The Yellow Taxi

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    B_Bichitra, Mar 22, 2019 :
    Hi there!

    Here is my first attempt to make a storyboard. I couldn't properly explain the story on the storyboard. So, sharing a few lines and topics of the story. My movie doesn't have the main character. There will be only background voiceover & the scenes will be according or related to the voiceover.

    The Yellow Taxi

    Kolkata, The city of joy. Most of us know Kolkata by its delicious Food, Cultures or by its heritage.

    But as time passed, we stepped into the modern era, there was a big change in the colour of the City.

    But, no one noticed!

    THE YELLOW TAXI. Once, a proud transport system in this city is now fading into the crowd of modern “App controlled Cabs”. The Yellow Taxis, once a ruled every single street of Kolkata, Just like a Yellow Cap covering the city. I still remember the day, when I came here from my village five years ago. I could see the Yellow Taxis from the Station gate to the main roads of “Sealdah Railway Station”. I was so amazed by seeing the colour.

    I grew up watching this taxis on movies, Tv shows etc. When you see a yellow taxi in Kolkata, somewhere deep down in your mind you feel some emotion or connection with the city, like Kolkata itself welcoming you. The colour that makes you feel, that you’re at HOME.

    But now the colour is fading. So, when this colour transition happened? And how?

    Two of the main reason is,

    1. Accommodation: Nowadays, peoples are used to travelling in Air Conditioned cars, buses.

    2. Accessibility: With your one or two touches you can now book a cab at your exact location. Why should you wait for a Yellow Taxi to pass by?

    But there is still hope for this Taxis. The yellow taxi is still available, for those people, who don't have a smartphone or doesn't know how to use a smart app. Like the way, I didn't have a smart smartphone five years ago.

    Sometimes, It’s ok to ride a Yellow Taxi.

    Let's change the colour of this city once again. Let's capture the city, but not through the closed window.

    Let's put the YELLOW CAP back on. Let’s ride.

    The End
    So, this is it, guys. :)
    Hope you liked the story. And good luck to all.

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