UI issue for Remove, Appinfo and Uninstall

  1. V1518096657984 Cupcake Feb 8, 2018

    V1518096657984, Feb 8, 2018 :
    Hi team,

    we are unable to uninstall app using UI mode after last updates.
    when I long press app icon it will give uninstall options but, it will not take app

    please find attached screenshot

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  2. mxmx Cupcake Feb 21, 2018

  3. olgazk Cupcake Apr 13, 2018

    olgazk, Apr 13, 2018 :
    Same issue here, OP3T. When I drag the icon to the bar, the bar disappears. Have to uninstall apps from settings, which is annoying.

  4. manu_555 Cupcake Jul 6, 2018

    manu_555, Jul 6, 2018 :
    Even I am getting the same option. Unable to uninstall the app, by pressing and holding onto it. Is there any setting for the same ?