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  1. script
    Moderator Moderator Jan 28, 2018

    script , Jan 28, 2018 :
    Please post travel pictures in the already existing travel theme thread.

    You cannot start new threads in the moderated photography section. You should add your content to existing threads. You can start new threads in the open photo section.

    Photo threads that were posted in a wrong section should either get merged to the monthly thread or moved to the open section. Please read the rules and description in the photography section opening thread. @drmartin

    Thx all and have fun here,


  2. otto2
    Photography Expert Feb 2, 2018

    otto2 , Feb 2, 2018 :
    Wow, finally a great picture here in this thread. Thank you for contributing. Do you got some more? And which device / settings did you use ?

  3. otto2
    Photography Expert Feb 2, 2018

    otto2 , Feb 2, 2018 :
    So, it s travel time again.

    After some work my son and i decided to get a break and so we booked a flight to ...


    Yes, the home of legendary Vlad Dracul.

    But we were lucky, we did not met him.

    We landed at friday evening at Cluj-Napoca ( Klausenburg ) and were able to make a short walk around the inner city.

    In Romania you ll find a lot of churches, catholic ones and orthodox,too.
    IMG_20180127_015018_001.jpg IMG_20180127_015153-01_001.jpg

    The national theater was nice to look at.

    Saturday morning we took our rent a car and headed south to Sibiu / Hermannstadt. On our way we saw an orthodox church beside the road.
    Wasn t hard to belive: This tour will show us a lot of churches,so we decided to take a look.
    And it was worth it- this wasn t just a church, it was a monastery.
    Asking for permission was an easy thing- we were allowed to make pictures.



    I saw several orthodox churches and monasteries in greece last september, they were all rather dark inside, but this one was great to look at, the morning sun glazing through the windows gave me a lot of light for my pictures.
    Turning my head up to the roof i got another interesting sight.


    Around noon we wanted to drink some coffee and stopped in Aiud / Strassburg am Mieresch.
    People were sitting in the Cafe, watching a Tennis match, woman s finale of australian open, the romanian girl got a hard fight an earned the second place.


    Churches everywhere, wow.
    I was a bit of surprised, when my son asked me to visit another monastery in the mountains,near Romet.
    So we took a road to nowhere, some wild living dogs opened up a checkpoint. ( See attachement 1 )

    ( Unfortunately this forum software is NOT able to show zoomed pictures as full images, i m sorry. Please check the attached files as a workaround. Thank you.)

    Finally we got there. A small monastery in the snowy mountains.









    Outside we met some new friends. @Dunnow . Not as nice as your best friend, but we liked him.


    Please... Don t go!


    The road to the monastery was in rather good condition, so we changed our plan and tried the legendary "Transalpina road".



    The misty fog was generating a strange atmosphere. Very difficult light conditions due to the Ice, Snow,Fog and sun.
    So i made some pictures in manual mode, here you can see either the non-edited stock jpeg output and also the edited RAW file. I m using google s free snapseed app, it s good enough for my non- professional pictures and available for free in the google playstore.




    After all the moon was shining and we felt a kind of shiver... Not very interested in a meeting with Mr. Dracul we turned our car since the road was closed due to weather conditions.
    It was a bit tricky, the road was partly very dangerous, ice and snow, had to concentrate to get safely to our destination.

    Late in the evening we arrived at Sibiu / Hermannstadt and walked through the city.
    Not sure, who ( or what ) is living in this spooky house.


    The big marketplace is worth a visit, even at minus 13 degrees. Brrr.





    Would you like some coffee outside?



    At the end we made a walk in the park, unfortunately we missed Nick Straker with his band.


    Good Morning Sibiu!





    Sunday morning, of course went to church,afterwards we made our way to Paltinis,a place the lady at our hotel reception recommended to us.


    After all this misty fog a blue sky and sun wow.






    On sunday afternoon it was time to head back to Cluj-Napoca ( Klausenburg )
    But we decided to come back in summer, for driving the Transalpina road completely and the Transfogarasch highway,too.

    All pictures were made with my Oneplus 5 , Some are edited with snapseed, no external lenses, no tripod- all shots freehand most of them in automode, some in pro mode autosettings enabled , no flash was used , Oxygen Open Beta 4 with the stock cam app.
    All pictures resized with a very special compression app by a friend.
    Some of my friends here in this forum helped me choosing the best pictures and gave me a lot of inspiration. I d like to say

    Thank You!


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  4. meatandy
    Oreo Feb 2, 2018

    meatandy , Feb 2, 2018 :
    WOW , just stunning in my eye.

    Even @Chris dB would be proud. ;)

  5. otto2
    Photography Expert Feb 2, 2018

    otto2 , Feb 2, 2018 :
    Thank you very much.

  6. woSch
    Photography Expert Feb 2, 2018

    woSch , Feb 2, 2018 :
    Wow, great shots and great story (... as usual ;))!

  7. script
    Moderator Moderator Feb 2, 2018

    script , Feb 2, 2018 :
    Otto, thank you so much for this great and warm and nice post. A true pearl. Congratulations, mate.

    @David Y. @Crystal Z. You should see this.

