The #Sixfactor Challenge - Winners announced!

  1. Bero.B
    Eclair Jun 12, 2018

  2. AFortune
    Donut Jun 12, 2018

    AFortune , Jun 12, 2018 :
    #SixFactor Review
    1) Phones unique not as popular as other brands but we know we got a Samsung Apple Huaweii killer in our pockets with 8GB ram
    2) This Silk White finish is sexy as hell I keep taking the case off to ensure its still sexy as ever
    3) Camera with new update is amazing now this ain't everyone cup of tea but mix it with Snapseed wow what a shooter
    4) Battery life is amazing
    5) The speed everyone needs I mean me :D hasn't let me down yet intense gaming videos everything checkout some HDR YouTube content HINT HINT very beautiful OLED panel
    6) Dual SIM!!! I'm a student and need fast tech for my course as I do a lot of 3D rendering/simulation etc. but those WhatsApp group chats are a pain with dual SIM I can have family on one friends on the other!

    I'm just really pleased with my purchase the internals and externals are amazing everything quick nothing to complain about even the speaker as I'm always using headphones (Bose QC 35) or the bullets

  3. mlgirish
    Cupcake Jun 12, 2018

    mlgirish , Jun 12, 2018 :
    I love my One plus,
    the sixfactor are
    1.User Interface/Face Unlock :- UI is Simple but really effective. Face unlock is amazing.
    2.Storage:- Excellent storage capacity I have128gb.Comes in different versions as well.
    3.Speed:- It's lightening fast to open multiple apps at the same time.
    4.Dash charge:- The best charger for an android.We don't need wireless charging.
    5.Value for money:- The amount of money spent to get ,amoled display, camera quality ,Snap dragon chipset,6.2inch screen phenomenal and sleek in design.
    6.Bullets :- I believe.

    Never Settle

  4. P1518869697814
    Cupcake Jun 12, 2018

    P1518869697814 , Jun 12, 2018 :

    1.speed - speed is aosome
    2.Camera - it's bokeh effect is very cool
    3.Faceunlock - faceunlock is world fastest
    4.Degine - it's glass body is very glamour's
    5.Display - it's optice amoled display is very crispy
    6.Dash charging - it's 5w-4Amp is very fastest i like it
    #Never settle

  5. jwewing
    Froyo Jun 12, 2018

    jwewing , Jun 12, 2018 :

    For the 6th Factor, should that be a new thread or an edit to the original post? (I picked option 2 as I'm lazy...) Thanks!

  6. rreeves17
    Donut Jun 12, 2018

    rreeves17 , Jun 12, 2018 :
    I posted it here: https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/serious-guys-sixfactor-review.852056/

    I am hoping you can move it.


  7. imdiv_09
    Eclair Jun 12, 2018

    imdiv_09 , Jun 12, 2018 :

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  8. obakesan
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 12, 2018

    obakesan , Jun 12, 2018 :
    bah I missed the deadline got busy with things and forgot all about it [e]1f602[/e] well best luck to those finished

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  9. OnePlusKid3
    Eclair Jun 14, 2018

  10. sethisidd
    Jelly Bean Jun 14, 2018

    sethisidd , Jun 14, 2018 :
    Congratulations to all the winners..!!

  11. Singlanubhav19
    Gingerbread Jun 14, 2018

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  12. theshinybeast
    Marshmallow Jun 14, 2018

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  13. rreeves17
    Donut Jun 14, 2018

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  14. EABowden
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 14, 2018

    EABowden , Jun 14, 2018 :
    Wow, I can't believe it. Thanks @Ruby G.

    Congrats to all the other winners, especially @johneebee and @Venky61

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  15. BeingIncog
    Marshmallow Jun 14, 2018

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  16. Venky61
    Jelly Bean Jun 14, 2018

    Venky61 , Jun 14, 2018 :
    I wanna say this to Deadpool "Who says Luck Isn't a Super power" ... :p
    But again it wasn't just luck, but the creativity that this community influences and extracts from us. Really happy and hope to keep sharing the same. Thank you so much @Ruby G. for such a wonderful contest and theme.
    Hearty congratulations to all the winners, there were some pretty amazing reviews. :)
    And special congratulations to @EABowden and my Flashmate @johneebee :cool:

    Thank you @BeingIncog and all for the wishes.
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  17. johneebee
    The Lab - OnePlus 7 Pro Reviewer Jun 14, 2018

    johneebee , Jun 14, 2018 :
    I couldn't have said it better my self! Thank you so much to @Ruby G. , I still can't believe I actually won, I really enjoyed writing and reading some of the awesome creative reviews out there. Congratulations to all the winners and of course a big congrats to @EABowden and again to @Venky61!!! :D

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  18. meatandy
    Oreo Jun 14, 2018

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  19. BobbyV8_
    The Showcase Reviewer Jun 14, 2018

  20. Alvie
    The Lab - OnePlus 5T Reviewer Jun 14, 2018

    Alvie , Jun 14, 2018 :
    Congratulations everyone :)

    Yay! I won an accessory bundle :)

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