Tips and tricks for Nougat

  1. MarkLR
    Jelly Bean Jan 3, 2017

    MarkLR , Jan 3, 2017 :
    So, the forum is quite active with a lot of people having issues and non-issues. Here are a few tips I can give you to make your transition smoother.

    Let's start with things that are not bugs or that currently have no solution.


    • In all notification mode (slider set to Ring), you can't set the volume to zero/vibrate anymore by using the hardware volume keys. This is intended. A workaround is setting the phone to silent mode (top position for the slider), and then tapping settings in the popup, and enabling vibration. The phone will vibrate when you receive a notification or a call.
    • The accent color palette is weird and there are two very similar shades of purple. This is normal. @ungeeked has created a mod that changes the accent colors (root required).
    • Notification led turns blue when Dash Charging, ignoring whatever color you picked under LED Notifications setting, and cannot be changed (has always been like this)
    • GPS and Rotation automatically turns off when you enable Power Saving mode. This cannot be avoided. You’ll have to turn them back on manually if you want to have the GPS on while using power saving mode.
    • Homescreen grid size changes when you change the DPI setting. By making display elements smaller, you’ll gain additional grid slots (up to 5x5)
    • Tapping the recents button twice switches to the last used app by default.
    • The battery % can no longer be integrated into the battery icon.
    • The stock clock widget takes an apparently abnormal amount of space. That is because under its main clock, it can display any additional timezone clock you set on the stock clock app. There is no way to change this.
    • Some contacts when quick searching from the dialer are duplicate. This is because contacts that appear in whatsapp will show twice. This is a bug but there's no solution yet.
    • If you see a small X next to the signal strenght icon in the notification bar, it is to show you that mobile data is disabled. If you don't see the X, it means data is enabled but you're using WiFi. It does not indicate a problem with the network.
    • The camera is still the same as before, nothing has been fixed or changed.
    • Automatic Do-Not-Disturb rules can be accessed with a little trick, but they don’t work. To check them out, go to widgets from the homescreen, and add a settings shortcut widget. Select Do Not Disturb, and you’ll be able to access this hidden menu. Unfortunately they don’t work as of yet.
    • If you dislike these things, go HERE and let them know.


    • To change the DPI (size of elements, element density on screen): go to settings, display. The setting you're looking for is called Display Size. Combine with font size to achieve your favourite density (I like everything set to smallest for max density).
    • If you want an even denser screen, you can set a custom dpi value from developer mode, screen size. I found out the best value is 550dpi, which is so dense it will default many apps to tablet mode, such as Firefox. You obviously need a very good eyesight for this.
    • To change screen temperature and sRGB mode, go to the display settings and select Screen Calibration.
    • To access multitasking / splitscreen mode, hold the recents button while you have an app running. If you configured the hold recents action to something else under Buttons settings, go back and change it to the appropriate setting (Open/Close Split Screen). Another way to do this is pressing the recents button and dragging one app to the top. If you press the home button while in splitscreen, you'll be able to launch another app from your homescreen and go back to split screen keeping the top app. To exit split screen either long press the recents button again while the two apps are displayed, or resize one of the two open apps to fullscreen. You normally cannot splitscreen the same app twice, but there is an app on the Play Store able to do this, it’s called Parallel Windows. This is useful if you want to open, for example, two Whatsapp chats at once. I haven’t thorougly tested this app as of right now.
    • To access a running app's info screen, tap the recents button, then hold the app's icon, a little i will pop up in the app's title bar where the lock icon was, tap it and you'll be sent to the screen where you can manage the app's data, force stop, etc.
    • To configure what the clear all icon does while in recents app view, you go to Settings, Advanced, Recent app management. If you select deep clean, the apps will be force-closed when you tap the clear recents icon. In here you can also find the Pocket Mode switch, Scheduled On/off, and Join User Experience Program (which I have no idea what it does, if you know please tell me).
    • The equalizer can be found under audio settings (last entry in the audio settings screen). It only works with headphones.
    • To take a screenshot, you either hold power button and volume - (in this order). Another way is to enable the gesture in the appropriate menu. It has always been like this.
    • NEW: Extended screenshot. If you take a screenshot now, you'll see some additional controls. By clicking on the rectangular icon, you'll be able to save a "long" screenshot of the screen as if you were scrolling.
    • To access the phone's call-blacklist and SMS spamlist, open either app and tap the three dots menu, and then select Spam. You’ll be able to configure your blacklists for calls and sms from here.
    • To filter the phonebook, open the phone app, click on the 3 dots menu, select settings, then select the second option there. You can now select which accounts to display the contacts from, and also hide contacts with no phone number.
    • The easter egg can be found by tapping the android version under the about phone settings menu, then tapping the N icon (tap & hold) a few times. Then go to your dropdown menu and customize it to add the easter egg. Select a food and wait, you'll get a cat. Another easter egg can be found by typing 1+= in the calculator. The System UI Tuner can be accessed as always by holding the gear icon in the dropdown menu for a few seconds. Then you'll find the new entry in the main settings screen, near the bottom. From what I can tell, it contains nothing useful.
    • To enable accessing the internal memory from a PC, after you connect the USB cable, you slide down the notification menu, tap on the notification, and select data transfer (this has always been done this way).
    • To encrypt an app (so that it twill ask your pin or fingerprint to show its contents), go to security settings and select applocker. After you unlock an app, it will remain unlocked until you lock the phone.
    • To change the battery icon, go to settings, status bar, it's the first option in that menu. The last option allows you to customize the status bar clock.
    • To get F2FS: turn off the phone, then turn it back on to recovery mode (hold power button and volume -), insert your pin, use the volume keys to move through the menus and power button to select. Select English, then Wipe data and cache, then Erase everything. You will lose all content stored on your phone so back up before you do this. You can check out if it worked by downloading the free DiskInfo app from Play Store. Start the app, then go to settings and enable Expert Mode. Go back and you should see your data partition as F2FS, and the others as EXT4. If you see this, you’re set.
    • To update to stable from Beta10, all you need to do is download the update zip (search the forum), place it in the root of the internal memory, go to settings, system update, click on the gear icon, and select local update. You will not lose any setting or data (I did this myself). NEW: you can also update from beta 12 to stable 4.1.0, again, I did this myself, no issues whatsoever, no clear data or clear cache needed.
    • To uninstall a OnePlus system app, you uninstall it as usual. To get it back, you need to factory reset, or ask if someone has an apk to give you (I personally haven’t tested it yet)
    • These are the new OnePlus stock apps: Calculator, Clock, Gallery, Sound Recorder, File Manager, Weather, Community, Music. There i salso a new Google app called Duo that’s used for video calling through the internet.
    • On the File Manager app, you can find an interesting feature called File Dash. Open the File Manager and select the icon to the left of the search icon. This can be used to quickly send files via wifi to other phones.
    • To access the Data Saver, you have to add its dropdown menu toggle, or you can go to Settings, Data usage, three dots menu, Data Saver. In the same 3 dots menu you can also find the Data Usage Control, which is used to prevent an app from communicating on the internet, like a firewall. You can allow or disallow apps to communicate on Data, WiFi, or both.
    • Apps Auto-Launch can be accessed by going to Settings, Apps, and then to the bottom of the list you’ll find it. If you disallow an app, it won’t automatically start at boot or restarti f you kill it.
    • Aggressive Doze & App hibernation can be found under settings, battery, 3 dots menu. If you enable it, make sure you set your messaging apps to Not Optimized or they'll be suspended when the phone goes into doze.
    • NEW: Google Assistant. This feature is now available for all devices running Android M or N. Wether or not you'll find it depends on your main Google App language. For Italian (my language) it's not available. If you want to check it out, go to the Google app, and to Settings. You'll see the option on top. If you don't see it, be patient, it will auto-enable within a few days-months (it's a server side thing from Google, not OnePlus).