  8. hennes
    YaImCo Developer Feb 2, 2018

  9. David Y.
    Jelly Bean Feb 3, 2018

  10. otto2
    Photography Expert Feb 3, 2018

    otto2 , Feb 3, 2018 :
    Thank you.
    Feel free to ask for some tips and roadbooks. :)

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  11. sameeksha khanna
    Donut Mar 27, 2018

    sameeksha khanna , Mar 27, 2018 :
    View attachment 736268 1522243358773.jpg

    Varanasi, uttar pradesh, ganga ghat.. #serene

    early morning at 4 am when i went to see sunrise in the city of temples, Varanasi...this is what i saw! how heritage, if preserved, can be so beautiful and different from mordern day constructions. 1522243927219.jpg




    shot on one plus 5t, early morning on 25th march, no filter, some pics are in depth effect!

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  12. D1522229164061
    Cupcake Mar 28, 2018

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  13. otto2
    Photography Expert Mar 28, 2018

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  14. otto2
    Photography Expert Mar 28, 2018

    otto2 , Mar 28, 2018 :
    Pictures way too small, bad quality. Which device? Where s the story? READ the rules,please.

    NOT post pictures shot with another device then a Oneplus Phone.
    NOT post single pictures.
    NOT post without a story, telling us, where, when and, maybe , how you shot the pictures.
    NOT post without some explanation like. automode, no edit, no flash, free hand raw or stock jpeg.

    Reason: Other users should be able to see, what we can get out of our devices an which tools we used.

  15. sameeksha khanna
    Donut Mar 28, 2018

    sameeksha khanna , Mar 28, 2018 :
    just posted the pic

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  16. otto2
    Photography Expert Mar 28, 2018

  17. otto2
    Photography Expert Apr 8, 2018

    otto2 , Apr 8, 2018 :
    Travel Time again.

    It was cold in Germany and the street carnival started in my hometown, so my son got some days off at school.
    Since almost everyone in Düsseldorf , Germany, is celebrating the carnival it wasn t a big thing to lock the door of my motorbike shop and head over to another great place.
    All Pictures shot on Oneplus 5, partly in automode, partly in pro mode just 4 or 5 are shot in RAW and later edited with snapseed. Location: Düsseldorf France, near Paris and...


    Just that day France got a lot of snow,as we can see here....



    Been there many times before,but it s always great to see my parents and the nature down there.

    Location. The garden of a neighbour and friend, low light.


    The next morning we went out for the sea...


    And some exotic views, too.



    Back at home ,just starting to relax,we got a vistor. Iguana Iguana called.

    Seems ,he likes my mother s roses.

    At afternoon it was time for some coffee, so we left our house for a good "Barraquito".


    The next day we travel around the island and stayed for lunch at a former monastery.


    No filters applied!!!!!


    Staying at home is boring, so let s stay the night... at Playa de las americas.






    Another day- fixing an apple laptop for another neighbour- what a crap, how i missed my linux system that moment...
    Once finished, one of her cats checked my work.


    Tha apple device was working fine now, so i went back home, no iguana iguana at the roses, so i could take a shot.
    No Portrait mode applied!


    The roses were nice, so we jumped in our car and headed to the mountains, visiting El Teide, the highest mountain of spain.


    While the atlantic ocean was mild and i could go for some swimming, the mountains got a lot of snow.



    The next day was a very special day on Tenerife. They are celebrating carnival, too. So let s go to Santa Cruz de Tenerife and take a look.

    We parked our car,walked towards the harbour ,saw the opera house,



    Some older places,


    Olive trees..

    And a lot of people celebrating carnival.


    I needed some refreshing, headed out for some beer. I found a very special one.

    The forum software is down right now, cannot upload any picture an a lot of pictures are not shown due to some strange reasons. i will finish this later.

    Have fun!


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  18. hennes
    YaImCo Developer Apr 8, 2018

    hennes , Apr 8, 2018 :
    @otto2 Thanks, great pictures from a great place,,, Home sweet home.... :)

    Hahahahaha, and this is one of the best, in an ironic sense..... when the forum is running properly again, then ..... :)

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  19. Adventurolic
    Donut Apr 9, 2018

    Adventurolic , Apr 9, 2018 :
    Spiti Valley, A trip to the land of Llamas, Monks, Himalayas and temples older then 1000 years. Located in Himachal Pradesh State of India. Last winter I visited Spiti to capture it's breathtaking landscapes covered in snow.

    I had a Sony RX100iv and a RX10iii. Also an iPhone 7 Plus but I was using extensively using my OnePlus 5t for landscapes Photography.

    All pictures are shot using the default camera app in photo mode with occasionally HDR On. Edited using Polarr App on OnePlus 5t .

    View attachment 743669





    And not just Photography I was absolutely blown away by the 4k video stabilization, so I also made a short film using only the OnePlus 5t.

    Video editing done on MacBook with Final Cut Pro software. all footage and music recorded on OnePlus 5t

    These are just very few of the pictures I clicked during my trip.

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  20. script
    Moderator Moderator Apr 9, 2018

    script , Apr 9, 2018 :
    Good pictures, and that super great video even tops them. The best OnePlus video I've seen so far. Impressive.

    @David Y. @Crystal Z. You should enjoy this

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