TWO Raffles together: Urban Traveler Backpack & Never Settle Notebook Set

  1. Jade D.
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    Jade D. , Jun 3, 2021 :

    Hi community,

    New raffles are here again! :laughing:This time we prepared very useful prizes for you. Let's see them in detail.

    We'll give away 2 white urban traveler backpacks. They are well-designed, light, and spacious, and I guess that's why they get "urban traveler" as the name. It is large inside – 20 liters large – being able to house a 16" laptop. With 9 pockets and compartments, you can easily place and well organize everything you need.


    It's large but light. The weight of around 830g reduces your burden when you go outdoors. Also, it's designed with waterproof zippers and scratch-resistant fabric which are practical in real use scenarios. Do you want one?:wink:


    Our second raffle: 5 sets of Never Settle notebooks! The set consists of a small red notebook and a big black one. Both of them are thick, with a big Never Settle logo on the cover. The small red notebook is great for drawing and the black one is for note-taking with lines on each page. You can also find further details of the notebook set in the unboxing thread by @B.I.T.S. and see how our users love the notebooks!


    So, how to enter the raffle? First, you need to have an account of the community with raffle points. For the backpack, you'll be able to enter up to 10 times with the cost of 10 points for each entry. And for the notebook set, you can enter up to 20 times with the cost of entry of 5 points. Don’t have enough raffle points? Click here to see how to earn.

    And the last step, click below and GOOD LUCK with the raffle!


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  17. the_o2
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    the_o2 , Jun 4, 2021 :
    Luckily I have both, so not entering in this raffle.
    Best of luck to all :)

    Just a friendly reminder, if last raffle winners are not responding, you can send a DM to me and ask for shipping address, always happy to help in such noble cause ;):p:cool:

  18. sumitMZ007
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