The OnePlus 6 from my point of view #Sixfactor Review

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    Manav Bhagia , Jun 11, 2018 :

    This isn't my first phone from OnePlus , but my first review on the forums, so don't expect an extremely refined review ,but a review from my point of view , and I'm gonna try and go into a lot of detail while keeping this review brief and to the point. I'm also gonna keep this review as updated and interactive as possible , with a brief review every time there's a major update , even after the contest ends.
    Before the review , let me just list my configuration so that you guys get a better idea (At the time of writing) :
    Oneplus 6 Mirror black ,
    128GB ROM/8GB RAM ,
    Oxygen OS 5.1.5,
    animations 0.5x (all) ,
    Currently using it with the case given in the box

    Speed : This factor is my favorite one out of the lot , and the OnePlus 6 has impressed me in every way . The moment I booted it up (after taking some pics of my unboxing for some other contest by OnePlus ), I was surprised how fast it booted up . It took under 10 seconds for me , and that is the fastest I've ever seen. As you all know that the OnePlus 6 is powered by the SnapDragon 845 and upto 8 GB of RAM , you can expect it to be really fast and it surely doesn't dissapoint. Also , as the phone is running on almost stock Android with some useful optimizations and customizations (Oxygen OS), it is really smooth ,animations are really fast with extremely quick app opening speeds and a responsive and sensitive touchscreen .

    Scrolling is very smooth and I have never had any lag with this phone , and I don't even expect to. I guess that this is as fast a phone can get in 2018 !

    Oxygen OS has a lot of useful options and customizations which makes OxygenOS my favourite Android software experience ! When it comes to speed , there is one thing that OnePlus does better than any other manufacturer though , and it is Dash charge (or quick charge from now on ?) Which is superfast. I love it when a feature is implemented that really does what it says , and yeah , you really get a day's power.....in half an hour.

    Strength: I don't have a lot to say here as I use my phones really carefully and try not to drop them or get them wet . Even though the OnePlus 6 is water resistant to some limit , I haven't got it wet yet . I have also been using it with the case since the day I got it and haven't dropped it.....yet! Although I can say that the glass build looks and feels quite durable , I still don't trust glass to be as durable as the glass back is made of the same glass as the display , and my display has some minute scratches , so I guess I am gonna stick to using a case , atleast for using it when I am not at home.

    Power : The OnePlus 6 has almost the highest end specs of the year ,
    SnapDragon 845, upto 8 GB of LPDDR4X RAM, 16 and 20 MP dual camera upto 256 GB internal storage ,etc.
    and as I have the 128 GB model with the 8 GB of RAM , so I did expect it to run without any lag , and as I have mentioned above , in the Speed section , the OnePlus 6 didn't dissapoint me at all but really impressed me ! The phone was cooler than any other phone I have used ,when running graphically intense apps , or benchmarks.I know that benchmarks do not reflect actual real world usage , but just gonna list the Antutu benchmark anyway as I was shocked by the result (268000) ! Battery life too, has been impressive and this is my first phone to get me through the whole day with at least 40% charge. (I have yet to test the SOT as it varies from my day to day usage , but gonna try to update the thread about it) Coming to the software , OxygenOS is a really powerful and versiatile one. Oxygen OS has a lot of useful options and customizations such as screen off gestures , which can be used to open an application or control music , which has now been improved with more customization options, various display modes such as reading mode which adjusts the screen so that it becomes a lot better for reading , night mode which makes the screen warmer and less strenous on the eyes and much better to use when it becomes dark , an option to use gesture instead of software navigation buttons and the option to choose a light theme or dark theme along with accent colors and a lot more all of which I really love and which makes OxygenOS my favourite Android software experience of all ! (just as I said above in the speed section)
    The only weak point in terms of power is .....Camera . Even though the camera is satisfying enough for day time pics , and it is quite good in lowlight , the day time shots are a bit dull in color , when not using HDR (I prefer them a bit more saturated) and the autofocus is slightly slow which is yet a problem even after the fix (5.1.5). Low light pics are good ,but nothing extremely good like the new flagships of the year. Though I expect the camera quality to get better as the OnePlus 6 ages , as I have got a lot of camera related updates for the OnePlus 3 and I do expect my current device to get quite a lot. The video quality is quite good though , and so is the addition of super slow motion.The selfie camera is also quite good , but I'm not a fan of taking selfies anyways.....

