Unboxing Challenge: First impressions on the OnePlus 9 Series

  1. G1618719140781
    Cupcake Apr 30, 2021

    G1618719140781 , Apr 30, 2021 :
    WhatsApp Image 2021-04-30 at 10.33.53 AM.jpeg WhatsApp Image 2021-04-30 at 10.41.56 AM.jpeg 11.gif I have been using a really old mobile for a long time now. Always wanted to buy a OnePlus device, when the 7 series was launched I was soo keen to buy but because of some personal reasons couldn't. Then the 8 series came and still I was not able to buy. Then I started looking to other brands as using my old mobile was becoming a big problem camera broke display screen shattered, then the 9 series launched really wanted the 9 pro but ended up with the 9R. But I am so happy with the 9R. Superfast performance and fantastic camera. the phone is great value for money and super smooth in gaming. Actually, when the phone came I didn't even have a mobile to take unboxing pictures. :)

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  2. I1619826818007
    Cupcake May 1, 2021

    I1619826818007 , May 1, 2021 :
    inbound7988574407317249927.jpg inbound5927408381602995481.jpg

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  3. R1618827644588
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  4. P1619971397175 , via OnePlus Community App , May 2, 2021 :
    Iam using this god level gadget from last week and this is 100% money worthy I basically bought it for playing games and I am fully satisfied with it I play call of duty on that and that runs like anything!!! Every time I kill enemy makes me realise that I have invested on something best this has only one draw back and that is its battery 🔋 as it is 4500 but when I play game it drains like very fast ⏩ every thing is just amaze and u can compare it's camera with your dslr
    Hatts of OnePlus for making this monster gadget not only working it's looks are also price worthy .
    Thanks OnePlus



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  5. vysakhkk
    Cupcake May 2, 2021

    vysakhkk , May 2, 2021 :
    85334557-CB65-4184-8BB4-5F8A65BAFD34.jpeg D21E7E98-6506-49C9-93A9-544344219196.jpeg
    OnePlus 9 is in the house! Not mine, its my neighbour’s!

    This is good, i mean damn good! Oh god damn really good!

    The in-hand feel is just so amazing. Beautifully crafted. Display is fluid. Me and definitely the owner of this mobile really felt happy with the purchase. I bought it for my neighbour and this is being written with his complete permission. Because, this is what i felt during the unboxing of all new OnePlus 9, Astral Black! The box package is definitely another classic one!

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  6. F_Badhusha_Majeed_Shas_a , via OnePlus 9R , May 2, 2021 :
    Got Upgraded !
    Okay, First of all, I was using oneplus 6 before and I was planning for an upgrade, and eagerly waiting for 9 series. I decided to buy Oneplus 9 first, then I came to know that it wont comes with OIS stabilization. Then I planned to go for Oneplus 9 pro and ended up buying OnePlus 9R.
    Speakers are really good, Dolby Atmos, Cameras are above average+ , Super stable video mode gives you iPhone like stabilization, gaming is supercool, I bought 12/256 variant, and its super snappy, butter smooth. The only struggle I'm facing right now is the availability of accessories like tempered glass and back cases (official glass n cases are really expensive) , and we know this is a new model launched days before, so hopefully it'll sorted soon !!
    #firstunit #oneplus #oneplus9series #oneplus9r #bitlatetopostonfeeds #inhandnow #firstimpressions #overallpositive #gotitonthesixthdayafterlaunch #exactlysameasoneplus6 #



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  7. Z1616607758059
    Cupcake May 3, 2021

