Torn Between 6T and ditching OnePlus

  1. kodomolion
    Gingerbread Sep 4, 2018

    kodomolion , Sep 4, 2018 :
    i'm so in love with the Galaxy s10 design, with the beautiful infinity display (no notch, yay!). go and see if you feel the same.

  2. johnhart
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 4, 2018

    johnhart , Sep 4, 2018 :
    I've lost count of the phones I've had. Maybe 3 iPhones and this OP. Not once has the front broken and I never ever have a screen protector. But having a metal or plastic body probably helped.

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  3. johnhart
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 4, 2018

    johnhart , Sep 4, 2018 :
    Bluetooth works fine in car. Messages for Android works fine. Camera is good. And I had OLED a year before Apple did for half the price. But this all pales in comparison to this --

    Inked2018-09-03 18_41_48-Apple iPhone X specs_LI.jpg

    There's no such thing as a $1000 phone with 3GBs of RAM. Apple hides this spec on their own page because they don't want people wondering why their phone is rigged to slow down after a major OS upgrade.

    Like I said -- you couldn't give me one.

    My last iPhone was the 6. I had to wipe and reinstall at least 6 times over two years to fix what turned out to be RAM related problems. That shiece of pit came with 1GB of RAM.

    How many times have I had to wipe and reinstall on OP3? Before I answer I upgraded to from Marsh to Noug to Oreo. Ready? Zero times.

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  4. dalmia09
    Jelly Bean Sep 4, 2018

    dalmia09 , Sep 4, 2018 :
    Holding off for the 6T could very well be worth it. It's shaping up to be a really good phone, looking at what Oppo has been upto with its R17 pro. Though, there is a possibility that the 2 phones would be quite different.

    Also, there are conspiracy theories rife about a third pixel launching this year, one that has no notch and very slim bezels overall. Could be fake, but if it's true, it'll be great. I'm not really a fan of the pixel series, mainly because they're overpriced. But YMMV. If I were you, the 6T would be the one, although I'd have to be more careful because of so much glass. And, I'd be drooling over it if they ripped the R17 pro completely, and put OOS and SD 845 in it, while pricing it well.

  5. stephenboyo
    KitKat Sep 4, 2018

    stephenboyo , Sep 4, 2018 :
    Just get the Pocophone and spare yourself the agony. I went straight from OnePlus 3 to the Galaxy Note 8 and Now Note 9 and don't regret it. They're the best phones I've ever used. I decided to skip the OP5s and 6 as I couldn't find any justification in ditching my OP3 for both phones as they didn't represent good value for money and especially when I found I could get the latest Galaxy Note with all its superior offerings at half price and so I did. Don't let fear of leaving OP tie you down just like with iPhone. Good to explore other options and you'll be surprised what you might find.

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  6. Radeon962
    KitKat Sep 5, 2018

    Radeon962 , Sep 5, 2018 :
    Sorry for the bad experience.

    My X has been flawless for me and my Oneplus 5 has been a great phone for my son.

    He is in IT so he enjoys the freedom of modifying it to suit his needs.

    I got tired of messing around with phones after working at the office all day and just want to use my phone.

    That being said, I still have my Oneplus One hanging around if I want to mess around with Android so the best of both worlds.

    Glad there are choices so we all can use a phone that works for our own specific needs.

  7. ronnyhawks320
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 5, 2018

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  8. philhally
    Froyo Sep 5, 2018

    philhally , Sep 5, 2018 :
    Love my OnePlus 6 moved up from the OnePlus 3T which is a great phone but at the time it wasn't getting Android 9.0/Pie update only to find out a month later they had changed their minds but what can ya do but I will be holding out on the OP6T because apart from the way it will look there will not be much difference performance wise and not much point in getting it and as I get a phone upgrade every 12 month I will wait and get the OP7 next year...

  9. nyzproof333
    KitKat Sep 5, 2018

    nyzproof333 , Sep 5, 2018 :
    X user as well since January and arguably the best device I have used. I don't see myself going back to Android as my daily.

    The Xs Plus peaking your interest at all?

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  10. Radeon962
    KitKat Sep 5, 2018

    Radeon962 , Sep 5, 2018 :
    Somewhat but it would be difficult to go back to a Plus sized phone just based on the physical size.

    Rumor mill has it pegged as essentialy the same size as the 8 Plus just with the X type screen layout.

    I don't believe I will preorder one but will give it a look once it's released.

