The One weds Xiaomi Pistons 2 India Edition, Everyone's Invited ! + AMA !

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    shivkaranshah , Sep 13, 2014 :
    Xiaomi Pistons 2 or Official Indian name: Mi In-the-ear Headset (Piston Design)

    What's up fellow forumers :D

    Chitchat/Background Info:

    I bought them for 999 INR ~ 16.65 USD approx

    Many of you are wondering what's India edition, well I was too :p

    I was looking forward to buy this through xyz or some abc site, but the moment the news of Xiaomi coming to India broke out, I thought it's worth the wait :D

    Looks like I didn't had to wait long enough, the first batch sold out within hours, I was lucky to spot and order them within a few minutes of the availability of the 2nd batch *yay*

    Coming back to the India edition, the ONLY official source, the website which flips your kart :p (sorry can't name it :D ), didn't mention ANY info about them earlier and only after many negative comments they updated it a day or two back, that they are the v2 aka V2.0.

    They show the silver ones when we buy them, and no color options were available to choose from, I called them up to enquire about the color options and after talking to 5 of the customer care executives, I hanged up. None of them knew what is xiaomi (I spelled shaomi) or what are pistons, until I spelled Zeee-aaaa-oo-meeee :confused:

    So, to all the interested, and the ones not having enough confidence on FK, they're selling the originals !!

    Enough of the chit chat, here are the unboxing pics,

    The Unboxing

    I got the Gold Color.


    Yeah, that what I use to smash'em open those boxes, Caution: Beware, Of ME !! That's just my Toy Tool. Bwahahahaha !!

    Some ougre bougre things written on the box,

    I pay heed to these technical stuff while buying headphones/earphones/speakers or other related stuff.
    In addition, it features "1+" :p

    They packed them better. Those youtubers always have a hard them unbinding them.

    Thanks to the new style, I didn't had to ***** my *** for it :D

    Did they adapt it only for us Indians ? or is this the new nomenclature ? ehh ??


    Looks awesome, don't they ?

    -They come with 4 sets of earplugs, S M L and the 4th ones, those on the earphones, are somewhere between M and L, and for me, they fit perfectly. Let's call them M2.

    -A metal clip.


    From L to R:

    S, M, M2, L.

    The rubbery thing to wrap the wire, the damned thing feels **** awesome !!

    I'd love to have a styleswap cover with that FEEL, not the super saiyan feel, lol. ;)


    They love to hug my One like this, too bad the One was busy fondly 'clickin their pics.


    The front and back Mesh.

    ---- First things first ----

    **How well do they work with the One ?**

    There are three buttons, V+ , V- and the Mid Play/pause Button. I'll call it the Boss :D

    Where do I start from ?

    1) I know, GOOGLE NOW !!

    Long Pressing the Boss opens up google now, and you can speak and order google around.
    (Try and ordering your wife/gf like that, and she'll kick your *** just like that :p )

    If you keep pressing the boss when the One is locked, the default female voice will speak up:
    "To do a google voice search, please unlock your phone"
    This works even if you're listening to music or watching a video.

    2) Calling:
    V+, V-, to mess with the volume of course.
    Boss actions:
    In-call and while calling somebody: Single press to mute, long press to hang up.
    While receiving a call: Single press to pick up, long press to hang up and any volume button to mute.

    3) Video:
    Normal functions of the 3 buttons, nothing special, what did you expect ? A genie ?

    4) Music:

    App 1. Play Music: Easy navigation, simple controlling. FREE !!
    V+, V- long or short press, they just manage the volume.
    Boss Single press: Play/Pause; Double press: Next Song.

    App 2. PowerAmp: Better customization. Free to try. Includes Equalizer built in, it's almost the same and brother to AudioFX. Don't use both EQ and AudioFX to boost the bass to extreme. Even with 150% bass, the pistons crackle !! I use the bass from AudioFX between 50-70% and the piston's sound great !!
    Music automatically starts playing via poweramp when you plug the any headphones in, irrespective of screen on/off.

    Boss Single press: Play/Pause; Double press: Next Song, Triple tap: previous song.

    App 3. MX Player: Just basic functions of the three buttons in music mode.

    -> Construction:

    1) Wires first !!
    They are chocolate brown, and look chic.
    • From the jack to the buttons: Kevlar braided, yeah yeah, they are wires inside your regular Shoe laces.

    Kevlar Saves a lot of ***: de-mingling, de-tingling and de-dingling them when you pull them out of your pocket :confused: , Plus bonus: added strength.

    • From the buttons to the "Pistons" : Plastic ? Rubber ? or whatever !! Its not kevlar !!

    wait, whaaaaaaaaa ??? **** !! I though it's whole kevlar braided, whats the point in untangling the upper half part when the lower half is just *latkofying* there long and free ;) ?

    Upon examination, they seem to be better quality and thick, whatever "non-kevlar" thingy, doesn't bother me as long as it's not tangling itself.

    2) Button housing and the pistons (the housing which incorporates the diaphragm):
    Sturdy, well built, Quality level: Pro.
    But, you have to get a little used to, to press the boss. I'm still learning.

