The OnePlus 6 will have a Notch. Here’s the first official image and the explanation

  1. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert Apr 4, 2018

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  2. ghostofcain
    Marshmallow Apr 4, 2018

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  3. Avengernitin
    Cupcake Apr 4, 2018

  4. michaljana
    Donut Apr 4, 2018

    michaljana , Apr 4, 2018 :
    oneplus6 will not be my next cell phone. that cutout is disgusting. perhaps they will not duplicate Apple. op6 is a big disappointment

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  5. ghostofcain
    Marshmallow Apr 4, 2018

    ghostofcain , Apr 4, 2018 :
    What particular part of the undisclosed specs dissapoints you the most?

    Don't get me wrong I'm not a great lover of notches ,but as long as it doesn't interfere with function I'm not a hater either.

    Edit: Post №666 in the thread, my work is complete.
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  6. michaljana
    Donut Apr 4, 2018

  7. Yudiansyah
    Eclair Apr 4, 2018

  8. Lostcypher11
    Honeycomb Apr 4, 2018

    Lostcypher11 , Apr 4, 2018 :
    Ahhh FFS was hoping the 6 would be my next phone. Please remove the notch for the 6T. Completely unnecessary.

  9. CrownedSusanoo
    Honeycomb Apr 5, 2018

    CrownedSusanoo , Apr 5, 2018 :
    @f1982 I am now a believer in the notch! I hated it so much, I never even saw the renders produced with it until literally just now. A 6.2" display with that small of a notch and not to mention the display itself looks ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! Thank you for showing me the error of my defiant ways!

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  10. glim
    Eclair Apr 6, 2018

    glim , Apr 6, 2018 :
    So am I the only one on here that likes the notch? It gives us more screen to work with and here is my idea of how that could look like.

    On the left side time, battery, wifi..
    On the right side notifications.

    Slide down on the left side, your controls and lighting options.
    Slide down on the right side, your active notifications.

    In vertical view, keep the time, ect, static in place.

    Hope you guys like my idea and don't shy from replying.

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  11. haimgreenberg
    Honeycomb Apr 6, 2018

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  12. Punk_69
    Lollipop Apr 6, 2018

    Punk_69 , Apr 6, 2018 :
    Let it be how it's supposed to be for Android.

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  13. glim
    Eclair Apr 6, 2018

    glim , Apr 6, 2018 :
    So if Google changes these specs it's okay with you? :p

    Haim, nice to hear from you.

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  14. G_tushar_singh_DzgF
    Eclair Apr 6, 2018

  15. G_Krutik_Mistry_BFxZ
    Gingerbread Apr 6, 2018

    G_Krutik_Mistry_BFxZ , Apr 6, 2018 :
    I don't support piracy (coping someone else's design).
    I would like to keep my OnePlus 5 with me and wait for OnePlus 6t or 7.... " if they don't copy other's design" ( specially the dumb, pointless, unnecessary notch)

  16. The1Lion
    Marshmallow Apr 6, 2018

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  17. The1Lion
    Marshmallow Apr 6, 2018

    The1Lion , Apr 6, 2018 :
    Notch gonna be a problem. There notch much to do about it. I could go on, but I'm notch gonna do it!

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  18. tanmay jain 844
    Froyo Apr 6, 2018

    tanmay jain 844 , Apr 6, 2018 :
    So it's official that oneplus 6 is coming with a notch and a bottom chin too.
    Oneplus is copying the much hated notch from apple , and thats not the only thing they're copying , they've already copied the gestures from i phone 10 in the new open beta update for 5t .
    Oneplus says that it takes user feedback and listens to what the community says, whereas no one really asked for a notch .
    okay , lets accept the notch for a while, what about the bottom chin , oneplus says that they lack the resources to get rid of the bottom chin , lets go back to the launch of oneplus 5 when they said they lack the resources to add a full screen display to there flagship and just after 6 months OnePlus 5t launches with a new view that is a full screen display . seeing the pattern OnePlus 6t will probably get rid of the notch or the bottom chin.
    oneplus was known for its originality and affordable price , slowly the company lacks both, Oneplus 6 will obviously be available at a slightly higher price compared to 5t.
    1. Deleted tweet
    2. Explanation how apple does it but they don't have the resources.
    3. Making of oneplus 5
    4. Explanation again

    above are a few screenshot of verge's video (making of the oneplus 5) and there last interview with carl pei on oneplus 6.
    Oneplus is now loosing the community and originality , they know what the problem is , proof is that carl pei posted a tweet saying learn to love the notch , and it received a huge negative feedback so he deleted the tweet which i have attached above

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  19. Petjitsu
    KitKat Apr 6, 2018

    Petjitsu , Apr 6, 2018 :
    here is the right forum:
    https://forums.oneplus.net/forums/OnePlus6/ :rolleyes:;)

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  20. haseoxth
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 6, 2018

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