The OnePlus Invite System [Updated May 9]

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  1. Andrei56
    Cupcake Apr 26, 2014

    Andrei56 , Apr 26, 2014 :
    I'm just afraid that waiting so much for the phone will never give a chance to ever get an invite. i hate when there's finally a phone i want and i finally have the money for it...but then just can't get my hands on the phone...

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  2. Konzure
    Froyo Apr 26, 2014

    Konzure , Apr 26, 2014 :
    Funny thing is within the 360 pages was the answer provided how to get an invite. You just have to read very carefully, starting by the topic, then move to post #1

  3. oscarlopez
    Cupcake Apr 26, 2014

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  4. Ciccio979
    KitKat Apr 26, 2014

    Ciccio979 , Apr 26, 2014 :
    Konzure if i try to read 360 pages my brain will be dead and i can't be able anymore to use a smartphone :)

  5. epenricefsp
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 26, 2014

    epenricefsp , Apr 26, 2014 :
    I would smash my phone... but I don't have a flagship one :( so I guess I just have to wait until I can buy one... how long will it take for them to be available?

  6. Kolinzo
    Cupcake Apr 26, 2014

  7. shussain5721
    Gingerbread Apr 26, 2014

    shussain5721 , Apr 26, 2014 :
    Just hope the people that get selected to smash the past promotion don't sell their three invitations on ebay or something. :(

  8. Apross44
    Donut Apr 26, 2014

    Apross44 , Apr 26, 2014 :
    Would love an invite. I was originally going to wait for the nexus 6 when I found out about this phone I couldnt stop talking about it with friends! Hope people start getting their invites soon!

  9. Simonbarsinistr
    Gingerbread Apr 26, 2014

  10. AndroidErik
    Honeycomb Apr 26, 2014

  11. phirok
    Gingerbread Apr 26, 2014

  12. hamdanha
    Cupcake Apr 26, 2014

  13. btrayn1
    Eclair Apr 26, 2014

  14. Franck.Pontremoli
    Donut Apr 26, 2014

  15. nickr9145
    Donut Apr 26, 2014

    nickr9145 , Apr 26, 2014 :
    As a person who actually wants the phone as a replacement and major upgrade for my old one and will actually use this phone for a long time, I really hope I can get an invite :/ I hope the people who just want this phone to resell on ebay for profit or just want it to try it out but already own a similar quality device do not get the invites over me. Hopefully I won't miss my chance to get an invite because I am really looking forward to owning this amazing phone. Like this is you are in the same position as me!

  16. Odeus
    Froyo Apr 26, 2014

  17. ragomuay
    Donut Apr 26, 2014

  18. pandalo
    Froyo Apr 26, 2014

    pandalo , Apr 26, 2014 :
    Hopefully, they give out more info regarding acquiring initial invites other than the phone smashing contest.

  19. ao41tr
    Cupcake Apr 26, 2014

  20. pjm1891
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 26, 2014

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