Touch screen issues on the OnePlus One, and how OnePlus is failing its users


Variations occur between devices, what issue(s) do you have with the One's touch screen, if any?

  1. Unresponsive/glitchy typing

  2. Sections of the touch screen not responding (This includes issues when scrolling around on apps/web)

  3. Multitouch issues, the multitouch does not work correctly (This includes issues with pinch to zoom)

  4. No issues at all, it is as responsive as any other device I have owned.

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  1. wmm KitKat Sep 6, 2014

    wmm, Sep 6, 2014 :
    I just realized that that was a quote from one of the other posts on reddit where some of the same language was used. In that case, he was really upset because someone had accused OnePlus of exploiting child labor and he took rather vehement exception to that comment. On balance, though, there are some people who never get more than a couple of sentences out without a four-letter word somewhere, and that is not his pattern.

  2. Draco2212 Donut Sep 6, 2014

    Draco2212, Sep 6, 2014 :
    i have the same issue this is turn me crazy. ined help or a new opo

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  3. Andreagennari Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 6, 2014

    Andreagennari, Sep 6, 2014 :
    There is a company behind him and he is representing them not himself. If they don't know how emotional their employee could be in front of same question I can imagine they accept anything which is said to be quality checked.
    Isn't the point of being a startup a justification cause this is the third days in row they do fake comparative advertisement against other brand...
    Funny is that other brands doesn't consider OP at all :)

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  4. Andreagennari Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 6, 2014

    Andreagennari, Sep 6, 2014 :
    OP said every phone is the same there are no HW difference...
    So everyone should have same issue... If so this won't help you.

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  5. wmm KitKat Sep 6, 2014

    wmm, Sep 6, 2014 :
    Not too surprising, considering the relative sizes of the companies involved... Even assuming the best possible growth trajectory for OnePlus, it will be several more years before Samsung, Sony, and Motorola feel that they have anything to gain by comparing their products with OnePlus'.

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  6. Draco2212 Donut Sep 6, 2014

    Draco2212, Sep 6, 2014 :
    Update .fix the issue for now.
    I restore to the first factory image 25r with the mac tool kit then do the two updates .

    Is working like new . touching wood. I hope thats help for others with the same issue as me .

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  7. Teoremax Cupcake Sep 6, 2014

    Teoremax, Sep 6, 2014 :
    My OPO works perfectly, never had any problems. Rarely happened that he lacked some tap, but with CM Nightly everything works great

  8. lostman Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 6, 2014

    lostman, Sep 6, 2014 :
    @oscarvanl , source of this news?
    I have the same problem, the phone unusable in hot and humid environments or when kept in pocket for a while. (I'm waiting for the approval of the RMA from 5 days.)
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  9. fishmd Gingerbread Sep 6, 2014

    fishmd, Sep 6, 2014 :
    Interesting. I have been waiting on RMA for my phone with broken volume buttons since the day I got the device. Have still been using it though till then. Today I took it to my sons soccer game. Super humid out in South Florida. Screen did actually get all kinds of glitchy outside today. I was in Amazon app and it kept clicking on things I did not want it too, scrolling was erratic. It even put an item in my cart I did not want! Thank God I did not have one-click buy turned on. I would have bought who knows what! Really bizzare, and does not look good for this device.

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  10. imablackhat Honeycomb Sep 6, 2014

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  11. Jonathon Eclair Sep 7, 2014

    Jonathon, Sep 7, 2014 :
    I have the same issue. I nearly purchased items by accident. I've been waiting for an RMA for over a month. No response. Unacceptable.

  12. fishmd Gingerbread Sep 7, 2014

    fishmd, Sep 7, 2014 :
    Waiting for over a month for RMA. That is insane! I have been going for 2 weeks now. About ready to go Paypal claim route. Don't let it go past 45 days man. That is PayPal's limit.

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  13. mmmpizza Froyo Sep 7, 2014

    mmmpizza, Sep 7, 2014 :
    Ghost swipes are killing me, I hate typing now. Think I may just buy a new nexus or moto X.

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  14. Vitto Honeycomb Sep 7, 2014

    Vitto, Sep 7, 2014 :
    I have the same with Amazon but I think is the app itself. All the rest is fine.

  15. crqalba Froyo Sep 8, 2014

    crqalba, Sep 8, 2014 :
    I don't have the issue with the Google keyboard but I do have the issue with SwiftKey. I turned off Flow and I can tap type like any other phone. I think its just a software thing with Swiftkey and Flow. I had a similar issue on the Note 3 with the previous version of SwiftKey.

    Hoping something can be fixed via software on both sides of SwiftKey and CM and OnePlus.

  16. mr_rodge Eclair Sep 8, 2014

    mr_rodge, Sep 8, 2014 :
    Got my OPO on Friday, had the weekend playing (didn't dare update to 33R but updated to 30O) and all seemed immaculate. Seems a brilliant phone, I finally have speeds that seem to rival those of Apple devices with iOS (Upgraded from a Galaxy S3 which was, essentially, crap. I had an original Galaxy S with CM10 on that performed faster).

    Drove to work with the phone in my pocket this morning and when I tried to send a text message on arrival swipe texting was all but impossible, the device wouldn't make a full trail with the one finger/thumb. It's very, very dry and cold in here now (brand new house being used as office, heating being installed as I type) and low and behold, it's working perfectly.

    Obviously the heat/humidity issue. What I'm failing to understand is the fact that everyone is saying this is a grounding issue, which tallies up with the moisture/humidity reports (water=problems).

    What I don't understand is the statement that Synaptics are responsible and that a fix is around the corner (firmware revision). This doesn't make sense to me. If it's a grounding problem, it's a hardware issue. How can any software update fix this?

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  17. Krunk83 Honeycomb Sep 8, 2014

  18. imablackhat Honeycomb Sep 8, 2014

    imablackhat, Sep 8, 2014 :
    Yes you do you just do not type very fast like some people. 100% of users are affected by this issue.

  19. Krunk83 Honeycomb Sep 8, 2014

    Krunk83, Sep 8, 2014 :
    Haha. Uh, no.

  20. imablackhat Honeycomb Sep 8, 2014

    imablackhat, Sep 8, 2014 :
    Haha, um yeah. Sorry - everyone has this issue. There's no shame in hiding it, and I'm not trying to insult you saying you aren't a fast typist. I'm saying you are unable to see the issue which is fine. A lot of people it will go unrecognized or be "normal".