Throwback Phone Challenge: Win a Nord 2 5G!

  1. Shrikrishna@786
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  4. AbhiOneplus@456 , via OnePlus Community App , Jul 20, 2021 :
    My experience with my cell phone, especially with the rapid changes in technology and evolutions is quite interesting.

    When i'm in 1year of cllg student in that time i have a OPPO F1s. I used this only 1 year. Then I buy OPPO A5 and right now I'm using this from past 4 years. I did not get any single problem or hanging issues. In my house everyone runs mobile of this company.

    Application is probably the reason that I use my phone so much, it helps me with my everyday taks. Like when I wake up in the morning the first thing that I check the weather and my email to see if I have gotten any important message and what I should wear that day. When I need to go somewhere new I use GPS to help me get there. Social media apps also play a huge part because I am always plugged in and I can always see what people are up to and doing. I probably check them multiple time through the days, and it can become a distraction sometime, when your so connected to your phone.

    Oppo is a camera phone. It provide better picture quality and features than others. Usually most of the peoples are using this devide for photography and video shooting. It support all applications and websites. Security, themes and many features are good and modified with the updates. I only dislike and unhappy with the Gaming features and functions. I have addiction to play online games. Whenever I get time I spend my time to play online games.

    Now I have planning to buy New handset. I have decided to play Oneplus 9R. But when I heard that ONEPLUS NORD 2 was launching soon then I changed my plan to buy Oneplus 9r. I waiting with curiosity for launching ONEPLUS NORD 2. Because for Oneplus, I saw and read best reviews and comments about gaming experience. So I wish and hope that I won the challenge and get the smartphone.




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  7. Siddhudharavath , via OnePlus Community App , Jul 21, 2021 :

    I have been using this mobile since 1 and half year i faced many prblms even though it is an android one
    But coming to one plus its an marvelous mobile i have ever seen in industry.
    With in a short time one plus took it's stand in market so keep rocking one plus will always grow higher and higher..

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  11. i_amanbalaw , via OnePlus Community App , Jul 21, 2021 :
    I am very greatful to show my one and only phone for this contest I am using it for 2 years and I use it daily with a airtel sim.
    Need a Nord 2 5g for better gaming experience.



    This are the photos of my smartphone which I am using for 2 years.

  12. mohitsk
    Gingerbread Jul 21, 2021

    mohitsk , Jul 21, 2021 :
    Daily Update - Throwback Challenge is going well till now, one of the main thing that I miss a lot is that there aren't many apps that work well in this old phone of mine, when even I purchased something I simply scan a QR code and make a payment using mobile wallet apps but sadly that doesn't work with this phone so have to carry card/cash whenever I have to buy something but anything for a Nord 2 5G, little bit of sacrifice is all worth it for a Nord 2

  13. Chirlata
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    Chirlata , via OnePlus Community App , Jul 21, 2021 :
    OnePlus has plenty to be proud of. After all, the company managed to make a phone that improved on the already-excellent original in every way that mattered. The OnePlus 2 is a powerful, well-built device, offering the best blend of price and performance you'll find in an unlocked phone. The thing is, the version I tried is still haunted by a few pesky software issues that should be fixed soon. Maybe it's a good thing you haven't gotten your invite yet.

    Even if we put aside these fixable software flaws, it's clear this phone won't be for everyone. No NFC means you won't be using it to make Android Pay payments when the service launches later this year. The lack of a memory card slot means you'll have to be careful about what you download or shoot. It's easy to forgive these shortcomings because of the price -- the trade-off is a worthy one in my book -- but competitors like the Moto X Pure Edition didn't have to compromise nearly as much. In the end, the OnePlus 2 is worth your cash if you're looking for a capable, powerful Android phone on the cheap, but you'd do well to wait a few weeks to see how the competition stacks up.



    But daylight shots were good even with the OnePlus One. Just that One Plus 2 throws in fast AF and OIS which helps a lot. Low light photographs on the OnePlus 2 were impressive and certainly a notch above the mediocre output we got with the OnePlus One. Video shooting allows you to shoot 4K UHD videos. Daylight videos are good, but you will notice the twitching if you are panning the camera and the camera is trying to acquire the focus. The OIS helps in keeping the video output steady if you are shooting handheld while walking.