    • It is quite normal to have a minor battery drain right after an update. Wait for the phone to settle and do a full charge cycle before asking for support. If it persists, check your screen brightness and if you installed a heavy app such as games or chat programs that run in the background.
    • If you want to ask us to help you with a battery related issue, you should post the following info: battery status screenshot, battery history screenshot, and any info that could be useful such as if the phone was being used or idle, and which brightness level you use. You can also install Wakelock Detector from play store but getting it to work can be tricky, so follow its instructions closely after you install it.

    Unfortunately, I’m not rooted and I don’t really know anything about it. If you have Root related questions, you should search the forums. There is a great thread about this HERE.


    If you find an issue not in my list, most likely you're unlucky and you found a new bug. Try this

    • Reboot the phone. You'll be surprised how many times a reboot will fix an app misbehaving.
    • Try to clear cache and data (backup the app first if it's an app you don't want to reconfigure) for the app that's misbehaving. Also try to uninstall and reinstall it. If it keeps happening, make sure the app is compatible with Nougat or if the dev has to publish an update for it to support Nougat. For apps not made for Marshmallow or Nougat, make sure you did not forbit any permission, as denying permissions for older apps can cause them to crash and not work at all.
    • Search the forum for a solution, you're most likely not the only one. Also try searching on Google for issues pertaining to the base Android System or Google related features.
    • If the issue is system wide and impossible to fix, try a factory reset as a last resort.
    • Before you factory reset, go here: https://forums.oneplus.net/feedback/ and report your bug
    • If you hate the update, go HERE and let them know.
    Hopefully this helps someone. Feel free to recommend me things to add.

    Also check out my thread about the camera HERE.
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    Now all we need is people to read this. Nice thread Sir.;)

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    The Imp , Jan 3, 2017 :
    Nice thread this thread will help me a lot in updating my thread whenever nougat comes to OnePlus 2 thanks buddy
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    Tnx man!
    This should indeed be a pinned thread so it is easier to re-direct too in case of "stupid" questions.

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    Yeah that's the thing that people nowadays rarely do

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    yonahwolf , Jan 3, 2017 :
    +MarkLR - thanks for this - I think that the screen density gave me more insight to my widget problem.

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    MarkLR , Jan 3, 2017 :
    Cool stuff, I did not know about that thread. That one goes very in depth and details all the new features so it may be worth a read for people who want all the nitty and gritty details. I just assembled a few quick pointers for people who just updated and feel lost. If anyone wants to make a better thread detailing in-depth all the new features of nougat, feel free, and for the mods, close my thread if someone makes a better one.

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    thats for oneplus 2 and that too for marshmallow and I don't think someone has made a thread on nougat like this for oneplus 3 &3t

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    airiartev , Jan 3, 2017 :
    Dont recommend Quickpic... is a spyware app now that is part of CM software...

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    MarkLR , Jan 3, 2017 :
    Last time I used it, it was back on Jelly Bean, and I thought it was a good app. This must be a recent development, I'm definitely sure it wasn't owned by CM back then because I always avoided CM like the plague. If that's the case, I have no idea on which photo album app to recommend now. I use the stock Gallery app.

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    JasonMR , Jan 3, 2017 :
    Piktures is a pretty decent gallery app, I use it all the time. There are quite possibly better ones out there, but I've never found the need to try them.

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    Thanks for the great post. Does anyone know the update frequency of the weather function in Shelf?

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    Wow. I was getting used to see you complaining in almost every thread.
    Nice Job with this one @MarkLR, definitely it's usefull now that the forum is full of new users creating different threads for the same problems.
    Thank you!

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