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  1. viddat971
    Donut Feb 25, 2016

    viddat971 , Feb 25, 2016 :
    hello guys!

    Firstable, i wanna Thank u a lot for this tools "oneplusrecovery" and "msm!
    But unfortunately, i'm stuck..
    my OPO show me a black screen and doesn't respond to anything...
    So, i tried the tools:
    i have to hold power+volume up before i connect the OPO to the laptop..then my device is shown in device manager as the good one(Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008) but when i try to flash on the good port COM, the tool flashes the file named "8974_msimage.mbn" in loop.... and of course my device doesn't respond...
    i can hear the device connect and disconnect but that's all.....

    Please guys, i need your skills...

    thanks in advance!

    PS: sorry for my english

    With the tool msm, i've got that log file:

    8974_msimage.mbn: OK
    dynamic_nvbk.bin: OK
    emmc_appsboot.mbn: OK
    gpt_backup0.bin: OK
    gpt_backup0_64G.bin: OK
    gpt_main0.bin: OK
    gpt_main0_64G.bin: OK
    userdata.img: FAILED
    userdata_64G.img: FAILED
    rawprogram0.xml: OK
    rawprogram0_64G.xml: OK
    NON-HLOS.bin: OK
    MPRG8974.mbn: OK
    rpm.mbn: OK
    sbl1.mbn: OK
    sdi.mbn: OK
    static_nvbk.bin: OK
    tz.mbn: OK
    boot.img: FAILED
    cache.img: OK
    persist.img: FAILED
    recovery.img: FAILED
    system.img: FAILED

    PS: sorry for my english
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  2. viddat971
    Donut Feb 27, 2016

  3. Kachada
    Donut Mar 8, 2016

    Kachada , Mar 8, 2016 :
    Man, i did the steps but the volum up and down does nothing to my phone. Can you help me please?

  4. rachit011
    Cupcake Apr 16, 2016

    rachit011 , Apr 16, 2016 :
    i am runing into a severe issue of bootloop while app optimizing process...i even tried repartitioning but after 2-3 days again ran into the problem...will this help solving the issue??

  5. henryyik
    Cupcake Apr 19, 2016

    henryyik , Apr 19, 2016 :
    Hi, my phone is stuck on boot loop currently. Do I need to root my phone in order to do this process? Also will it erase all my data? Thank you

  6. daniga74
    Jelly Bean Apr 21, 2016

    daniga74 , Apr 21, 2016 :
    you don't need root and this process will erase all your data.

  7. rachit011
    Cupcake May 1, 2016

    rachit011 , May 1, 2016 :
    I downloaded it for 64gb model..drivers seems to be installed perfectly..device is also detected by the software but process dosen't starts for me...first it didn't moved any forward ..i tried again after stopping..this time the column went red and device booted automatically. any idea why?

  8. RRansmann
    Gingerbread Jun 19, 2016

    RRansmann , Jun 19, 2016 :
    Hi folks, I am facing the exact same problem here...
    Tried already both ways, with ColorOS and with the OnePlus Recovery Tool.
    All the tool tries to flash is the 8974_msimage.mbn in a loop (I even kept it running for more than 2 hours)...

    Anyone any kind of idea???

  9. shashankgowdad
    Cupcake Dec 14, 2016

    shashankgowdad , Dec 14, 2016 :
    Can i do this for my one plus 2
    i am not getting signal on my second sim slot
    its imei is showing as 0 :(

  10. hakimabeoub
    Cupcake Jan 23, 2017

  11. F_Jiraya_Ziane_ddlc
    Cupcake May 5, 2017

    F_Jiraya_Ziane_ddlc , May 5, 2017 :
    followed you instructions. saved my *** and saved my oneplus one from death. thank you so much
    i would donate if i have a job but i'am jobless.
    Forgive me

  12. kieranpage
    Donut May 5, 2017

  13. G_Ant_Tina_FZWu
    Cupcake May 5, 2017

  14. harsan
    Cupcake Feb 22, 2018

    harsan , Feb 22, 2018 :

    have you resolved ? i m in same issue...

  15. oneplus.fan.infinity
    Cupcake Mar 15, 2018

    oneplus.fan.infinity , Mar 15, 2018 :
    @wem97 sir you are awesome, i almost gave up on my oneplus one and about to throw it in wardrobe to rote it for years, your method gave life back again to my OPO thank you so much, i literally signed up to message you this. awesome again and thax again. may god bless u.

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  16. Deactivated User
    Mar 15, 2018