1. Umberto97 Cupcake Mar 21, 2019

    Umberto97, Mar 21, 2019 :
    Hi, I post here my storyboard, I tried to keep it simple, using different shots, and not too long.

    One day a man finds out that his image is gone, he can't make photos of himself. This will cause anxiety and surprise when he finds out that another man doesn't appear in his photos. Is the character crazy or there is something else going on?

    The story:
    A man wakes up in his apartment. It’s early morning. He has problems to sleep, we can see that from his face, he has bags under the eyes. He washes his face, dresses and goes out. He reaches a park where he takes pictures with his phone. He loves to take photos, altough it’s not his job. He photograps everything that attacts him. He work as a designer, at his home. He works at night, because he can’t sleep.

    One day, he decides to take a selfie to send to his girlfriend. but he realizes that he doesn’t appear in the photo. As if his image is dissapeared. He tries to take other photos but it seems useless, he doesn’t appear in the photographs. If he looks at the mirror he sees himself, the problem seems related to his phone. He starts to be paranoid and hides his problem to everyone. He spends the night awake and the day after he decides to go to the same park and tries to take a photo of a man who is looking at him from the distance. When he looks at the photo he sees that the man isn’t in the photo so he starts to run in order to speak with the man who seems to have his same problem. But the man runs away. There’s a chasing that leeds the characters to a dead end, where there’s a door. The misterious man opens the door while the protagonist tries to take another picture of him. As he fails to obtain it, he follows the man in the door.

    As he opens the door, he wakes up in his bed. He is scared but pleased that it was all a bad dream, related to his insomnia and his problems with sleep.

    The idea is to portrait the figure of a sleepless man. He has nightmares, so he doesn’t have a good look. He is paranoid, he works as a designer at home. He has a girlfriend. As a hobby, he loves to take photographs with his phone. This will be the start of his nightmare.

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    Good luck to everyone who partecipate at the contest.