    3) Wire length: Many people in this forums said its small, these are long, long enough to be used normally. They're 1.2 Metres for God's sake, what do you what ? A hundred feet ?

    -> Sound Quality:

    These are for regular population, not techies, not audiophiles, just REGULAR JOES !

    The sound quality : Err, Awesome ?

    Well, not awesome, Very Good.

    Better than other brands with the same pricing, but somehow I didn't get that WOW !! Feeling !!

    Reason: All reviews stated that they can compete 50-60$ in-ear earphones, but no, they can't. The headphones which retail for that amount in India, i.e. Rs 3-3.6K are Frickkin better.

    Because people buying in that range would {or I say should} dig into the headphone world and then buy {I am not counting idiots though :p }

    They can compete with some pricier ones out there, but price variation shouldn't be more than Rs 500 Retail, not MSRP

    I'll not be doing the regular audio review, google them. I'm not an audiophile.

    -> Comparisons:

    • (<Rs 500) skullcandy OEM: Pistons win by a margin. ( Remember, I bought them from Karol Bagh, with a LOT of bargaining, But they were Original. Delhiites can relate to this place :p)

    • Some In-ear Sennheisers (Rs 1500 Retail) : Better Bass, Lesser Treble; but these can be fixed by Audio FX. Otherwise, Pistons Wins FAR AND LARGE for build quality, kevlar braided cord, even the non-kevlar part feels sturdy and stronger.

    • Sony MH755: Beats the Pistons by a margin. Came with Sony SHB20, unusable because of their length. I use earphones with longer wires even with the SBH20.

    • Skull candy Smokin buds(<Rs 1500 retail) : They can beat the above mentioned skullcandies, not Pistons.
    In my experience, skullcandy headphones are made to break. They are very fragile.

    • Sony Ex700 (1st copy: I didn't know they were copies when I bought them, neither did I know about their original price when I bought them) : I don't know what to say about them, these were seriously The BEST pair I have owned. I still grieve for them, an idiot broke them NEW !!

    -> Supplied earplugs quality: Frankly speaking didn't like their quality. They're Kind of slippery, too slippery.
    I love the plugs which came with the Sony Mh755, I'll be using them.

    And Trust me, a good par of plugs will change the experience !! It can worsen the experience from a good product, and can alleviate the experience from a bad product !!
    When I changed the pistons into the plugs from Sony, It was like I was listening to a completely different product !!

    -> Recommended Bluetooth Accessory for the One :

    Sony SBH 20: The Best thing about them is, you can use ANY headphone/earphone with them !! Even normal speakers can be turned into wireless ones with these. Retails for ~Rs 2.2K in India. I got it for Rs 1.7K during the GOSF.
    Well, I do steal real bargains, but only if I have use for the product, don't get duped by things being a steal when you don't need or even use them, using then a few times doesn't count )

    I'm currently rocking the Trio: The ONE, Pistons 2, and SBH20.

    -> AudioFX: Pistons work great with the AudioFX, People with different tastes in music can use the AudioFX and Pistons to suite their taste. They were found to have better adaptability with the software, than the others I tested.

    Question: Do you people want to see the strength of the Godosmith Glass of the Titan tempered glass screen protector on Video ?? My hands were scratching to grab my TOOLS :p and I used 'em on the godosmith. It's two different videos with 3 badass tools o'mine. If people are interested I'll work on the video.

    And yeah, Ask Me Anything regarding the Pistons V2, SBH20 and The OP ONE ofcourse :)
    Suggestions are Most Welcome :)
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    DRCH , Sep 13, 2014 :
    What do you do in your free time ?! :D

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    sivabalan , Sep 14, 2014 :
    NO smell, whatsoever on my Pistons . :D

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    kufri , Sep 14, 2014 :
    a bit out of topic, but if anyone interested in xiaomi 10400mah powerbank, pls try paytm, apply code POWER50 and you get 50% cash back in your account which you can use to pay your post or prepaid mobile bill, for like Rs. 750/- is ridiculously cheap. Only silver ones available.

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    madhanraj , Sep 14, 2014 :
    Seems like u r jobless... just kidding man super detailed review in a entertaining manner...good man... good....

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    shivkaranshah , Sep 14, 2014 :
    I smelled my pistons when I read your comment, they smelled like chocolate :eek::eek:
    I licked them and then I realized, I just ate this :
    The chocolate cream from my hands were on the pistons which I later licked off :p

    Cornetto Disc Chocolate .. Yumm yummm yummmmm .....
    My all time favourite ice cream.

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    kufri , Sep 14, 2014 :
    any genuine piston 2 available online in India, because lots of fake circulating around according to Amazon US reviews.

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    esaurabh , Sep 14, 2014 :
    Very well written bro and each and every information is now forcing me to get one now.. Good job..

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    shivkaranshah , Sep 14, 2014 :
    I have written above bro, flipkart is selling originals. Xiaomi is officially selling through FK.

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    these are out of stock on Flipkart since days now, even when they are back in stock, it sells out within hours before you get a chance.