Oct 29, 2015 :
    Implement an automated rule that minimum post should be 100 characters with non-repetitive consecutive characters.. That should be more than enough to compose a supposedly sensible sentence.

  8. mwayner
    Lollipop Oct 29, 2015

    mwayner , Oct 29, 2015 :
    No complaints this morning, just a plea. Please, please, please try not to screw up the release of the OPX.

  9. jandoni
    Cupcake Oct 29, 2015

    jandoni , Oct 29, 2015 :
    I appreciate the offer regarding the 64GB invite, but I don't particularly have a use for it. I want a phone with specs that will last me for a while, but I don't tend to store things on my phone. I simply don't need 64GB, and it's not worth it to me to spend extra money on something I don't need. I would just like some kind of response to my issue regarding the 16GB version.


  10. SoniaB
    Community Hero 2020 Oct 29, 2015

    SoniaB , Oct 29, 2015 :
    It was always stated by OnePlus that the 16GB would be available towards the latter part of this year. There is not much more info that I can give you beyond that.
    You can do live chat with Customer Support, but I do not know if you will get any confirmed date form them

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  11. jandoni
    Cupcake Oct 29, 2015

    jandoni , Oct 29, 2015 :

    I appreciate your response, but why advertise that there are two versions of the phone when there is really only one? What good does it do me to get an invite and have to waste it, because OnePlus doesn't even have the phone available (and not because lack of attention or interest on my part)? I understand the production issues and the broader appeal of the 64GB version. My issue is that, based on prevailing trends, we won't ever be able to get a 16GB version unless we happen to get another invite at the precise moment that a 16GB phone is available. If each phone, as you advertise, is produced and attached to an invite, why not have 16GB invites and 64GB invites? Seems a little dumb.


  12. jandoni
    Cupcake Oct 29, 2015

    jandoni , Oct 29, 2015 :
    My issue isn't necessarily waiting for the phone (although it's irritating that the next OP phone will be available before the 16GB version of the last phone). My issue is that I had to waste my invite and presumably won't be able to get another one once the 16GB version is finally available.

  13. sfomin
    Nougat Oct 29, 2015

    sfomin , Oct 29, 2015 :
    This thread (link at the end) should tell you that its not just the community, but even the mods. A mod should be held to higher standards and not go back and forth in a pissing match and insulting members for 10 pages. Calling members iSheep and other names should be punished under rule 2. Code of Conduct.
    "2. Code of Conduct
    Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. The following actions will be prohibited from the OnePlus Forums:

    • Using inappropriate language including sexually explicit, violent as well as offensive content.
    • Showing a lack of respect and tolerance towards any forums members.
    • Attacking personally forums members based on religious, racial, political beliefs or any offensive reasons that are not related to the topic of this forum.
    • “Doxxing” or threatening to reveal personal details of other users. You are advised not to reveal personal information about yourself in the forum.
    • Posting malware/phishing websites and other content that is strictly harmful.
    Members who fail to respect the aforementioned code of conduct will be sanctioned/banned from the OnePlus Forums and their posted content will be permanently removed."

    Last edited: Oct 29, 2015

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  14. rass314
    Honeycomb Oct 29, 2015

    rass314 , Oct 29, 2015 :
    Early next year is the ETA given for Oxygen OS for OPO. Is this right? I don't think so. If OnePlus X can get Oxygen OS 2.x.x why can't OPO can't get it with the same Hardware and yest hardware is exactly the same apart from AMOLED display and dimensions. Oneplus said it came as software company and now really doesn't give a shit about updating it's True Flagship killer (OPO) with latest Soft. That's not fair at all.

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  15. Tricksodave
    Jelly Bean Oct 29, 2015

    Tricksodave , Oct 29, 2015 :
    In a nutshell, there's just far too many complainers! Complaining for complaining sake.

  16. Adam Krisko
    NA Community Consultant Staff Member Oct 29, 2015

    Adam Krisko , Oct 29, 2015 :
    You're right, they are both getting warnings... Now let's stop bringing it back up.

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  17. candyaurelio
    Froyo Oct 29, 2015

    candyaurelio , Oct 29, 2015 :
    I think you should update oxygen more more more fastly. Android M is out and you should stay as close as possible at nexus timing. If you will miss this target you will miss the market

  18. RonaldM
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 30, 2015

    RonaldM , Oct 30, 2015 :
    I guess this comment (both what he says and how he says it) of Carl Pei during the 'OnePlus X post-launch AMA feat. Pete and Carl' is a clear answer what to expect on OxygenOS updates for Oneplus One owners:

    Quote 1:
    Quote 2:
    I guess it wasn't a smart move to install Oxygen on the Oneplus One if you are looking for regular bug fix updates like the Oneplus 2.

    How do you get people to stop whining about your product on this forum @Mike ?

    Honest and open communication!
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  19. MrFingerIII
    Lollipop Oct 31, 2015

    MrFingerIII , Oct 31, 2015 :
    Ha ,no more one plus for me
    X looks ok but the OP2 was the last one for sure wish you all luck on the next one

    I am having fun just built a Skylake build 6700k while all this mumbo jumbo was going on lol

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  20. Holypriest
    Donut Oct 31, 2015

    Holypriest , Oct 31, 2015 :
    After reading through this thread, I have now decided to maybe not get a OP2
    man you guys have some issues with it it seems. I am still relatively interessted in a OP X though, see watah happens
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