The UK Family! - List is ready!

  1. Martino1plus
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 21, 2016

    Martino1plus , May 21, 2016 :
    Good morning... praying for sunshine this weekend!
    Whats keepin you up

  2. JamesGHolt
    Honeycomb May 21, 2016

    JamesGHolt , May 21, 2016 :
    Washing Machine on a long cycle. (don't like electrical stuff plugged in unattended) Playing Fallout 4. Watching a few episodes of Person of Interest. Snifter of JD to keep me company. You doing a night shift?

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  3. Martino1plus
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 22, 2016

    Martino1plus , May 22, 2016 :
    Heheh you could call it that! ;) Is fallout 4 any good? My ps4 is repaired on monday so im playing new vegas on ps3 at the moment lol

  4. JamesGHolt
    Honeycomb May 22, 2016

    JamesGHolt , May 22, 2016 :
    Fallout 4 is very good, the learning curve is just right. I have tried to use the ps3 controls but I can't get the hang of it before my interest dies. My games are on the PC. Another game I recommend is The Witcher (latest).

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  5. Martino1plus
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 22, 2016

    Martino1plus , May 22, 2016 :
    Ahh well i have a gaming pc handy too, i heard mixed things on fallout but was planning to get it anyway! Graphics look epic. Now the witcher looks absolutely brilliant im quite ashamed ive never played it.. Too busy on ff14! But will add that to the purchase list!

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  6. jpswer
    Jelly Bean May 22, 2016

  7. itechy21
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 22, 2016

    itechy21 , May 22, 2016 :
    As a student I can't afford a TV licence ;-;
    And I have exams for the next 2 days straight ;-;

  8. gringoboy
    Lollipop May 22, 2016

    gringoboy , May 22, 2016 :
    Kodi ftw

  9. jpswer
    Jelly Bean May 22, 2016

    jpswer , May 22, 2016 :
    Boo. Been there! Not missing much anyway haha

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  10. Martino1plus
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 22, 2016

    Martino1plus , May 22, 2016 :
    Deffo try and catch end of it

  11. JamesGHolt
    Honeycomb May 23, 2016

    JamesGHolt , May 23, 2016 :
    A woman asks her husband if he'd like some breakfast. "Would you like bacon and eggs, perhaps? A slice of toast and maybe some grapefruit and coffee?" she asks.
    He declines. "Thanks for asking, but I'm not hungry right now. It's this Viagra," he says. "It's really taken the edge off my appetite."
    At lunch time, she asks if he would like something. "A bowl of soup, homemade muffins, or a cheese sandwich?" she inquires. He declines. "The Viagra," he says, "really trashes my desire for food."
    Come dinnertime, she asks if he wants anything to eat. "Would you like a juicy porterhouse steak and scrumptious apple pie? Or maybe a rotisserie chicken, or tasty stir fry?" He declines again. "Nah, still not hungry."
    "Well," she said, "would you mind letting me up? I'm starving."

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  12. JamesGHolt
    Honeycomb May 23, 2016

    Last edited: May 23, 2016

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  13. JamesGHolt
    Honeycomb May 29, 2016

  14. Lizzie232
    Gingerbread May 30, 2016

    Lizzie232 , May 30, 2016 :
    I got onto the website while they were in stock but it wouldn't let me checkout :(

  15. JamesGHolt
    Honeycomb May 30, 2016

    JamesGHolt , May 30, 2016 :
    Would have thought we could of had the option through these forums. Never mind.

  16. Martino1plus
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 31, 2016

    Martino1plus , May 31, 2016 :
    Twice I've missed it!!! :rage:

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  17. vhariece
    Froyo May 31, 2016

    vhariece , May 31, 2016 :
    Good morning chaps.. any one submitted the application for the lab? I did it yesterday..fingers crossed ;)

  18. Martino1plus
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 1, 2016

    Martino1plus , Jun 1, 2016 :
    I did but my vocab expired before i reached the 500 word limit :/

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  19. JamesGHolt
    Honeycomb Jun 3, 2016

    JamesGHolt , Jun 3, 2016 :
    Looking out of a rear bedroom window this morning watching many swifts flying around between the trees. Never seen so many careering about for so long.

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  20. JamesGHolt
    Honeycomb Jun 3, 2016

    JamesGHolt , Jun 3, 2016 :
    In the days of king Arthur the knights sat around a round table .
    Do you know what knight the table was named after??