touchscreen not responding

  1. arusinas Cupcake Jun 27, 2019

    arusinas, Jun 27, 2019 :
    my touch screen seems to not respond randomly where I can press any part of the screen and nothing works but then I can swipe up and down and I can get certain things to work. I'm not sure why sometimes the screen is not responsive. It doesn't respond sometimes when I'm trying to use the on-screen Google search widget. sometimes opening up other apps it just doesn't work, I can press the app icon 10 times and nothing happens. sometimes trying to like Instagram posts or Facebook post nothing works. Even trying to click links on a webpage. I can click it a thousand times and it won't work and I might have to go in and out of that app or that screen multiple times before will actually work. I've never dropped my phone in water it's never had any actual damage done to it so I'm not sure if there is a glitch or something is actually wrong with my phone. does anyone have any idea on how to test this?

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