The OnePlus One Battery: Long Lasting, Compact and Reliable

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    Flagship killa for sure!

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    im a battery killer..... good to hear

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    what is mystery tech??

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    ThAt's good to know, I plan on getting one these phones soon. It will be a big change from the galaxy s3. QUOTE="Frederick, post: 6788, member: 1436"]Since the back is not removable, I have a feeling that there will be no micro sd card slot.[/QUOTE]
    UOTE="Pete, post: 6751, member: 3"]A few days ago, we spoke a bit about our decision to choose the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 for the CPU. Ultimately, it gave us the best of the 800 series – speed, performance, and compatibility – while not compromising the battery life.

    The battery was another big decision for us. Our foremost concern was implementing a battery that would last long enough for a full day of normal, daily tasks without users having to worry about lowering the brightness, closing all their apps, or disabling Bluetooth or data services.

    We also wanted the battery to fit in a slim, compact body that is easy to hold, operate and carry around.

    With these two goals in mind, we ultimately decided on a 3100 mAh non-removable battery for the OnePlus One.

    The decision was clear for us. A removable battery would have meant adding a protective layer to the motherboard as well as extra circuitry, resulting in a smaller battery (2500mAh, 20% less battery juice!) or a significantly thicker phone.

    With our configuration, the battery will last long enough to get even the most active users through an entire day of use without adding bulk to the overall build and design.

    As we have been working closely with CyanogenMod from the very beginning, the battery on the OnePlus One will be specially optimized to be as long lasting and efficient as possible.

    Stay tuned for more on the OnePlus One![/QUOTE]