Tomorrow nailed down: What should be the next product category for OnePlus?

  1. Steps Parku (DJ STEPS)
    Gingerbread Apr 30, 2021

    Steps Parku (DJ STEPS) , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Apr 30, 2021 :
    I've had several ideas on mind.

    - OnePlus Drone. (OneDrone)
    Think of a smart drone that is designed to lift your oneplus phone to take area shots and videos. Sure it must come with all the safety and anti-theft features.

    - OnePlus Tags . (OneTag)
    Apple might be one of the pioneers debuting this. But it has been everyone's thought for some time now. And I believe it's a very necessary feature to commonly track and found items especially your smartphone.

    - OnePlus Smart Speaker (OneSpeaker)
    Yes. We have been long expecting this. From deep bass to smart features. Yes!! A speaker we surely need.

    - OnePower (OnePower)
    The power was around and left. Please a ONEPLUS power bank is really needed. Bring this back. With more smart features.

    I believe building a rich ecosystem around the OnePlus phones will bring serious progress to the firm. We should not over look this option.

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  2. Yash Pratap Singh.
    Lollipop May 1, 2021

    Yash Pratap Singh. , May 1, 2021 :
    @Caoimhín @Cheetosdust @dsmonteiro Here is the first mockup of the soundbar/HT Hub as discussed between me and Caoimhin -
    1. Far View
    Here, the soundbar is viewed from a far distance, so it looks just like a normal soundbar, but if you zoom in a little, you'll see that the small buried display shows the time and acts like an AOD clock.
    (the TV in the mockup is the oneplus Q1)
    2. A closer look
    If you go near to the soundbar at a viewing distance of the TV, you'll be able to see a higher proportion of the tilted (and buried) display. It will show an AOD clock if it is not is use to lower the power consumption.
    The material is matte black and the speaker felt material is clothed premium. The logo is metallic and glossy. The screen is an LED and acts as a on board control center for the bar along with a companion app and IR remote.

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  3. avinesh.
    Donut May 3, 2021

  4. Yanne057
    Cupcake May 4, 2021

    Yanne057 , via OnePlus Nord , May 4, 2021 :
    I'd love to see:
    -A Laptop would be nice, but there are many leading brands so it could be a rough start
    -It would be really nice to see a Webcam (a Camera which you can put on your monitor) because they are really useful right now with homeoffice
    -Powerbanks which can charge wireless ans also be charged wireless (but still with one or two USB Ports
    -OnePlus Buds which have True ANC
    -OnePlus OverEar Buds also with True ANC and other controls on the side panel(s)
    -OnePlus Tags would be very nice cause i don't think that Apple will make them Android compatible
    -Speakers (a portable one with Bluetooth and two for a Laptop or PC (one with Bluetooth and one with wires)
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  5. eastbay
    Lollipop May 4, 2021

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  6. rohan.singh
    Eclair May 6, 2021

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  7. Sreekanth Sree , via OnePlus 7 Pro , May 7, 2021 :
    I suggest you guys not succeed in TWS focus on that and we need Apple TWS killer.

    OnePlus also need to enter new product segment like gaming mobile which will support PS games as gaming industry is good market and it will grab lot of customer to our community. With that device they can play games in OnePlus phone and OnePlus TV as well which will creat great eco system....

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  8. p2p
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 8, 2021

    p2p , via OnePlus 7T , May 8, 2021 :
    I think that before imagin a new product the existing products should work as expected.

    For example, Nord, 8 and 9 series still has no 5G in Spain where all others companies (Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung, Sony...) has.

  9. UshaRaniYa
    Honeycomb May 8, 2021

  10. H1622135849729
    Cupcake May 27, 2021

    H1622135849729 , May 27, 2021 :
    The only reason I haven't come to OneNote is because I love the SPen. I've had Samsung Notes for possibly 10 years now (since the Note 2) and I simply don't want to miss it. So please, OnePlus, you could be the one company that pulls me away from Samsung.