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  1. Rithun_Arackal
    Eclair Oct 3, 2018

  2. CRY0g3n
    Donut Oct 3, 2018

    CRY0g3n , Oct 3, 2018 :
    Now i don't know what phone i will buy, 6 or 6t?
    I hope the 6t will not cost much more than the 6.
    Both seems to be very good phones, but, yeah, the 6t has got more features.

    What should i choose?

    i can think even for the 5t but I have no clues.


  3. CA prince Joseph
    Donut Oct 3, 2018

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  4. Saketh.Sharath
    Cupcake Oct 3, 2018

  5. Priyanshu Sharma
    Jelly Bean Oct 3, 2018

    Priyanshu Sharma , Oct 3, 2018 :
    Every feature is present you mentioned is present in every OnePlus devices either 3T or 6.


    Just switch to pro mode and you will get all features but only dust and water resistant is not present. BTW OnePlus 6 is splash resistant but its not IP rated!

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  6. Jain_Utkarsj
    Froyo Oct 3, 2018

    Jain_Utkarsj , Oct 3, 2018 :
    guys I really love playing PUBG and I have OP5(definitely upgrading to 6T) but my wireless don't deliver a great PUBG experience (Bose Soundsport Pulse) because they give mono audio when mic is on, I get surround sound with the jack.
    PUBG drains battery too, so I charge and use ear buds simultaneously, please please find a solution to that.

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  7. babaasim
    Cupcake Oct 3, 2018

    babaasim , Oct 3, 2018 :
    Please consider the new 6T to have the option or compatibility for 5G network along side to have dual speakers , OnePlus team please think for OnePlus health measuring body temperature blood pressure pulse rate and lot more

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  8. GuitarBart
    Jelly Bean Oct 3, 2018

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  9. blackshogun137
    Donut Oct 3, 2018

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  10. Ray_ofLight
    KitKat Oct 3, 2018

    Ray_ofLight , Oct 3, 2018 :
    OnePlus 6T with water drop notch and in-display finger print scanner are the new contemporary features.

  11. MickCue
    Cupcake Oct 3, 2018

    MickCue , Oct 3, 2018 :
    This will be a major upgrade for me, proud owner of the OnePlus One since 2014, updated and still running good.

    Excited for the 6T, camera, screen unlock and Oxygen OS (been using custom ROM with the 1). Have Google alerts for all OnePlus news :).

    Keep up the work 1+

  12. gerard bita
    Cupcake Oct 3, 2018

  13. gerard bita
    Cupcake Oct 3, 2018

  14. OnePlusTejasred
    Froyo Oct 3, 2018

  15. Z1538605117467
    Cupcake Oct 3, 2018

    Z1538605117467 , Oct 3, 2018 :
    I wish to see the stereo speakers on upcoming OnePlus 6T. That'll sound sweet. It's not a deal breaker, but the removal of headphone port should be cured by adding stereo speakers.

  16. lpreston2002
    Gingerbread Oct 3, 2018

    lpreston2002 , Oct 3, 2018 :
    Please bring back the headphone jack on the OnePlus 7. love my OnePlus bullet wireless headphones with my OnePlus 6 but the headphone jack produces superior audio compared to Bluetooth and when you're on the plane it makes all the difference to have a headphone jack and quality headphones.

  17. claytron1116
    Eclair Oct 4, 2018

  18. krafiq
    Gingerbread Oct 4, 2018

    krafiq , Oct 4, 2018 :
    I will not purchase a new mobile until a 5G enabled mobile is launched.

  19. G_Pratik_Gole_ztRA
    Cupcake Oct 4, 2018

  20. Himanshu Jha
    Cupcake Oct 4, 2018