The one where we've known each other for four months (SAP and December)

  1. yashi_misra
    Donut Dec 29, 2020

    yashi_misra , Dec 29, 2020 :
    Aah!!! its December finally and 2020 comes to an end. The journey so far has been fun and productive.This month the tech team of SAP circulated the survey (that took us quite a while to prepare btw).We received quite an enthusiastic response and are all set to dive into the analytics of the same in Jan.Apparently, we also recorded a podcast on the topic, "How student technical innovation has changed- then vs now", which helped us gain a deeper understanding of the paradigm shift in work culture across the world.Our team continued exploring the tech community by scouting major clubs and exciting initiatives. We also worked on several tech event ideas that we can host on our platforms and look forward to executing the same in the coming few months.I personally had a good time looking up articles on 'color psychology' and how it impacts the way in which,products are marketed.It was a part of the tech breakdowns our team unit does and it ultimately came out to be a great asset. As a part of an exciting collab opportunity with Netflix, we all got to contribute to the beta testing, of the "AK vs AK" game, which was very interesting.It feels amazing to see the improvement in my time management and communication skills.Thanks to my team and mentors here.We have currently put our head in many interesting projects and are entering the next month and year with loads of energy and enthusiasm !!!
    ciao 2020