The OnePlus One Screen: Bright, Sharp and Power Efficient

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  1. hecthorpe
    Honeycomb Apr 19, 2014

  2. Phantom
    Honeycomb Apr 19, 2014

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  3. reinierkramer
    Honeycomb Apr 19, 2014

  4. Keccolopez
    Donut Apr 19, 2014

    Keccolopez , Apr 19, 2014 :
    In Pete we trust! But i have small hand and a find5 trust me is The biggest size for a phone.

  5. sandeepsarma
    Cupcake Apr 19, 2014

    sandeepsarma , Apr 19, 2014 :

    I am just as confused as you. To be honest I had calculated the screen to body ratio for a few days and was thinking that it would've been some great engineering they did. But I noticed that they had not shown the bottom of the Z1 which meant that the bottom of the Opo could be there as well.

    Now I used the size comparison tool on phonearena which gives a rough idea on how big phones are. Since the Opo is similar to the Find 7 but bigger in terms of height and width, I thought, it might be the closest to compare and see.
    From the comparison it is evident that the phone will indeed be longer and that probably explains why they have not shown the bottom of the phone in the photo.

    As for the width, it got me thinking and what I could conclude is that they can still place a Opo under it since it is only marginally wider than the Z1. But due to the fact that the Z1 is raised, the properties of light come into play and we dont see the sides of the Opo.

    It's just like how we can cover the entire moon or sun with our hand but in reality we aren't doing so. It's an illusion that works on the same principle. But just that it's on a smaller scale.

    I did a small experiment. There's an LG G Flex below the same Z1 and the G Flex is a much bigger device compared to the Opo. Hiding an Opo would be much easier. There's more than one way to do this, just wanted to show that it could be done.

    Since the reflection of the Z1 shows that both his hands are on the device that took the photo, he might have gotten someone else to hold the phone or just elevated it a bit or perhaps the difference is so minimal that the phone can hide under the Z1 even when its placed flat on top of it.


    So I think they might have actually managed to fit an Opo under that. But if the dimensions are as leaked then by no means have they done it in a 5" body.


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  6. Friday
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 20, 2014

    Friday , Apr 20, 2014 :
    I can't wait to get my hands on this phone, it should be the best one of the year.

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  7. Leha-62RUS
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 20, 2014

  8. slappyx
    Cupcake Apr 20, 2014

  9. Raphael Castle
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 20, 2014

    Raphael Castle , Apr 20, 2014 :

  10. rubenmrqz
    Froyo Apr 20, 2014

  11. tomekrat
    Honeycomb Apr 20, 2014

    tomekrat , Apr 20, 2014 :
    Well done !!!

  12. Wheaties466
    Froyo Apr 20, 2014

  13. nikos
    Donut Apr 20, 2014

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  14. CBR1100xxVanish
    Gingerbread Apr 20, 2014

  15. sojizy
    Froyo Apr 20, 2014

    sojizy , Apr 20, 2014 :
    Very impressive specs. Seems like your team has done their homework. I can't wait for the announcement so I can learn more about this phone. Hopefully I can purchase one early and give people a great review to help make their decision.

  16. pankajgarg
    Cupcake Apr 21, 2014

    pankajgarg , Apr 21, 2014 :
    Can you beat Samsung ...?? Screen technology is very hard to beat...But i hope you guys do...Rooting for u.

  17. Deactivated User
    Apr 21, 2014

  18. Vance
    Eclair Apr 21, 2014

    Vance , Apr 21, 2014 :
    I have been interested in a 2K display, but if it's true it'll kill the battery then I'm glad the decision was full HD. I guess we'll know more when the new phones with the 2K displays arrive.

  19. Deactivated User
    Apr 21, 2014

  20. ziprom
    KitKat Apr 21, 2014

    ziprom , Apr 21, 2014 :
    OnePlus One ======= 5.5" display
    152.9 x 75.9 x 8.9 mm

    Galaxy Note 3 ====== 5.7" display
    151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm

    Google Nexus 5 ===== 5.0" display
    137.9 x 69.2 x 8.6 mm