Touch sensitivity issues: A letter to OnePlus...

  1. Vdistul Gingerbread Mar 26, 2015

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  2. wizkidig Gingerbread Mar 30, 2015

    wizkidig, Mar 30, 2015 :
    I have the same issue and its driving me crazy.
    Will file a consumer court case against OPO as i feel cheated.

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  3. carburano Jelly Bean Mar 30, 2015

    carburano, Mar 30, 2015 :
    and they never claryfied this officially... after 1 year I can say OnePlus is the biggest tech fail of 2014/15

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  4. eduardor2k Cupcake Mar 30, 2015

    eduardor2k, Mar 30, 2015 :
    Hi to all

    I'm having this same issue with my oneplus, this issue only appears when my phone(screen) is hot, if i restart the phone the issue is still there, but if I allow the phone to cool down a bit, the touch screen issue disappears.

    We are now in Winter in Spain, I'm worried that in summer, this issue becomes really annoying.

    I haven't written a RMA yet...but will very soon.

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  5. Vdistul Gingerbread Mar 30, 2015

    Vdistul, Mar 30, 2015 :
    You need to try and rma(good luck) as soon as possible. You described a hardware issue. They used glue to ground the digitizer so when the phone warms up the glue thins and the digitizer ground fails. I have the same issue. Support is impossible to work so I sold my phone.
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  6. on epl usone30 Gingerbread Mar 30, 2015

    on epl usone30, Mar 30, 2015 :
    The same thing is happening with my phone. It happens at random and when it happens the only option I have is to force shut down my phone by pressing the power button for a few seconds.Here is the video:

    I submitted a ticket and they said they would replace my phone with a new one provided they decide there was no "personal damage". If they determine that "personal damage" exists, I have to pay for repairs. Does anyone know what constitutes "personal damage"? I did send them pictures of my phone from all sides, with and without the back cover. They were very vague about what is considered as a personal damage. Their explanation was "like water damage"..... just those three words. WTF? I do have couple of dings and scratches? Are THEY considered personal damage? I understand that they do not have a presence in USA but what I am suppose to use while they take weeks to check my phone? Buy another phone?

    Can I simply request my money back if they find no "personal damage" ? I do not have any unused phones lying around. I will have to buy another phone while they figure out.

  7. diegogerx1 Cupcake Apr 1, 2015

    diegogerx1, Apr 1, 2015 :
    Same problem here.

    I though that I was the only one, but 75 pages of comments with no answera from one plus makes me think about the reliability of the company.

    I was very happy to buy new products from oneplus, but right now I'm dissapointed

  8. diegogerx1 Cupcake Apr 1, 2015

    diegogerx1, Apr 1, 2015 :
    I also work for a electronic company.

    If we have a hw defective batch we replace it. If we have a sw issue we update it.

    We as customers expect solutions to trust in a company.

  9. smwise84 Cupcake Apr 1, 2015

    smwise84, Apr 1, 2015 :
    I'm having touchscreen issues on the latest CM12 nightlie. I've opened a ticket up with customer support. Provided them a video showing the OPO vs LG G2 on the multi-touch app (similar to original post). Their initial response was to flash the software 'fix'. The windows zip file that is the CM11 factory reset. I told them I was running latest CM12 nightlie. Now, they want pictures of the phone from every angle including the back cover to be removed.

    This is my first time trying to do something like that and I just don't feel comfortable. I shouldn't have to be forced into this situation as a paying customer. Is there anything I can do :(

  10. surajmr134 Eclair Apr 3, 2015

    surajmr134, Apr 3, 2015 :
    Have been owning the one plus one for 4 months now.. Had a good experience until recently...

    I have started to have problems with the touch screen, it automatically starts to type on its own(ghost touches), also the screen in the middle portions don't sense anything... I think the touch stops responding in that portion... I have to reboot the phone after that the phone works for sometime and again the sane problem..

    I m Pretty worried that one plus one covers this under there warranty.. Which they actually should but after reading this comments I m getting a negative feeling.. I would really appreciate if someone from oneplus one team replies me on the same.. @OnePlus One cat

  11. aeon180 Cupcake Apr 4, 2015

    aeon180, Apr 4, 2015 :
    Anyone tried if oxygenOS fixes the issues? What are your experiences?

  12. Airbus Honeycomb Apr 4, 2015

    Airbus, Apr 4, 2015 :

    Is oxygen OS even out yet? Never mind! I see it was introduced yesterday. Be good to see if the problem is addresses finally. But not holding much hope.
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  13. Tr1p Gingerbread Apr 7, 2015

    Tr1p, Apr 7, 2015 :
    I have the same problem
    One Plus One Ghost touch Ghost Swipe and Slow scr…:
    This is my first and last opo

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  14. dmanlfc Eclair Apr 11, 2015

    dmanlfc, Apr 11, 2015 :
    Turn off adaptive backlight, colour enhancement & double tap to sleep in the Display & Lights settings section.
    Also disable ALL gestures.

    This fixed it for me.

    I believe its a software bug which is being propagated to other distributions too. Unfortunately I can tell you CM12 won't fix it.

    I hope this helps some.


  15. PR0X Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 16, 2015

    PR0X, Apr 16, 2015 :
    @Cat H Any response for all the videos here and for us? we are still waiting to hear your OFFICIAL update or response. Please don't update us the same old "we are still working day and night to find this issue".

  16. Tr1p Gingerbread Apr 16, 2015

    Tr1p, Apr 16, 2015 :
    When I turn of my phone the problems are fixed to does that means I have to turn it off?
    I want to use this.

    PS it doesn't fix the problems for me

  17. fulviods Cupcake Apr 18, 2015

    fulviods, Apr 18, 2015 :
    I hope that new update to CM12 will solve this problem...tired to spend a lot of time to write something..

  18. Naku212 Froyo Apr 19, 2015

  19. Subrahmanya Bhat Gingerbread Apr 19, 2015

    Subrahmanya Bhat, Apr 19, 2015 :

    You're not alone my friend. I'm having this since the CM11S days and Ithought it can be corrected with ssoftware update. So Iwaited till CM12s but the problem is still there. Total disappointment :( :(

  20. DriesDh Donut Apr 19, 2015

    DriesDh, Apr 19, 2015 :
    I'm experiencing the same! Still on cm11s though. Should I open a ticket? It's really annoying and totally random. Rebooting mostly helps for a while but it comes back.