Triple camera setup in 7 pro - how good can it get?

  1. iNtEnSePL
    KitKat Apr 26, 2019

    iNtEnSePL , Apr 26, 2019 :
    OnePlus will be announcing the new 7 series soon, but leakers leak and we more less know what we can expect during the event itself.
    One of things that were officially confirmed was triple lens setup for 7 pro and I got to think - how good can it get. Some more info surfaced recently about tech details regarding coming cameras in 7 pro, so I decided to compare them (on paper) with the setup that is praised around the Internet - the P30 pro cam.

    So here we go:
    Oneplus 7 pro (unconfirmed)
    Main: 48MP (f/1.6 aperture, OIS) probably IMX586
    Telephoto: 8MP (f/2.4 aperture, 3x optical zoom)
    Wide: 16MP (f/2.2 aperture, 117-degree, wide-angle lens)
    Front: 16MP (f/2.0 aperture)

    Huawei P30 pro
    Main: 40MP (f/1.6 aperture, OIS) IMX650 (less pixels, but bigger sensor)
    Telephoto: 8MP (f/3.4 aperture, 5x optical zoom, OIS)
    Wide: 20MP (f/2.2 aperture, 120-degree, wide-angle lens)
    Front: 32MP (f/2.0 aperture)

    The sensor used in 7pro will most probably be a variant of IMX586, which usually has aperture of f/1.7, but in 7pro it may be a bit better. The P30 pro has less pixels, but the sensor size is more less 17% bigger in IMX650, and it uses RYYB instead of RGB to further increase light input.

    The most striking differences lay in secondary lenses (again, specs are unconfirmed at this time).
    Telephoto in 7 pro has much better aperture, but only a 3x zoom. It also lacks OIS, which is a must have feature in telephoto lens (as you get 3x more shaking picture :) ). Is better aperture and smaller zoom enough to compensate for lack of OIS? Is 3x zoom enough to be "a thing"?
    The wide angle lens are more less the same, just the 7pro lens are 16MP instead of 20MP - and since we don't know the pixel size, not much can be said about these.

    As for the front, P30 pro has 2x the pixel count of 7pro (32MP vs 16MP). Yet, we don't know the sensor size, althou 7pro sensor is mounted inside a moving part that hides inside the housing - thus having to be more flat than any sensor mounted in notch - could that lead to worse performance?

    What is your take on above comparison (again, unconfirmed specs for 7 pro)?

    Would you expect the 7 pro to come close to P30 pro in real world usage?
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  2. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Apr 26, 2019

    Cheetosdust , Apr 26, 2019 :
    Honestly, no.

    Those specs are nice, but then there's the software.

    Edit: I think it will be good, but not P30 Pro good.

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  3. iNtEnSePL
    KitKat Apr 26, 2019

    iNtEnSePL , Apr 26, 2019 :
    What I wonder most is performance of zoom in that phone. Having a 48MP main lenses with good aperture one can wonder why only a x3 zoom w/o OIS and with much worse aperture on telephoto. I'm sure that with good processing x3 is possible to do using the main sensor and proper software. Is it another "unnecessary" sensor, or OnePlus has some well thought idea behind this. OPPO made it with x6 optical zoom with periscope lens (hybrid up to x10) - I wonder why OnePlus didn't go for something bigger than x3.

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  4. otto2
    Lollipop Apr 26, 2019

    otto2 , Apr 26, 2019 :

    The OP7 Pro will probably have a 3X Telephoto lens, but NOT an Optical zoom, so if you re zooming on your device, picture will get rendered by post procesing algoehytms. Same for the P30 pro "zoom". it s not really an optical zoom, the Huawei camera is using all several sensors and render a pictures from this data.
    We should avoid the word "optical zoom" sice there s no real optical zoom available despite of some secondary lenses attached to our devices.

    I m very curious about the OPPO 10 X "hybrid zoom" ( i will call it like this because this name fits best in my opinion ) .

    Some sources told me, oppo s 10 X technology is more a marketing thing and the real picture quality is not good enough- so i d like to see some real life pictures compared with oneplus s 3X telephoto lens quality.

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  5. iNtEnSePL
    KitKat Apr 26, 2019

    iNtEnSePL , Apr 26, 2019 :
    I'm talking about x3 zoom being a fixed zoom provided by lenses on the sensor, comparing to picture provided by main lens. And that is an optical zoom (althou you can't change it to x2 or x6 w/o software).
    Of course, a phone can pull data from other sensors for depth calculation, brightness/contrast correction and so on, but the main data is always from one sensor (so the zoom level is taken from it's optics specs).

