Three finger up/down gesture for volume control

  1. G_Kalle_Tolvanen_FxfF
    Donut Jun 11, 2017

  2. Yash Bhardwaj
    Jelly Bean Jun 11, 2017

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  3. Bartnl
    Lollipop Jun 12, 2017

    Bartnl , Jun 12, 2017 :
    All gestures are there already to control.
    Enable them in settings>gestures

  4. GWKang
    Cupcake Jun 23, 2017

    GWKang , Jun 23, 2017 :
    Three fingers would be nice. The off screen gestures for music control do not support volume up/down. I enjoy the offscreen gestures but volume control would complete the package. As to the physical volume rocker, sure it is there but I'd rather not have to pick up my phone or squeeze the side for access to volume functions when I'm listening wireless at my desk. The gesture control settings for other gestures are there but volume up/down is not an option they let you choose to add.
    If not three fingers up and down the the screen is off perhaps draw ^ for volume up one notch or for volume down if you want to stick with the <> theme.

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  5. nghtchld
    Cupcake Sep 4, 2017

  6. musaa2015
    Eclair Aug 27, 2018

    musaa2015 , Aug 27, 2018 :
    Music control gestures are already good, but they'll be better with volume control added. Three fingers up can increase the volume based on the drag (the more drag, the higher the volume) and same for drag down.
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  7. menon007
    Eclair Aug 27, 2018

    menon007 , Aug 27, 2018 :
    nova launcher provides many additional gesture features and also speed boosting

  8. FaleshC
    KitKat Aug 27, 2018

    FaleshC , Aug 27, 2018 :
    seriously? now these people should work for Apple and design the next iPhone which will lack guess what "Volume Buttons" because it has been implemented in gestures...
    Nonsense.. hardware button is not enough for ya all?

  9. musaa2015
    Eclair Aug 27, 2018

    musaa2015 , Aug 27, 2018 :
    why are people getting triggered by a mere suggestion? the music control gestures are so convenient that sometimes I try to lower/increase the volume with gestures, then I realize it doesn't work. no one is saying get rid of the buttons; we're saying "here's an idea; do with it what you like."

  10. FaleshC
    KitKat Aug 27, 2018

    FaleshC , Aug 27, 2018 :
    but why? if there is hardware button why do you need gestures?
    Every day there is some personal desire to add this option add that option.
    Good luck with yours.
    and try here:
    they might listen.

  11. musaa2015
    Eclair Aug 27, 2018

    musaa2015 , Aug 27, 2018 :
    It's more convenient when driving. reaching for my phone and trying to press the buttons with one hand while driving is not as easy as swiping up with three fingers.

    if we had the 'but why?' mentality, then many OnePlus features would be considered dumb:

    1. applock? why... just download a third party app
    2. music control gestures? why... just use the Google play widgets on your lockscreen
    3. custom led notification button? why... just use the default colors
    4. navigation gestures? why... just use the navigation buttons and hide them when you need more space
    5. alert slider? why... just use the volume button to silence your phone
    6. front facing camera? why... just ask a friend to take a picture of you
    7. touch screen? why... just use a physical keypad


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  12. FaleshC
    KitKat Aug 27, 2018

    FaleshC , Aug 27, 2018 :
    yeah because majority need it, they bring it. not because you feel easy while driving they will bring the feature.

    everything you mentioned was there from beginning except full screen nav gestures, that was brought because iPhone X has it and majority wanted.
    just because bunch of users who want everything on their phones OnePlus is not going to to bring it for you.
    Provide feedback, if enough users give feedback they might listen.
    Most don't even use so called music gestures. only important one is double tap to sleep and wake up.

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  13. musaa2015
    Eclair Aug 27, 2018

    musaa2015 , Aug 27, 2018 :
    how can you say majority don't use it when 1. you don't have the actual statistics and 2. it doesn't even exist yet. did people ask for navigation gestures before they were added?
    just because you don't want to use a feature doesn't mean it's not useful for others.

  14. FaleshC
    KitKat Aug 27, 2018

    FaleshC , Aug 27, 2018 :
    i have never met another oneplus user using that, do share how many of you have met who swipes on screen to change the music all the time. I use my headset buttons which is more continent and i don;t have to take out my phone.
    Nav gestures where implemented only after iPhone X and oneplus provided it shortly.

    its about bloating the Oxygen OS. If they keep adding each and every personal user request, what do you think will happen?

    Someone wants red LED for dash charging. Some wants internet speed near notch. Some wants Dual speakers. Some wants themes like MIUI. Some wants Samsung like Skins. Some wants no pull down in lock screen. Some wants passcode while switching off.
    How many should they include?
    There are 100s of features that OOS lacks but Oneplus is not implementing it, why do you think so?

    "2.and what the hell you talking about?"
    go give feedback to required place, no one from oneplus is reading your personal request here.
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  15. musaa2015
    Eclair Aug 27, 2018

    musaa2015 , Aug 27, 2018 :
    I haven't even met another OnePlus user, let alone one that uses the gestures.

    btw, I use the buttons on my headphones when I have headphones one, but when driving, I don't put on headphones.

  16. FaleshC
    KitKat Aug 27, 2018

    FaleshC , Aug 27, 2018 :
    its inconvenient i get it, that's why i said, give feedback directly rather than posting here.

  17. musaa2015
    Eclair Aug 27, 2018

  18. musaa2015
    Eclair Aug 27, 2018

    musaa2015 , Aug 27, 2018 :
    see this is a helpful reply. I didn't know that these forums aren't for feedback.

  19. FaleshC
    KitKat Aug 27, 2018

    FaleshC , Aug 27, 2018 :
    not me mate, its you who acted like one.
    i m here from long time, reading all those stupid posts and demands of cupcakes.
    it gets on nerves sometimes helping them and yet getting name called.

  20. FaleshC
    KitKat Aug 27, 2018

    FaleshC , Aug 27, 2018 :
    if you have issues and problems. this is right place. for feedback and feature request there is separate portal.

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