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  11. iOStoAndroid
    Gingerbread Sep 6, 2018

    iOStoAndroid , Sep 6, 2018 :
    Notch is greatest thing that happened to mobile displays. Just hide it. You will have network, time, battery alongside the notch with blackbackground, so you actually get increased real screen real estate. Compare 5T with 6. Notch is damn great!!

    Also a lot of notch haters never actually tried it. Including myself who bought 5T after realized 6 is going to be a notcher. But I tried it and now peers who thought the same look at my 6 and goes "ohh you can hide that notchhhh"

  12. AlouLouky
    KitKat Sep 6, 2018

    AlouLouky , Sep 6, 2018 :
    I totally agree,before buying the OP6 i did a browse through reviews and everyone was .........the notch here ...the notch there........come on just hide it (with op6 you can) and go ahead.
    As far the Op goes is the best phone i had the last years.Well made (i dont like glass backs but everyone makes them),the OS software implementation is so great the phone runs like the roadrunner!! Then you have the bulit task manager with the deep clean feature,the only one that totally shuts down background apps.
    Has so any phones lately (company use or corporate gifts) and nothing feels like it.

  13. Loveit
    KitKat Sep 6, 2018

    Loveit , Sep 6, 2018 :
    5 OnePlus 6's in a few months? Do you chuck them in the bin with your spent razors?

  14. johnhart
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 6, 2018

    johnhart , Sep 6, 2018 :
    And here I was thinking OLED or higher resolutions were a good thing.

    I will agree with you here in one narrow way. If a person looks at this for two minutes straight --

    2018-09-06 11_39_11-oneplus teardrop notch - Google Search.jpg

    and then they look back at an OP3

    2018-09-06 11_41_20-oneplus 3 - Google Search.jpg

    the bezels look ginormous. It's a 'wow' thing in fact -- when it comes to additional screen space. However this is still coyote ugly --

    2018-09-06 11_44_22-iphone x notch - Google Search.jpg

    and this

    2018-09-06 11_45_52-oneplus 6 notch - Google Search.jpg

    is baby coyote ugly, whereas this

    2018-09-06 11_49_29-oneplus 6t - Google Search.jpg

    makes Apple look like the douchebags they are

  15. NerdicEclipse
    Honeycomb Sep 6, 2018

    NerdicEclipse , Sep 6, 2018 :
    Good luck finding any solid flagship that isn't glass back. The 6T is going to bring wireless charging which is the reason everyone else has gone glass already. People want wireless charging.

    As for the notch, who gives a crap. That area is occupied by the status bar and unuseable anyway. You're not losing real estate. Not the most elegant, but until they sort out getting all sensors and the camera under a screen it is what it is.

  16. theshinybeast
    Marshmallow Sep 6, 2018

    theshinybeast , Sep 6, 2018 :
    You literate person you!

    Always appreciate a freak like myself who actually likes a wee bit of literature and decent writing. Thanks.

    I love the teardrop looks of the 6T by the way. I hope it's true.

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  17. Topper_Gas
    KitKat Sep 6, 2018

    Topper_Gas , Sep 6, 2018 :
    I can't understand why the Pocophone doesn't have NFC in Europe etc given how widely Google Pay etc are now used, it's the same mistake OnePlus made with the OP2 it seems odd skimping on something every other new smartphone as it would only add a few euros to the retail price.

    Unless Nokia come out with a decent 845 SoC handset at a reasonable price then the 6T would appear to be the phone to beat outside of India in the second half of the year.

  18. zorg93
    Honeycomb Sep 6, 2018

    zorg93 , Sep 6, 2018 :
    On the back is so much better than under the screen imo, well provided its in a sensible place on the back and not right at the top (I'm looking at you Samsung galaxy s8)

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  19. Budruel
    KitKat Sep 6, 2018

    Budruel , Sep 6, 2018 :
    I disagree. If the phone is on the table and a notification arrives and you want to look quickly, or if you have it in the car in a support base, you need it to be on the front. Also, they put it too high if you take the phone with your little finger on the bottom so that the phone can not slip.

  20. zorg93
    Honeycomb Sep 6, 2018

    zorg93 , Sep 6, 2018 :
    Different use cases, most of the time my phone is in my pocket and in that situation having it on the back is better. I do agree when the phone is on a table it can be annoying, but for the car, if it has Bluetooth set up a trusted device.

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