The State of OnePlus Products : Art of Committing Seppuku

  1. SJBoss
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    SJBoss , Apr 13, 2021 :
    But without honor. Yes, this was supposed to be in the title but it was already long enough (TWSS?).

    So, Yea.. we all (well, Mostly me and a few others) talk about how bad this forum got or how bad OnePlus CS is, but we almost forgot about how OnePlus product went from good to bad and with the 9 Series, worse.

    Yes, there are occasional rants about how someone got cheated because a newer OnePlus device launched just 2 months after they bought theirs, or how they didn't got what they were promised, the latter can be easily blamed on the Youtubers and OnePlus's hype Marketing but there's no one to blame for the former, they're just some stupid consumers.

    But I felt there needs to be a more direct and honest conversation about this on the forums, and who's better suited to start this conversation than... Me! (Narcissism at it's peak) anyway,

    OnePlus 9 Series Now OnePlus's prices can be directly compared with top dawgs but the same can't be said about their products. OnePlus went from flagship killers to flagships that get killed first, Here's why.

    OnePlus 9 Pro : It costs a whopping $1069 (base varient) and all it has to offer over competition is Hasselblad Branding.

    There's not even a single reason to buy 9 Pro over iPhone 12 Pro or S21 Ultra (which is technically "$1199" but some weird offers will squeeze it down). both of these devices can be grabbed under $1000 unlocked or even cheaper given Samsung's traditions of heavyly discounting their devices after just a few months. Both of these devices are a work of art, will be supported for same or longer period of time, has industry leading Camera Setup, display and build.

    OnePlus 9 : If I wanted to make the list longer I'll talk about the features that OnePlus didn't include in order to make the Pro varient look more appealing. Because, OnePlus 9 is the only flagship that 9 Pro can take on and come out as a winner. At $729 it's a no go.

    OnePlus 9R : People who feels they were left out because it's an "exclusive" device. Rejoice, it's Just a slightly over clocked SD 865+ on a 8t that's all. If "It's cheaper" is your concern, you can probably get an 8t at the same price with some discounts.

    OnePlus Watch : short version, It's a joke.
    But if you want me to elaborate a little, here. That's what product manager @Raymond Z. said
    but Reviewers say,

    "The OnePlus Watch is a mediocre smartwatch. In fact, calling it a smartwatch is a bit of a stretch since it has no third-party application support, not even for watch faces. It really is nothing more then just a gloried fitness tracker."

    Or Just look at this


    Oxygen OS : While as of now only limited to Indian variants, Oxygen OS is being ruined bit by bit, It was once most talked about feature of OnePlus devices and it still is in some part of the worlds where it is not ruined (yet), But it lost its meaning for sure.

    I mean it went from close to stock Android and no bloatware to a close cousin of One UI and no less bloatware.

    And before all that, Changed the relationship of OnePlus users with the brand, from friends to fans.

    Every product is built on how the last one was received by the consumers, looking at how reckless OnePlus has been with the 9 Series, I'd assume 8 series was well received which itself was an average device at a higher price. It seems the "fans" are still experiencing a hangover from earlier devices which were really great, It'll be very interesting to see what'll happen once they get sober and look at the things more clearly and start doing the math.

    Aaaaaaand that's a wrap!

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  3. McJader
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    McJader , Apr 13, 2021 :
    Thanks for the tag.
    It is an interesting read, while I don't agree with all of the points raised, I do agree with the bad pricing of the whole 9 Series and the mediocrity of of the OnePlus 9. I reserve my opinion on the Watch till I use it for some time.
    I have a OnePlus Nord, and I can't say I'm dissatisfied with it, in fact, far from it.
    My next device may not be a OnePlus tho, which as you said, accurately depicts the deteriorating state of the company.
    Thanks again ;)
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  4. G1607523080274
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    G1607523080274 , Apr 13, 2021 :
    "OnePlus 9 Pro : It costs a whopping $1069 (base varient) and all it has to offer over competition is Hasselblad Branding."

    Cries in Warp Charge 65T

  5. Dresa91
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    Dresa91 , Apr 13, 2021 :
    I really enjoy and love your threads @SJBoss! :)
    You address the right points. Thank you!:)

    Absolutely. OxygenOS was great! Good and fast updates.
    No...nothing...It’s a pity...

    From exclusivity to mass.

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  6. The Dinosaur
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    The Dinosaur , Apr 13, 2021 :
    The Dinosaur loves your thread @SJBoss
    Yes, you are right, Water has already entered inside the boat, Instead of repairing the hole, oneplus is trying to throw away the excess water.

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  7. TibiTibi
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  8. SJBoss
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    SJBoss , Apr 13, 2021 :
    Just doing what I'm supposed to do :rolleyes:
    I'd very much like to know things you might disagree on.
    Tbh given the technology advancement there's hardly a device on the market that'll fail to do what it's supposed to do. Nord is an okay device but it isn't worth the price tag, Atleast in the Indian market.
    Thank you Sir, are you The good dinosaur?

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  12. Yash Pratap Singh.
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    Yash Pratap Singh. , Apr 14, 2021 :

    Atleast there are no ADs in the UI currently

    Buy an apple, stay happy for 6 years minimum.
    My 5s also gets updates till date lol, got one a few weeks ago with bug fixes
    And the 7 also gets regular updates...

    The R&D needs to think that instead of releasing new features, they should fix the old ones. The users will be more happy to see bug fixes in the changelog rather than a "new and improved Shelf".
    What you have formulated here @SJBoss is how the company shifted focus to follow the orders of the CFO more than the CEO probably 😏

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  13. Shailender Sharma
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    Shailender Sharma , Apr 14, 2021 :
    You are putting lot of efforts & research in your threads @SJBoss, Thank you. :)

    " OnePlus Watch isn’t really a smartwatch and it isn’t a great fitness tracker either. Instead, it’s just a clever watch, and it can be useful if your expectations of it are low."

    Source -

    So, the real question now is, what happened to the Innovation at OnePlus? :rolleyes:
    Creating momentarily hype and engraving Hasselblad on devices is not Innovation! :p

    If I am looking for a flagship device, why should I choose OnePlus 9 Pro, there are better options available with Samsung & Apple? :(

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  14. Tobikage
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    Tobikage , Apr 14, 2021 :
    All for what though....

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  15. Shailender Sharma
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  16. Yash Pratap Singh.
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  17. Tobikage
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  18. SJBoss
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    SJBoss , Apr 14, 2021 :
    Crippling devices on purpose.
    There are, Red Cable life and OnePlus roaming ads @Shivang Joshi is beta testing 'em :rolleyes:
    Yep, get your money's worth.
    Yea, I should really go out and do something better with my time :rolleyes:
    OnePlus never innovated, they depend on oppo and vivo for that. And that reminds me of iQOO 7 legend which will be available in India under 40k with SD 888 and all the bells and whistles.
    Laughs and giggles :rolleyes:
    Seppuku T version. :rolleyes:

  19. McJader
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    McJader , Apr 14, 2021 :
    I still like OOS, even though the extra OnePlus apps (Store, Community, Red Cable Club) take away from the experience. I've used OneUI, stock Android, but Oxygen OS still seems a lot better than them. But again, this might be a personal preference. I'll have to give Oppo's ColorOS a go too...

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  20. Tobikage
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