Tudia Lucion OnePlus 5T case review

  1. handheld_addict
    Honeycomb Jan 24, 2018

    handheld_addict , Jan 24, 2018 :
    Hey fellow 5T owners,

    Tudia send me this review sample of their Lucion case for the OnePlus 5T and all opinions expressed in this review are my own.

    Let's take a look. Watch my review or read below:


    The Tudia Lucion is a clear case comprising of a flexible TPU border with a hard clear polycarbonate back.

    First off, I have a soft spot for this type of case because it reminds me of the case my Nexus 5 lived in for most of its 2 year life as my daily driver. And it survived a few drops, one time onto gravel-- with only a tiny nick in the polycarbonate back.


    Speaking of the back, something to note: it comes out of the packaging with 2 plastic sheets over the polycarbonate back. There's one on the outside AND one on the inside. They can be really tricky to remove-- I use PACKING TAPE because it's the stickiest tape I have. Even then, it's still hard to get off. I don't know why this has never changed over the years.


    Around the edges of the Lucion case this version is smoke-tinted. It's a subtler smoke tint makes it just dark enough to keep the border around the phone from distracting when viewed from head on. Tudia also makes a fully clear version available.



    The ALERT SLIDER is really easy to access, better than average and a bit better than on the Tudia Merge case.

    Buttons are frosted like on the stock case, and clicky in responsiveness.... though they could be a bit more sensitive. Not bad but I've felt better on other cases like the Karbon Bumper from Oneplus.


    Ports at the bottom are well cutout, no problems with the stock USB cable & slim headphone jacks.

    The cutouts for the fingerprint scanner is just straight cut, not sloped like on the Merge case, but still comfortable to use.


    The camera cutout rises JUST SLIGHTLY above the camera bulge. It would've been nice if Tudia had put a raised lip around the camera cutout for just a bit more protection like on the stock TPU case..

    After a weeks use, there's not too much give along the edges.

    The lip around the screen is VERY SLIGHTLY RAISED, I'd like it to have been a bit higher to better protect from a face front drop.


    The 4 corners of the back are slightly, subtly raised. I like how they've reduced this in comparison to past versions of this type of case. But it brings me to why they do this: the polycarbonate is very easy to develop micro-scratches over time. They should only be visible when light reflects off them, but it's something to note.

    And the polycarbonate back can also be a pretty big fingerprint magnet.

    But the real question is, what differentiates the Tudia Lucion from the supplied TPU case that comes with the 5T?


    The hard back is completely straight & flat. It's comfortable feeling but it alters the original curved shape of the back of the Oneplus 5T, whose feeling is better preserved with the stock case.


    This hard clear back is the biggest difference between the Lucion and the stock TPU case included with the Oneplus 5T. I really like the stock case, I'm glad Oneplus included it with the phone, I'd consider it better than average. But I do think it's a bit thin... I'm not sure it would fully protect in case of a fall. The Tudia Lucion might be just a bit more robust enough to take a fall of around 3+ feet. But then again, I haven't dropped my Oneplus 5T... yet.

    If you're looking for a slightly more solid clear case over the stock TPU case for the Oneplus 5T, the Tudia Lucion might be worth checking out.

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