The OnePlus 5T - Let's talk about the headphone jack

  1. P1524119415978
    Cupcake Apr 19, 2018

  2. Akhshay Srinivasan
    Nougat Apr 19, 2018

    Akhshay Srinivasan , Apr 19, 2018 :
    the biggest advantage OnePlus 5 and 5T has is the headphone jack.

    Many companies charge for a hardware which has been there as an in-built feature for years.

    Kudos to OnePlus for this ...... request you to bring IR BLASTER formthe future mobiles though I may not own it....., it will be beneficial to the other end users :)

    Thank you :)

  3. viveksngh11
    Cupcake Apr 23, 2018

  4. G_Michał_L_VJCp
    Gingerbread Apr 23, 2018

    G_Michał_L_VJCp , Apr 23, 2018 :
    I wish jack didn't have same problem as other phones. Some headphones with remote controls trigger google voice recognition all over again stopping music :( It concerns more than OP phones, I heard LG and HTC also have google recognition triggering problem. I tried lots of things to prevent that from happening, google settings don't solve shit, even taking microphone permission off google doesn't help and only installing 3th party app to completly disable remote control somewhat solves the issue but I'm not sure yet it helps 100% still testing. That's pretty bad, I cant use remote control at all. Another problem is pressing forward/reverse itself without even touching remote control. It may be caused by jack plug not going fully inside the socket? Maybe signal stutters on a cable? Even if, it shouldn't recognize it as pressing a button... I don't know but the problem exists. And I have pretty high quality headphones that works fine with a computer but not really with OP5T. I'll keep testing it for a while with remote control forced to disable but definitely somewhat disappointing. Regular headphones without remote control works fine.

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  5. vinay 5t
    Gingerbread Apr 24, 2018

  6. Jasolin swain
    Cupcake Apr 24, 2018

    Jasolin swain , Apr 24, 2018 :
    the headphone jack is the must have. if it is not in the phone then it is worth less. i praise one plus for this.love one plus

  7. G_Michał_L_VJCp
    Gingerbread Apr 24, 2018

    G_Michał_L_VJCp , Apr 24, 2018 :
    For the record taking away microphone persmission for google, disabling "Ok google" feature AND A MUST: installing headset button controller app and disabling start/pause/forward/reverse does the trick. No more stopping music, I've been walking around town for some time and problem's solved. A con is I can only use remote for Volume+/Volume- now. I think they should implement remote control config in OxygenOS audio settings.

  8. ankur mehra
    Cupcake Apr 26, 2018

  9. raviarora786
    Gingerbread Apr 26, 2018

    raviarora786 , Apr 26, 2018 :
    Yess.. sir.. you are correct !!

    OnePlus need to enhance technology ..!!
    3.5mm jack is about more than 7 years old ...now it's time to update by removing 3.5mm jack ...!!

    You can give feature like Apple ...TYPE C port can used to connect wired headphones/headset ...!!

    Oneplus CEO wants User opinion - it's very impressive ..
    I'm happy to be a part of OnePlus community [e]1f60a[/e][e]1f60a[/e]

    Thank you sir pete

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  10. 01baftb
    Gingerbread May 21, 2018

    01baftb , May 21, 2018 :

    I agree keeping the headphone jack is very important. In addition I would like to provide additional reasons why headphone jack is important feature for me:

    1) Myself and many other users I know use wired headphones on a daily basis for 1) talking on the phone (mic/headphone), and 2) Using with our laptops/desktop PCs. My avg mic/headphone use in entire day is almost 6-8 hrs continuously. I have not come across any wireless headphones where I did NOT have to worry about a) charging the battery and b) sound quality for the mic.

    2) Seamless integration with other technology. I use one mic/headphone for both my phone and my laptop. I constantly have to connect/disconnect my headphone between devices due to my work scenario where I am constantly moving around. Wired headphones have provided be the fastest and smoothest interface to connect/disconnect my headphones between devices without having to worry about using any special dongles.

    Headphone jack is the primary reason I will be switching to OnePlus 6 instead of buying iPhone X.

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  11. calyman75
    Gingerbread May 22, 2018

  12. ayushk09
    Cupcake May 23, 2018

    ayushk09 , May 23, 2018 :
    there is an issue with Jack....while playing videos or song screen behavior is erratic. any app gets open , sound gets itself low, video getting itself paused and played frequently. what to say about it first

  13. Balachandar
    Cupcake Jun 21, 2018

  14. Jan H. Koster
    Donut Jun 24, 2018

    Jan H. Koster , Jun 24, 2018 :
    Point taken, but I still think that the audio tuning option should also be given to the wireless headphone. Maybe the trigger should be in the Bleutooth switch.

  15. G_Viru
    Jelly Bean Aug 16, 2018

  16. G_Viru
    Jelly Bean Sep 2, 2018

  17. Neik0
    Cupcake Sep 8, 2018

    Neik0 , Sep 8, 2018 :
    That's a very smart move, and it's also because you prioritize the users that I'm now a proud user of a Oneplus phone.
    The fact that you listen to your community, even going backward if that's what the user needs...
    All your improvements, customizations, and decisions are common sense.
    Just keep it that way ! I've never seen users that happy with their phones.
    And I didn't think I would be that much too !
    Your OS, tweaks, the fact that you're really fast in development, even getting Pie on older phones...
    You guys are amazing !
    First I thought the phone was too big, but what can you get with an AMOLED + Jack and great battery life nowadays...
    Op 5/5T and 6...
    Love you Oneplus !

  18. Jyri Yue
    Donut Sep 10, 2018

    Jyri Yue , Sep 10, 2018 :
    I really don't like notch. So I still usein My 5t. Hopfully new op without notch.

  19. Ray_ofLight
    KitKat Sep 10, 2018

    Ray_ofLight , Sep 10, 2018 :
    Oneplus 5T is an awesome phone, can't find any faults with it except that there should've been expandable storage. 64 GB is reasonable storage but I'm always worried about not exceeding more than 50 GB which might hinder the device's smooth performance.

  20. meatandy
    Oreo Sep 10, 2018

    meatandy , Sep 10, 2018 :
    It looks like it will have the water drop notch.
    Expandable storage isn't going to happen on any OnePlus device.

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