The #Sixfactor Challenge - Winners announced!

  1. Ruby G.
    NA Community Manager Staff Member May 23, 2018

    Ruby G. , May 23, 2018 :
    #SIXFACTOR _2.jpg

    Hello friends,

    By now I'm sure you all have gotten a chance to see the stunning reviews from this year's Lab Winners. With gorgeous pictures and beautifully crafted sentences, it seems near impossible to top the near-artisanal quality of their reviews.

    Except, this is the OnePlus community we're talking about here! You all are brimming with clever opinions and funny insights. There's more voices that deserve to be heard. That's why we're putting out an unconventional review challenge this year.

    Impress us with a funny and entertaining #sixfactor review, and we’ll give you a store voucher with the equivalent value of your OnePlus 6 device! Whether you're an aspiring tech reviewer or just looking to help those on the fence out, we invite you to roll up your sleeves and whip those gifs out in our #sixfactor review challenge.

    I’ll release 5 of the factors today, so that you can crank out most of the sections of your review at your own pace. On June 11, the day before the contest ends, I’ll release the sixth factor as an update to this thread. It’ll be fun to see how well everyone writes on the fly. ;)

    1. Start a new thread in the OnePlus 6 forum section.
    2. Include "#Sixfactor Review" in your title.
    3. Write the first five factors into your review.
    4. Watch for the final factor reveal on June 11,
    5. Mad creative sprint at the end to finish.
    6. Check back late June to see if your creative genius has won you a nifty voucher.
    Keep in mind:
    • Entries in English, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Danish, or Swedish are fine. Whichever medium or language you choose, please follow the themes below.
    • Only one thread from each contestant will be considered. All content must be original.
    • Entries will be accepted until 10 pm EDT on June 12. Community team will pick three top reviews to win vouchers equivalent value to the device you reviewed. (These vouchers can be used on anything for sale in your regional store online. :cool:) 10 additional winners will get an accessory bundle of their choice. Winners will be tagged on this thread in a final announcement by the end of June.
    We’ll share our favorite #sixfactor review challenge entries with the world via our official channels. Per my usual style, I'll update this thread periodically with clarifications and announcements.

    Have fun!

  2. Ruby G.
    NA Community Manager Staff Member May 23, 2018

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    Ruby G. , May 23, 2018 :
    Clarifying notes have been added in parenthesis. Feel free to use as soft guidelines. But really, feel free to be as creative as you'd like with your interpretations for each theme!

    1. Speed (Ex: Hardware, Software, Camera*, Charging*)
    2. Strength (Ex: Durability of build material and design)
    3. Power (Ex: Hardware, Software, Camera*)
    4. Beauty (Ex: Aesthetics of build material and design, Software design, Camera*)
    5. Comfort (Ex: Usability for long periods or under different scenarios)

    *Camera and Charging technically fall under Hardware and Software, I've just listed them out for emphasis.

    6. Delight (Re: the overall experience, nifty tricks you discovered, aspects that surprised you or any miscellaneous things you liked.)

    6/14 Update:

    A sincere thank you to everyone who participated in this review challenge. We could sense from entries all of the effort, passion and sincerity that went into your creations. Regardless of whether you won or not, you should be proud of the efforts you made in this tough review challenge. Truly it was a hard decision for our team. After much deliberation, we're pleased to announce the winners of our #sixfactor review challenge! Listed in alphabetical order, here are the top three, who will win a voucher equivalent to the value of the device they reviewed:


    The following awesome reviewers will receive a voucher for an accessory bundle of their choice:

    @Denis Josifoski
    @Joel B, @jwewing

    I'll PM all the winners soon with follow-up details. Congratulations and looking forward to our next creative jaunt. :)

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    idkwhoiam322 , May 23, 2018 :
    Ooooooooooooh boy :sweatsmile:
    Thanks for the contest! Good luck everyone!!

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    Saikumar7 , May 23, 2018 :
    6.budget ( It comes with high end processor and camera in low price compare to other competitors)

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    So your already a winner :3

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