The OnePlus Student Ambassador Program Rollercoaster Begins

  1. Some1Somewhere
    Gingerbread Sep 30, 2020

    Some1Somewhere , Sep 30, 2020 :
    Once upon a time, there was Someone Somewhere who got an invite for the OnePlus One and found his first love. Every other phone at the time was incredibly expensive and the features he wanted his parents to have, were not something his parents wanted to spend money on. Luckily he was in 2014 and he did extensive research and participated in every competition, every text thread and every place online possible and he got an Invite. Phone got delivered within a few days and his entire life changed. He started exploring Cyanogen, exploring what Android is, what technology truly means. How did one brand manage to give high-end specs for low prices whereas the same features from another company that shall not be named, costs 3-5X.

    For the next two years, he would get invites for every device and then spam his friends asking them whether they want it. Half of his friends and their family had the 3,3T and X.

    The OnePlus 5 released and it was time for his mothers One to get upgraded. 5T released and his father's phone changed as well. As he was joining college, he needed a new phone as well and hence the clear choice was the OnePlus 6. The OnePlus 6 was so irresistible that someone actually ended up stealing it. Unfortunate yes. However, that did not change anything. He then started doing various things to earn money ( All Legal :p ) and then when the 8 released, bought it immediately.

    Now you may be wondering, everyone in his family has a OnePlus phone, but what about his younger sister? I'm sure we'll find out soon.


    A few months later, he applied for the OnePlus SAP program. He knew that he was battling out of his league with over 20,000 people applying, but he couldn't let go of what he considered to be a great opportunity. Every single round he got through, he was just more surprised as to how it happened, what happened. Imagine his surprise when he receives a mail telling him that he is selected as a OnePlus Student Ambassador. I think to this day, he still can't believe it.

    He joined the WhatsApp group and he was worried, he didn't know anything, there were a lot of people messaging and talking to each other. He felt like an outsider. But he also can't just stay quiet. He put a simple "Hi" and suddenly there was so much love showered on him by everyone. As time passed by ( 2 weeks), he spoke to a majority of people on the WhatsApp group, played a game of skribbl.io, set up a Discord Server and got close.

    The OnePlus Team then told him that there will be an induction program the following weekend. He was so excited and lived through 2 days of very interesting, very enticing Zoom Calls. It was a welcome change from the monotonous Zoom Calls that college held every day. The pizza they sent across to each ambassador's house helped a lot as well.

    You'd expect there to be a high level of stress and work from a brand like OnePlus right?
    September began and the work started coming in. You wouldn't believe the amount of work he got, but he said and I quote "OnePlus is the least stressful part of my life, because of the team that has become a family spreading positive vibes".

    One of the biggest benefits that the OnePlus Student Ambassador gets is the latest OnePlus Device. He was lucky to get the OnePlus Nord delivered to his house, you could call it a welcoming gift. I would just be happy to even be a part of this incredible program but no, he gets a free phone as well because why not.

    How can someone find a family in one month, how can someone get so close to 25 talented people in various parts of the country without ever meeting them? I had the same question and he said that it did not take a month, it took 2 days.

    We now come back to his blood family with everyone having a OnePlus (except for his younger sister).
    Coincidentally or not, his younger sister was turning 18 on the 2nd of September and he had to give her a gift.
    Why he calls the entire OnePlus SAP team his family is because as the clock struck 12 in the early morning of the 2nd, Every single Student Ambassador from all across the country, messaged her on her old phone, parts of a clue. They stayed up for some random friend who they have never even met and texted at 12 sharp for 10 minutes straight so that she could figure out the clue. This clue led her to her Nord ( Pun Intended ).

    The effort that the entire team went through is something that he will be grateful for the rest of this life and this bond is what pushed team through every single venture that ensued.

    He was a part of the community team and the community team is in charge of amplifying every action the Student Community does. As a team, pretty much everyone was confused in the beginning but everyone pulled together and figured it out. The incredible leads Saswat and Jai helped clarify everything and made sure that the team was successful in everything they did. They launched #CampusShotOnOnePlus and pulled it off incredibly well. He felt like he was never alone, with everyone always supporting him throughout. There was no sense of competition but just a common love and want for success of the team as a whole.

    One of his biggest memories was one Zoom Call where there was some information shared from the OnePlus team which he usually spends 6 months researching. Unfortunately, he did not share anymore and therefore do not ask me what happened because I have no idea.

    He can't wait for the next 5 months of the program and both him and I, are very very excited to see what it brings up. He especially can't wait for the 14th of October because of the launch of the 8T and ...

    But most of all, he can't stop feeling like he is in his place, completely comfortable with the entire SAP team, the entire OnePlus team and the entire Student Community making him feel at home.

    I think he is very fortunate and I can't wait to see what he tells me next month. Don't you?