Thinking about our planet

  1. Cancerke Froyo Jun 4, 2018

    Cancerke, Jun 4, 2018 :
    Since the smartphones and emails we have been sending, many people think we are saving resources.
    But money can destroy everything ! Yep, we all know it !

    So i have this question for the people, oneplus users and the oneplus crew.

    I have 2 devices,
    a good old ONEPLUSONE and
    an ONEPLUSX wich has a broken screen and upperscreen.

    I am doubting to hold on my oneplusone as a back up phone.
    But for the oneplusx i want to know where do i donate this as it worked perfectly i just broke it on purpose in a very heated moment with communication.

    As for the other phone, it could be if there is actualyl a good thing to do with my phone and i feel like being a better human cause of it or having profit of it, i will probally get rid of my both phones.

    As well i am a happy man to tell you i use the ONEPLUSONE at the moment and soon i wil be a ONEPLUS 6 User. i'm all hyped up about it.

  2. meatandy Oreo Jun 4, 2018

    meatandy, Jun 4, 2018 :
    Usually electronic stores have a recycling bin you can toss them into. (At least here in the U.S.)

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  3. Bartnl Lollipop Jun 4, 2018

    Bartnl, Jun 4, 2018 :

  4. johneebee The Lab - OnePlus 7 Pro Reviewer Jun 5, 2018

    johneebee, Jun 5, 2018 :
    Respect it allot that you want to do something good with it!
    Since you're from belgium also, I'll talk in dutch, here are some options you have, you can pick which one you prefer ofcource. But for everyone who talks English just google it, their are many charities who use used phones as a way to collect money (like unicef, wwf and many others!)

    think pink ( voor borstkanker actie, via ongefrankeerde envelop op te sturen)
    eeko ( je kiest hier zelf welk goede doel waaronder bv het WWF, apenheul, hulphond en nog enkele anderen waar ik niet bekend mee ben, je kunt bij hun zelf een gratis enveloppe opvragen).
    En hier heb je nog enkele waaronder UNICEF en WAR CHILD, ook hier gewoon kiezen welk goede doel je liever hebt en daar een gratisretourenveloppe bestellen.

    Dus aan jou de keuze!
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