To all our fans trying to buy a OnePlus Nord.

  1. Shubham Kushwah
    Cupcake Sep 12, 2020

    Shubham Kushwah , via OnePlus Nord , Sep 12, 2020 :
    One tip for people who want to buy it-

    Start refreshing the Amazon App 15 minutes prior to launch, because almost every time this phone was available 15 minutes prior to sale time.

    I ordered mine on 25th at 12.30 PM.

  2. srinath009
    Cupcake Sep 12, 2020

    srinath009 , via OnePlus Nord , Sep 12, 2020 :
    I bought your one plus nord but now it has disappointed me by nit charging properly. it's not charging by wrap instead getting charged normally which took almost 3 hrs for me to reach 90%

  3. francisrenyl , via OnePlus Nord Blue Marble , Sep 12, 2020 :
    I think you must check about the point 4. you can turn off your phone with just holding power button and volume up. button.

  4. sahilbadi
    Donut Sep 12, 2020

  5. palc
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 12, 2020

    palc , via OnePlus Nord , Sep 12, 2020 :
    What red tint issues?

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  6. YashVerma69
    Cupcake Sep 12, 2020

  7. Lakshay155
    Froyo Sep 12, 2020

    Lakshay155 , via OnePlus 8 , Sep 12, 2020 :
    Hydrogen os is the Chinese version of Oxygen os

  8. M1568960370502
    Cupcake Sep 12, 2020

    M1568960370502 , via OnePlus Nord , Sep 12, 2020 :
    I heard that one plus is going to launch some low budget phones. but why?, this may degrade repotetion of one plus. and it definitely disappointed those who think that one plus is a premium brand.because after launching of low budget phone every one is equal like budget, mid range, premium.
    I think you must drop idea to launch budget phone.

  9. D1597229036714
    Donut Sep 12, 2020

  10. SagarHegdeB
    Cupcake Sep 12, 2020

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  11. dhruvpatel1908
    Cupcake Sep 12, 2020

  12. ecstaticumang
    Cupcake Sep 12, 2020

    ecstaticumang , via OnePlus 3 , Sep 12, 2020 :
    Was waiting to get hold onto Nord for sometime.. but after experience zero customer support from oneplus, I guess Samsung M51 is a better bet! That's what reviews also say.. #saynotooneplus

  13. Praveenkr_Sharma
    Cupcake Sep 12, 2020

  14. Brandon_Schuster , via OnePlus Nord , Sep 12, 2020 :
    Wow. I didn't realize they are so hard to get. Glad I only had to wait 2 weeks on Amazon UK.

    For those upgrading from a 6T (like me): it's worth the wait. I've been really happy. The screen is significantly better! It's also better built and more solid in my opinion.

  15. Z1598944280972
    Donut Sep 12, 2020

    Z1598944280972 , via OnePlus Nord , Sep 12, 2020 :
    There is a serious battery issue with OnePlus Nord and still after this many complaints there is no step has been taken from OnePlus really a bad experience with this phone wasted my 30k
    A big disappointment..

  16. N1599580529874
    Cupcake Sep 12, 2020

    N1599580529874 , via OnePlus Nord , Sep 12, 2020 :
    Hi Pankaj Sharma this side,I have purchased one plus Nord 256 GB, it's been a week only but phone has some problem, there is always a network issue even though it's showing full network on SIM moreover the usage of net is also slow...when we connect with anyone there is a noise issue...I thought it will get auto corrected however same thing is happening with me...is there any solution to this?

    Pankaj Sharma

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  17. Mihir2411✓
    Froyo Sep 12, 2020

  18. Shubham Kushwah
    Cupcake Sep 12, 2020

  19. Akhilps_Nord
    Cupcake Sep 12, 2020

    Akhilps_Nord , via OnePlus Nord , Sep 12, 2020 :


    really disappointed with OnePlus Nord... this mobile failed to have some basic features like 1.call recording... call recording option is here, but not working.
    2.notifications for blocked calls...if I want to check who has called me among the blocked numbers this phone does not support this feature..
    3. this phone don't have IR feature that is infrared feature... IR function supports remote control like we control remote for AC, TV, setup box and other gadgets at home... this is one of the basic functions that every smartphone should have.
    4. power on off button does not supports .if I want to switch off I have to go from the settings find out switch off or reboot function then only I am able to either reboot or switch of my mobile.
    5. apps lock...if I want to only lock a particular app then also I have to go for the complete phone lock system.. that particular app cannot be locked without locking the entire phone..I believe this is one of the very basic features.​

    most of things u mentioned her is possible in oneplus.

    1. call recording possible . swipe left while u make call
    2. for power button option please see my attachment with this post ( it can be done in settings)

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