TUDIA Slim Melodic Case (Frosted Clear) Review

  1. Louluvre
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    Louluvre , Oct 16, 2014 :
    Ok, hello guys, This is going to take a while.

    Some of you may know me, hello there. I know there are a LOT of reviews of the OnePlus One out there and I'm not going deep about my One because lots of people have done it before me, so I wanted to do a different review: about my accessories. First of all, I'm not on any launch country, which puts me on disadvantage against guys who are, but I'm close to the US (that's how I got my One), so if I need anything I order it to a friends house in the US and he sends it to me.

    After I ordered my One, it took TWO WEEKS to get to here, quite the long time, so while I waited I decided to order a case from amazon since it was less expensive from there. After viewing a lot of cases I decided for the
    TUDIA Slim Melodic Case (Frosted Clear) since I wanted a clear case plus the nice reviews.

    Ok. now the review:

    Feel: The feel this case gives is second to my One being naked. The grip is so nice and smooth it makes you want to hold it all the time. I tested many cases and the feeling of this one is by far the best I experienced.
    Build & desing: Ok, pretty decent build, best I experienced too but I'm not too picky on this aspect, after to weeks of use it looks as good as new and I've done some scratches here and there over the time, but they just dissapear over time too (the raised edges gives more serenity when placed face down) and also very sturdy, may resist a fall or two (I'm very careful about my phones, no phone of mine has ever falled).
    The desing is somethig I like too, not a great fan of the melodic theme but it's overall good. The thing I like most is that I can see the OnePlus logo and stuff through the case, VERY important to me (reason to order the frosted clear in the first place).
    Fit: Now here is my favorite part. When I first saw the case packed inside a second rated nylon bag I thought, Man...., this is not going to fit. I was so wrong. The fit is so perfect and the cuts so precisely made it makes you wonder why was the case so low priced (ok, not so low). Its does feels a little bulky but it's not something I can't live with, I mean, the reason I bought this was to protect the phone no? At $10 you can't ask better than this, ten out of ten stars.
    Now onto the last part. It can not be seen in the picture (because I took it with my 1 MP laptop cam), but aside from the case I also ordered a iLLumiShield Ultra Clear Screen Protector after taking into cosideration various other screen protectors. I decided for this one because the reviews were great, the pack came with three and last but not least the price.

    Now many people may like tempered glass but for me this worked just great. The feeling is nice (not like glass but VERY close), it is crystal clear like advertised and they gave me three. The downside is that this screen protector is a magnet for firgerprints (my hands are very greasy) so people who mind this should buy another kind of screen protector (I do not mind this, nothing a good piece of velvet clothing can't fix).

    I'm loving my new phone every day! This gives me surprise after surprise and I'll never get tired of it (maybe?). There are some issues here and there but hell, can't it be fixed? Of course it can (the last problem was that I couldn't conect to my 3G data, but it was because of my APN). So I hoped you liked my review, stay tuned updates on my ongoing experience!

    Also, @gusuraman , I know you gathered all the accessories reviews in one place, does this one helps any?

    Edit: I uploded new pics, the old ones stays as attached files.

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    Louluvre , Oct 16, 2014 :
    Nope, plain ol' case, doesn't have special features aside from the melodic back.

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    minducanada , Oct 23, 2014 :
    At first glance Tudia quality may be mediocre but once it's on ur OPO... feels very sweet

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    Eclair Oct 31, 2014

    doppiosogno , Oct 31, 2014 :
    I'm really interested in thia cover...could you please upload a pic of the back of the phone?I want to see the effect . Do you have the white or black versione?Thanks a lot


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    Review please :)