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  1. zeelpatel_
    Donut Oct 27, 2020

    zeelpatel_ , via OnePlus Nord , Oct 27, 2020 :
    My second month as a OnePlus Student Ambassador started off with so much excitement!
    The 8T launch was just around the corner and the buzz and thrill were contagious. It was then when I truly got to see how much back end work was required to pull an event off of such a magnitude. As it was virtual, I couldnt help but think about how working on ground would've been like.
    With the launch week going on, I was extremely happy to have been able to tie Girl Up India with the #UltraStopsAtNothing campaign. We worked on having 10 Days of Awareness to give a little bit more insight on how important digital well-being is and to promote healthy communication on social media.
    We worked with over 60 Girl Up clubs across the nation and had numerous more individuals participate in the campaign UGC.
    Our team also worked on 2 different content concepts for reels which, one of them being a throwback reminder of all the scenes and places we miss travelling to. It was really fun working on that concept.
    Overall, there was just so much going on, the overwhelming experience was to die for. We came up with some mad content, worked on some great concepts and broadened our spectrum.

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  2. McJader
    Lollipop Nov 2, 2020

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