Touchscreen issues? We hear you.

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  1. joesweeney413
    Jelly Bean Jun 3, 2015

  2. zunocer
    Cupcake Jun 3, 2015

    zunocer , Jun 3, 2015 :
    A few days after making my PayPal claim it has been resolved in my favour.
    Pity this phone has this pretty substantial hardware fault.

  3. theritz49
    Donut Jun 3, 2015

    theritz49 , Jun 3, 2015 :
    Nono i m saying that nowadays trouchscreen starts to lag when i am outdoors even if the sun is not hot..but it is usable indoors.

  4. theritz49
    Donut Jun 3, 2015

    theritz49 , Jun 3, 2015 :
    What about batterylife?

  5. JulianC
    Eclair Jun 3, 2015

    JulianC , Jun 3, 2015 :
    I'm on my second OPO. First one was successfully RMA'd due to multitouch issues.

    Today, my second OPO exhibited the same multitouch/touchscreen issues. I noticed that it began after being under direct sunlight for a couple of minutes. Particularly hot day today. Since i'm back in airconditioning, the issue has disappeared. I'm convinced this is heat-related and is design related (since i'm on my second OPO)

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  6. ryanmalone
    Cupcake Jun 3, 2015

    ryanmalone , Jun 3, 2015 :
    I don't know if this is the same with everyone with problems but I'm having a few with the screen:

    - Screen/phone randomly freezing and being unresponsive

    - Screen randomly not waking up on double tap or power button press, will often stay blank for several seconds, if you press it again one or more times it will waken then shut off immediately like it is reading the commands right after each other.

    - Sometimes there will be a fuzziness across the screen - the best way I can describe it is when an old TV has interference/signal issues and there is a grey haze. This is usually while touching the screen.

    - Phantom key presses, pages and apps being opened. You press back and it keeps re-opening, I thought this was a virus at first. My phone, in front of friends, wrote out a text on its own using the predictive text words, people thought my phone had been taken over.

    - Space bar presses often get mistaken for home button presses.

    Are all of these common?

  7. got_away_with
    Cupcake Jun 3, 2015

  8. MichaelJacksonKingOfPop
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 3, 2015

  9. guilleml
    Gingerbread Jun 3, 2015

    guilleml , Jun 3, 2015 :
    I've uninstalled a lot of apps and I cannot detect any wakelock affecting my battery. Google Play Services is the biggest app wasting battery.

    58% and 55 mins of SOT...

  10. santiberrio
    Donut Jun 3, 2015

    santiberrio , Jun 3, 2015 :
    Hello, I wanted to ask if one would buy OPO? because with display problems I'm hesitating to buy it. thanks

  11. ahandeman
    Donut Jun 3, 2015

    ahandeman , Jun 3, 2015 :
    I just bought 2, love this phone. I haven't had any display issues so I'm one of the lucky ones. but summer is just starting so who knows. IMO buy one,

  12. gimmyghi
    Cupcake Jun 3, 2015

    gimmyghi , Jun 3, 2015 :
    exactly same as you

  13. Lecter
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 3, 2015

  14. only1hammy
    Honeycomb Jun 3, 2015

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  15. semin93
    Cupcake Jun 3, 2015

    semin93 , Jun 3, 2015 :
    so ive been reading this thread since post number 1 and didnt write any comment so far. i had the same touch issues like many others. ghost swipes / touches. was really a pain in the a** to write any sentence longer than 2 words. ive been really upset because of this issue and i bought my phone in february and until late april everything went fine so far.

    after struggeling with the really bad touch issues i installed the latest nightly (03.06.2015) and im so happy right now. the touch issue is fixed. i cant say anything about the battery drain but so far everything works fine. ill keep you updated.

    im a tech noob i guess but you can find many videos on youtube on how to flash the nightlies and eveything else that is required for doing it.

    im really happy that my phone is working properly again.

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  16. fatfingers
    Honeycomb Jun 3, 2015

    fatfingers , Jun 3, 2015 :
    Yes, if I do not use my OPO to call them.


    They have to hear before they are able to listen. o_O

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  17. leaz94
    Cupcake Jun 3, 2015

    leaz94 , Jun 3, 2015 :
    I think that if the phone get hot it have more touchscreen issues, noticed that when i was using it in a sunny day and ghost touches were frequent. same when i was charing and using it , it was hot and trying to write a message there were many ghost touches or sometimes it doesent get my touch.. hope you can fix that

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  18. dastra
    Cupcake Jun 3, 2015

    dastra , Jun 3, 2015 :
    I'm really starting to get pissed. When do you do something about this issue? The phone is not usable.

    I also tried to go to the nightlies but I couldn't get my SIM card unlocked with these.

    Has anybody experienced if the touch issues are ROM-dependent?

  19. karim kalschoven
    Gingerbread Jun 3, 2015

    karim kalschoven , Jun 3, 2015 :
    Fed up with all the waiting and the the lack of communication from Oneplus side i decided to call it quits. Today i ordered a Nexus 6 and it feels like a huge relieve.

    Oneplus might have given the communty Oxygen but only buying a new phone made me breath normal again. I will sell the 1+1 probably at a loss but i can live with that.
    I do hope for all owners that oneplus will eventually get their act together.

    Good Luck to all!

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  20. idannet
    Eclair Jun 3, 2015

    idannet , Jun 3, 2015 :
    I'd like to share this video with everyone () . a side of all the ghost clicks that all of us have I also have another issue where parts of the screen are simply dead. for example - trying to click on the letter I will result in clicking on the o and on the u but (almost) never on the i.
    This is just one example, many other dead spots all around.
    Do you think that this is just another symptom of the same problem or am I facing a completely new thing?

    surely, nothing happened to the phone. there isn't even a single scratch on it. it just happened one day.

    Thanks for your feedback and thanks for watching.


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