The OnePlus One Camera: Sony Exmor IMX214, 6 lenses, and low light performance

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  1. fluxx
    Froyo Oct 6, 2014

    fluxx , Oct 6, 2014 :
    I wish there was a better shortcut to open the camera fast. I have kids and if I want to take a picture I really don't have the time to draw something one the screen and then wait for the system to recognize it. There must be an easier, one hand operation to start with the camera right away. Best thing would be a hardware key like most Sony and Lumias have it - as the OPO comes without something like that perhaps you can add something like Motorola has done for the Moto X 2014 like double-shake the phone to wake up and start the camera?

  2. markgranto
    Honeycomb Oct 6, 2014

    markgranto , Oct 6, 2014 :
    the default android lock screen you can set shortcuts up so you can slide to get to the camera app, or you can set so that if you slide the full lock screen to the right the camera opens. Ha similar set up on my old LG G2 and worked a treat. You can also set the power button to work as the button to take pics.

    Have you found a setting that is the best for taking 'action' pics of the kids, auto and clear shot just dont do it for me. Did try the action setting but not the best either. The G2 was brilliant, you could just set as standard and take pics one after the other very rapidly, then pick the best and delete the rest.

  3. fluxx
    Froyo Oct 6, 2014

    fluxx , Oct 6, 2014 :
    No matter what smartphone I'm using I'm always going for auto mode. I'm a pro-amateur on DSLR but I don't wont to start fiddling on my smartphone settings. Saying that, the OPO does quite well. I took some comparison shoots between my OPO, Lumia 925 and Nexus 5. The Lumia 925 comes in first, the shoots are more balanced and the colors better. But the OPO is also very good, noticeable better than the disappointing Nexus 5. I prefer the Lumia 925 more because of it's size and camera button in this aspect and of course if it gets darker, the optical image stabilization comes in handy. But I don't want to make promotions for the Lumia, the OPO does a good job in this category and I hope that the guys over at CyanogenMod are always working on color accuracy, speed and handling ;)

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  4. skorpi1976
    Gingerbread Oct 8, 2014

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  5. momto8
    Cupcake Oct 8, 2014

    momto8 , Oct 8, 2014 :

    I'm a photographer, so that's great to know. Looking forward to seeing some great pix!

  6. Deactivated User
    Oct 8, 2014

  7. mwoolley
    Jelly Bean Oct 8, 2014

  8. banubash
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 9, 2014

  9. Mayuresh
    Gingerbread Oct 9, 2014

    Mayuresh , Oct 9, 2014 :

    If some one doubts about OPO's camera please go through this blog by Robin Wong


  10. banubash
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 9, 2014

  11. banubash
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 9, 2014

  12. Mayuresh
    Gingerbread Oct 9, 2014

    Mayuresh , Oct 9, 2014 :
    Yess..he has...and also used Camera V-5 app from playstore..but the end product is just superb

  13. banubash
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 9, 2014

  14. blazingotter
    Donut Oct 9, 2014

  15. ttirkel
    Donut Oct 9, 2014

    ttirkel , Oct 9, 2014 :
    terrible looking shots

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  16. ramendomo
    Honeycomb Oct 9, 2014

    ramendomo , Oct 9, 2014 :
    Other than the last picture which looked kind of distorted, the rest of the pictures looks crisp.

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  17. banubash
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 10, 2014

    banubash , Oct 10, 2014 :
    Agreed. Haters gonna hate :p

  18. Krunal Oza
    Gingerbread Oct 10, 2014

  19. interfece
    Honeycomb Oct 10, 2014

    interfece , Oct 10, 2014 :
    Is not yet Truly 4K Is same mistake like few years ago was FullHD 1020 and HDReady we need to wait till next year to See Truly 4K Devices Not upscale picture to 4K /UHD

  20. breadwood
    Eclair Oct 12, 2014

    breadwood , Oct 12, 2014 :
    The OnePlus One will also let you to shoot 4K videos or, if you love slow-motion video, film at 120 fps with a 720p Resolution.

    Mine can only film at 60 fps and no Sound recorded, is this normal???