unable to rearrange home pages

  1. Nitin Manohar Donut Oct 28, 2018

    Nitin Manohar, Oct 28, 2018 :
    since last update on my oneplus 6, I am unable to rearrange home pages. when I long press on home screen all pages are listed but I cannot drag and rearrange them. they seem fixed can someone please help?

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  2. FaleshC KitKat Oct 28, 2018

    FaleshC, Oct 28, 2018 :
    OnePlus launcher does not allow re-arranging of home-screens.
    try any 3rd party launchers like Nova or Lawnchair or Hyperion etc...

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  3. NEGU93 Cupcake Jul 18, 2019

    NEGU93, Jul 18, 2019 :
    Really? Please add this feature! Do I really have to download an app to do that? Omg

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