    The OnePlus 2 does not truly excel in any areas. If I had to summarize the experience, I’d say it is mediocre or average. Other than the Alert Slider, the OnePlus 2 doesn’t seem to offer more than what other phones out in the market can. The camera can produce great results, but with more work and less frequently than the best phone cameras. The screen is good for the price-point, but it also has nothing on high-caliber panels. The speakers are meh, performance is decent (but with a lot of potential). The battery is worse than its size, resolution and processor allude to, and charging is painfully slow for a 2015 flagship. The things that make this phone stand out, I’d say, are the price, the design, and the development scene.

  14. ERRORoccurred
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    ERRORoccurred , Jul 21, 2021 :
    Hello Everyone, Sorry for the late submission (Today morning only l saw this challenge 😅). Ok then I got few old device on my showcase (pic 1)(All 100% working condition). My all time favourite is OnePlus 3, which is stolen from me on a trip😭😭.
    PXL_20210721_035307055__01.jpeg 1st one the nokia 3100, the toughest phone I have ever seen, it's a 2003 model🤘(I was 3 years old when my father brought this phone🥺), with internet capability, the best thing I like about this phone is it can glow in night (radium)(pic 2).
    IMG_20200901_235035__01.jpg I took my BSNL sim(my primary sim) and inserted in the mobile, then inserted the battery (which is fully discharged), the phone is not turning on... "Ok let's charge it", "Where is the charger😭😭". No charger🥲, the phone has big round pin, whereas I only have small round pin charger. Then took the battery and inserted in the nokia 1650(pic 3),
    then charged the battery, then I put it back in the nokia 3100.., Guss what still not booting😭😭, I sware the phone was working 💯% fine before I put it in the showcase (which 2 years back😁).OK OK, next I could have gone to the sony w810i (3rd device from pic 1, which is second oldest phone I got alive and my favourite ❤️), but I am worried about the nokia, so I my tool kit and restored the nokia, after 15min(just cleaning) the phone is alive🎉(pic 4).
    PXL_20210721_044708842.jpg The phone turns off 😭 again and again (Guss it's the end 🥺 RIP my 18 year old friend). Then I took my favourite phone sony w810i which is 15 years old (yes, this phone is from 2006).
    There are some interesting facts about the sony w810i:
    1. In this 15 years of its time never changed the battery🔋,still using the same battery (my father used this phone for 8 years and I used for 2 years) (even I can't believe it, but that's the truth).
    2. This phones camera (2 mp) is ahead of its time(pic 5 and 6, sample shots) and it has dedicated shutter button (one of my favourite Feature). PXL_20210721_055813210~2.jpg PXL_20210721_060102835~2.jpg 3. This phone is a walkman series(which is sony's music series), the sound from this device is great and with those loud speaker (in pic 1) , the experience is greater then the morden smartphones(if I use those speakers the battery will drain within 25min).
    4. I used this phone for 2 years(I think, maybe more), used to message friends, use facebook, play games and see movie, yes.. I used to watch movies on the go😐.(need to convert the file format to .3gp)

    Ok Now switching the sim..... Booting now
    Start up completed.
    Working 100% fine..
    Thank you for reading my post.
    Will Update soon....

    Update 1: The network coverage is at its best, I wont get signal inside my room, but now i am getting network every where. The only problem i faced is banking apps, I cant use any banking apps on my regular smartphone..

    Update 2: I always listen to music, so tried to connect my headphone to the phone via bluetooth, and guess what..... it connected and every thing works fine, even calls..., but the audio quality is not great.

    Update 3: I can completly live with this phone with a laptop or smartphone for banking, social media and media consuption (movies).
    A drawback is the audio quality on call is worst, mic is fine the speaker has very low sound output, Its very hard to hear what others say(This is due to the age of the phone).

    Update 4: Happy NEWS people my nokia 3100 is alive again..... PXL_20210721_145107834.jpg PXL_20210721_145111363.jpg
    and switched the sim to this phone. :) literally I cant do anything in this phone except making calls and small google search..
    This phone has many games which I have installed when i was a small boy:cool: (Atleast 10 years back)."Memories bring back Memories:p" .

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    F1624987465727 , via OnePlus 5T , Jul 21, 2021 :
    I hav a 1plus 5t with a very good condition ..and I m a 1plus adict and I'll be really happy if I get a 1plus Nord 2 in exchange of it and I'll always choose OnePlus products in my life

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