    Beauty: The first thing you notice when unboxing a phone is the design. The first time I looked at the OnePlus 6 was at the launch , and I was really impressed by the design. Design was something that I didn't care about a lot , as long as the other aspects of the phone were really good , and the pricing was right. But , I guess that with a lot of smartphones focusing on design , OnePlus had a tough challenge , but they nailed it ! The OnePlus 6 is almost totally made out of glass , which is slightly curved on the back . I got the mirror black version , and it looks really awesome.It is quite shiny and reflective and it looks a lot like ceramic. The glass back does have some problems , though the major one which I mentioned in strength , and minor one , which is common in a lot of glass backs , which are the accumulation of fingerprints.
    The camera is placed vertically , which makes the phone look a lot more symmetrical , but the fingerprint sensor is directly under the camera and might cause accidental touches on the camera. So , to conclude this section, the build is really good , but let down by some of these minor problems.

    If you prefer using your phone with one hand , and want to continue to do so , the OnePlus 6 is not for y'all.
    The OnePlus 6 is a tall phone and is quite big ,(at 6.28 inches display). Without the case , the OnePlus 6 is easier to hold , and feels better in the hand, but a bit difficult to use with one hand. I personally don't mind this , as I am used to using phones with a bigger screen , and using it with two hands , but I had to point out some of the disadvantages , so as not to appear biased! The glass back feels colder and smoother than metal too , which is a great feel . The glass back also causes the phone to be heavier than previous phones , which I again don't mind.

    OnePlus has done a great job with reading mode , though which makes it better when reading for long periods and does what it says. Also , the near stock Android is easy to use and the off screen gestures among the other features of OxygenOS are convenient and actually useful. So to summarize , Comfort is good if you are used to using phones with a larger display , this phone is for you and you will get used to it quite easily. Also as a plus point , the bezels which are extremely small make it feel a lot smaller and manageable.

    When it comes to comfort, using the OnePlus 6 with the case doesn't make a lot of difference , but the feel is different , and it is a lot less slippery.

    Delight : As I have mentioned above, this is not my first phone from OnePlus and I had a lot of expectations from this brand since I got my first phone from OnePlus , the OnePlus One. Unboxing the OnePlus One was the most delightful unboxing for me , and was quite a unique and exciting experience which I still remember. Even though the OnePlus 6 couldn't match the unboxing experience , the overall delight equals my very first OnePlus phone. The OnePlus 6 actually reminds me of the OnePlus One due to the camera placement , the unique feel on the back and the extreme speed and power and of course , the price ! The software is awesome , the hardware is awesome and the overall experience I have had with this phone is the best I've ever had !

    Brief discussion of minor stuff and experience :

    1. The notch : The notch is hideable , but it is almost unnoticable when you get used to it . Also ,it actually does ask you for permissions for which apps you want to enable fullscreen for , and disabling the use of fullscreen doesn't cause a huge difference , and the bezels still appear to be very small , like the OnePlus 5T

    2. Slow motion video : even though the video isn't as slow as it gets , it is quite good and there is an option to add music to the video within the editor, and choose which part would be in slow motion which is quite cool !

    3. Size : Think of it as slightly smaller than the OnePlus 5T , but slightly bigger than the OnePlus 3

    4. Updates to the camera : OnePlus keeps on adding new improvements to the camera , and when I got my OnePlus 3 , The camera was almost on the level of the OnePlus 2 , but about 5 updates later , a lot of things were fixed , and the quality kept on getting better .

    5. Software Updates : OnePlus is no longer slow on updates as we have seen on previous phones , and the OnePlus 6 is not gonna be forgotten once the OnePlus 6T or OnePlus 7 is out.

    6.Wireless charging: I don't get why everyone is disappointed about wireless charging . It is just slower and costlier and does require a wire .

    7.Display: The screen resolution of 1080p is sufficient enough and you won't recognize the difference is no longer the case as you can actually see that other 2k displays do appear slightly sharper , so I'm not with OnePlus on that decision. But the decision use a fullscreen display was the best one , and is probably the biggest difference from other OnePlus devices. It makes the OnePlus 6 way more delightful to use than any other OnePlus device

    8. Glass back: Yeah the glass back does cause fingerprints to get accumulated and is quite slippery

    Conclusion : This review may sound biased and extremely positive but I can't help it.
    The OnePlus 6 is my favourite smartphone of 2018 . Even though it is let down by some minor compromises , I guess that it is the best phone for this price range yet, actually has The speed you need and is probably just going to get better with time.....
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