    As for OPPO, they have real zoom of x6 and pull it to hybrid x10 by software (you can see samples in Anandtech article here)

    edit: btw, I expect OnePlus to try to fit a periscope camera (which takes as much space as two standard sensors - at least) to 7T pro in half a year time ;)
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  6. Discostu
    Jelly Bean Apr 26, 2019

    Discostu , Apr 26, 2019 :
    For me there are 3 important things to nail - a solid wide angle lens with controlled barrel distortion, a "good" implementation of the 48mp Sony sensor and underpinning these 2 points is better software processing.

    It pains me to say this as a photographer but OnePlus would do well to introduce "scene modes" in their camera software to make it more appealing to the mass market, I see a lot of complaints about not having anything like this on the 6t forums.

    If OnePlus can mail the basics they will be onto something. I doubt very much it will be up to par with the likes of Huawei's P30 Pro but if it can take a swipe at Samsung and the iPhone then that's pretty good.

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  7. _Shafi_
    Eclair Apr 26, 2019

    _Shafi_ , Apr 26, 2019 :
    You might have thought that the Huawei p30 pro has the the best camera just because of its 50x zoom, but in daily life it's not that useful to people except photographers that try out different phones.

  8. iNtEnSePL
    KitKat Apr 26, 2019

    iNtEnSePL , Apr 26, 2019 :
    photographers use cameras for photos and phones for calling not the other way around

  9. _Shafi_
    Eclair Apr 26, 2019

    _Shafi_ , Apr 26, 2019 :
    There are some smartphone photographers out there though!

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  10. otto2
    Lollipop Apr 26, 2019

    otto2 , Apr 26, 2019 :
    Yes, but if you re working as a pro, you ll get in situations where good optics are needed and a really good sensor etc... In many situations smartphones are getting better, but ,for example, try to make pictures of wild living animals - once you ve seen the difference between a smartphone ( Like huaweis hybrid zoom) and a good professional lens, you ll see that you can t beat physics.
    A good photographer is able to put the hell out of his device, but once the device is on its limits, even the pro is bound to this limits. There s a good reason, why a good camera costs around 3000 euro and a good optic sometimes more than that.

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  11. _Shafi_
    Eclair Apr 26, 2019

    _Shafi_ , Apr 26, 2019 :
    Yes, Agreed!

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  12. D1553144305415
    Donut Apr 26, 2019

    D1553144305415 , Apr 26, 2019 :
    Yes agreed!

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  13. DARTH 007
    KitKat Apr 26, 2019

    DARTH 007 , Apr 26, 2019 :
    megapixel comes to play if you blow up the pics for printing.
    but for a phone cam,the quality will not be good if it is blown up .
    a 16mp for main camera will also do the job.
    the primary thing in the camera is sensor size and of course good software to go with it.

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  14. iNtEnSePL
    KitKat Apr 26, 2019

    iNtEnSePL , Apr 26, 2019 :
    Megapixel count can help with details while allowing pixel averaging. Small pixel count in sensor doesn't allow you to do that, although probability of a pixel bring accurate is higher. Well used sensor with same size but more pixels can give better results overall. But it's down to software to do it's job too.

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  15. _Shafi_
    Eclair Apr 26, 2019

    _Shafi_ , Apr 26, 2019 :
    Yes, very detailed explanation!

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  16. DARTH 007
    KitKat Apr 26, 2019

    DARTH 007 , Apr 26, 2019 :
    better software, big sensor size, will do the trick.
    hope camera is not average on the pro.

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  17. willbham16
    Cupcake Apr 26, 2019

    willbham16 , Apr 26, 2019 :
    Well I hope so, but based off of passed experience, no, it won't be as good. Not because the hardware isn't capable, but because of the software. I hope that there will be way to maximize the sensors to their fullest potential whether that's via third-party or OnePlus themselves, but I am not counting on it.

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  18. Discostu
    Jelly Bean Apr 26, 2019

    Discostu , Apr 26, 2019 :
    This is it.

    We are all very excited by the 3 lens possibility on the pro however it is hinged upon OnePlus implementing a good system that complement one another. My fear is that it'll be a standard wide lens + "zoom" + something silly like a time of flight.

    I'm sure this won't be the case though, but I bet we all have a fear they'll do something mediocre.

    They are also going to need to up their game with they night mode. As it is currently it does feel a little hastily put together in response to Google's Night Sight.

  19. otto2
    Lollipop Apr 26, 2019

    otto2 , Apr 26, 2019 :
    Google s power in AI and coding is hard to beat.
    But I prefer Oneplus night mode, because Google s implementation looks unrealistic and synthetic to me. It's a nice gag, to "put the night away", but the result is not looking good for me.

  20. Discostu
    Jelly Bean Apr 26, 2019

    Discostu , Apr 26, 2019 :
    Yes true, Google's implementation to me almost looks like they just up the shadow and dark levels.

    Have you seen any of the P30Pro's night mode examples? It looks quite unbelievable - I haven't read much into how they achieve their results though

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