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    KrazzyTrukker , Aug 29, 2019 :
    Saying Hello to The One Plus Community.!


    I am a long haul truck driver, My name is Randy, I go by "Krazzy Trukker," Cuz ya gotta be CRAZZZY 2 do this job.!!
    I started driving tractor trailers in 1992. I bought my first truck in April 1996. I have been an Owner Operator since.

    I have never had a pet of any kind out in my Trucks. I am on truck #4 now. 18 long long years of homesickness & lonely days & nights. Why...? Just knowing what I know now, I wish i had taken a furry companion with me much much sooner. Sammi Jo makes me smile & laugh every day. I fell in love with this little kitten, How is that even possible.? I have always been a "Dog Lover"......

    Nearly 28 yrs. Now. Samantha will be 9 yrs old on Sept. 5th. What a great friend & travelin' Kitty She has been..... Click the Link to read the ongoing Sammi Story.
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