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    ouch123 , Nov 16, 2014 :
    UPDATE: We thank every one that donated their invites to the Titans for sharing within the community. Respect to you all.
    To the ones we were able to share an invite with, it was a pleasure to help you.
    The invites are no more.
    It is the end of an era, but not the end of the thread. Our main purpose to engage with the community is still alive.
    Everyone is welcome but please respect the rules ;)

    Today we come together to help fellow members who desperately need an invite. Therefore we have created this thread: Titans of Invites.
    The Titans are a group of people who collect as many invites as we can and give them to the members on the forum who really need one.

    For those that would like to Donate Their Invites Kindly use this link: www.titansofinvites.com

    Steps in order to get an invite:

    • Stay active (or you'll miss your chance)
    • Have Patience, read, follow the rules, explore the One Plus community.
    • Kindly add an avatar so you'll be recognizable to everyone.
    • Have a PayPal account. (you need this in order to buy the One)
    • You must live in a OnePlus registered country, see spoiler:
    Rules you must follow:
    • Respect each other.
    • Don't beg for invites.
    • Don't spam.
    • No racism.
    • No profanity.
    • No solicitation or asking with an e-mail for an Invite in this room allowed or tolerated

    Titans Of OPX

    @Mr. BG

    Or just PM your Invites to any of the Titans Of Invites Above

    Titans Of OPO


    *@The Female Titan

    A special Thanks to @Beyoncé for Typing and maintaining the previous Opo Titan thread. @teqnix for the Idea and collaboration of the Thread. All the previous Titans for their contribution and time in this thread. Continued Thanks to all the Great members who have and continue to help support this thread

    @phantera65: Photoshopping
    @vvelitchkov: Site Design
    @GeertBerkers: Application
    Unknown: Site Coding


    Welcome To Titans of Invites

    Hyperion (Ὑπερίων in Ancient Greek) is the Titan of light and is the father of Eos, Helios, and Selene by Theia, the Titaness of sight and enlightenment. Hyperion's name means "watcher from above" or "he who goes above" from the Greek words hyper and iôn. One of the twelve original Titans, Hyperion was imprisoned in Tartarus after the Titanomachy and was eventually released during the Second Titan War to fight against Olympus. His Roman form is Sun.
    Like his siblings, Hyperion was born to Gaea and Ouranos, the respective personifications of the earth and sky. When Kronos was going to dethrone his father, Hyperion was one of the four Titans that held the sky still, making sure that it wouldn't fall. The reason why he is the Lord of the East is because he was responsible for that part of the sky, hence why the sun always rises from the east. He later took his sister, Theia, as his wife and fathered the dawn, moon, and sun gods by her. Hyperion fought for Kronos in the first war against the Olympians and was cast, along with many of the Titans, into Tartarus after their defeat.
    He has the standard powers of a Titan.
    He possesses photokinesis and pyrokinesis, thus giving him power over light and fire.
    Is the greatest Titan warrior next to Atlas, thus making him powerful.
    Gender Male Status Immortal
    Family Ouranos (Father); Gaia (Mother); Theia (Wife); Helios, Selene and Eos (Children)
    Affiliation Titans
    Home Mount Othrys

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    Behold me!
    Kronos, lord of time!
    Thumb_Kronos.jpg Getting your invites to you Soon™ since 2014! :D

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    takeabyte , Nov 18, 2014 :
    isn't this the same as those angels of invites or whatever? turf war, perchance? xD

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    Titans> Angels :rolleyes:

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    Majamulli , Nov 18, 2014 :
    Though I don't like the idea that people need to be active in this thread in order to receive an invite. That reduces the people who deserve it to the people who you like. I am going to keep finding people for my invites myself.

    Edit: I like everything else about this idea though :)

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