The OnePlus 5 Ultimate Spec sheet

  1. CrownedSusanoo Honeycomb Jul 2, 2017

    CrownedSusanoo, Jul 2, 2017 :
    Well that and the fact that it looks like a copy of the 1 phone I hate so much.

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  2. Bart1999 Honeycomb Jul 3, 2017

    Bart1999, Jul 3, 2017 :
    The copy isn't the biggest problem. Buy a sandstone case and it is solved! (or a skin)

  3. CrownedSusanoo Honeycomb Jul 3, 2017

    CrownedSusanoo, Jul 3, 2017 :
    For most people, It's 85% not a deal breaker. For me, It's 60% not a deal breaker. I just don't like the look of it. The Oneplus One was a unique design and also the Oneplus Two. The Oneplus 3 and 3(T) were copy designs of the HTC but with few distinctions but aside from that the Oneplus 3/3(T) looks sleek, stylish and sophisticated (Which i dig in a smartphone). Specs make up 80% of my ideal smartphone and the latter 20% is the design. Well it's actually 20% design, 50% specs and 30% software. The Oneplus 5 lacks 20% as is because of it's design and minus an additional 15% because of the lack of OIS in the camera. There's only a 65% probability I'd consider getting this phone as is.

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  4. Bart1999 Honeycomb Jul 3, 2017

    Bart1999, Jul 3, 2017 :
    I totally agree with you! The OnePlus one and 2 were the best designed phones of oneplus. But I still like the company and that makes me think of a 90 % chance of buying the oneplus 5! But now I can see your vision[e]263a[/e]️

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  5. sfomin Marshmallow Jul 3, 2017

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  6. CrownedSusanoo Honeycomb Jul 4, 2017

    CrownedSusanoo, Jul 4, 2017 :
    I like Oneplus too, No doubt about that. But it's just that I need something that stands out. Do you know how good i feel knowing my phone is practically 'One' of a kind? (Pun Intended) Seriously, I live in The Bahamas. Most people here are so stuck and blinded by these major companies like Samsung, Apple, and LG that they don't even look at companies like Oneplus. Heck, They don't even know about Oneplus. Every time i talk to someone about phones, They ask, 'What kind of phone do you have?' When i tell them, They first laugh at the name but when I explain this phone in depth to them, They immediately want one. I've turned a good few people into fans already, even my coworker who owns a Oneplus 2. There are probably 3 people on this island (Myself Included) That owns a Oneplus 3/3(T) and I feel so satisfied knowing that not only is my phone unique and good looking but it also beats 90% of the phones on the entire island! The only major competition my phone has right now is the Galaxy S8 and the Iphone 7.

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  7. Bart1999 Honeycomb Jul 5, 2017

    Bart1999, Jul 5, 2017 :
    Yup once oneplus was the best company in my eyes. And now they are just a regular company who tries to stand out with a few good specs but also things that are missing.

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  14. CrownedSusanoo Honeycomb Jul 13, 2017

    CrownedSusanoo, Jul 13, 2017 :
    Yes, Like OIS in the Oneplus 5. lol I really have hope in Oneplus, but they're really making it difficult for my little shimmer of hope to stay lit. I'm skipping the Oneplus 5 this year. Hopefully the Oneplus 6 brings more to the table.

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  19. tokektokek Honeycomb Jul 20, 2017

    tokektokek, Jul 20, 2017 :
    These are absolutely amazing specs, hence why I ordered my OnePlus 5 yesterday - and didn't bother waiting for the next Google Pixel phone.....

    Only things that could possibly improve the specs are wireless charging, and IP rating and possibly edgeless screen.

  20. Aethex Cupcake Jul 20, 2017