    Z1616607758059 , via OnePlus 7T , May 3, 2021 :
    Pls I need this phone
    1620036757712.jpg said:
    1620036757739.jpg The OnePlus 9 is the first attempt to right the ship, and the improvements are noticeable, with better color fidelity and improved low-light performance. The digital zoom has also been improved, while there are some fun new tricks like the macro-simulating close-range effect on the ultra-wide camera.
    As much as the cameras have changed, the rest of the phone hasn’t: the design is virtually the same, from the placement of the buttons to the display to the size, which is nearly identical to that of its immediate predecessor, the OnePlus 8T, and the OnePlus 8 before that. The display hasn’t changed, either, but there’s no complaining about the sharp 6.55-inch Full HD Plus resolution AMOLED display.It is the best phone I had.
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  8. Z1616607758059
    Cupcake May 3, 2021

  9. RashmiMallya
    Cupcake May 4, 2021

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    RashmiMallya , via OnePlus 9 Pro , May 4, 2021 :
    Being a photographer, apart from other specs camera was quintessential factor for my new phone. I chose OnePlus 9 pro mainly for its HasselBlad camera.
    While I was unboxing the phone, I could feel the same excitement running in me when I got myself a brand new camera for the same reason which I was certainly sure of having made the best decision.
    I was mesmerized by its crisp clarity in wide range shots and its video quality, what made me love it more was its lightning speed interface and sleek design. Truly, love at every sight.



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  10. Y1560963865003
    Cupcake May 4, 2021

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  11. techmaker
    Eclair May 4, 2021

    techmaker , May 4, 2021 :

    Hello members,
    This is my unboxing of oneplus 9 pro - steller black. First impression was very good. The skin of black is so good that i have not seen in any other phone.

    Once i received, i shot this unboxing video on "Oneplus nord" so that makes it more like #ShotOnOneplus thing. This one of great recommended phones of this year. I have used nord for couple of months and now i am using 9 pro. it has been wonderful experience for me.
    The Oneplus 9 Pro Unboxing. here it goes.

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  12. kafej666
    Cupcake May 4, 2021

    kafej666 , via OnePlus 9 Pro , May 4, 2021 :
    It's here and it's in black!

    In these strange times with the C-19 sign, only this sexy and full of the latest technology phone can make a smile on the face of every owner. This year, together with the most wonderful wireless charger and the latest OnePlus child, i.e. the watch, they create a perfect set!




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  13. Jatinchawla963
    Cupcake May 4, 2021

    Jatinchawla963 , via OnePlus 9 , May 4, 2021 :
    Hey OnePlus!
    Thank you for coming up with such an amazing flagship gadgets. I was really waiting from almost 5 months for this series to be launched and even more excited for your "HASSELBLAD" collaboration.
    Now finally I purchased "OnePlus 9 5G" and here are my first impressions for this amazing gadget..

    Omg, i can't express my feeling when i hold this phone for first time in my hand. Its built quality and in-hand feel is just wow. Even its weight is balanced so nicely.
    Just look at this picture i clicked while having this phone in my hand. You can clearly see that how premium it's looking.

    Now Camera that is the best and most special part of OnePlus 9 5G. Its collaboration with Hasselblad made the colour tuning of photos and videos to the next level. I just loved its software processing and believe me, its more than expected and worth buying.

    Another thing i loved about this phone is that its touch is so smooth and Oxygen OS.. Omg! I can't express how smoothest it is. The interface is too attractive and on-screen fingerprint sensor is really fast providing it a very premium look.

    I highly recommend everyone who is planning to buy a new phone, just go for it and TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT!
    My first impressions for OnePlus 9 5G was fantastic.
    I'm just falling in love with this gadget.
    Thank you OnePlus!

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  14. Starcommander
    OnePlus Accessory Tester May 4, 2021

    Starcommander , May 4, 2021 :
    Waoh 😍😍😍👌

  15. AlexJimenez71
    Cupcake May 4, 2021

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    AlexJimenez71 , via OnePlus 7T , May 4, 2021 :
    Hello everyone!

    Yeah, what an stunning phone. Coming from a 5T and a 7T, the OnePlus 9 is still impresing me even when I have been using it for the last 4 days. The first look was frankly impressive.


    The box, the body and the screen of the OP9 were the first things that caught my attention. I love how the color red has always been around since the OnePlus 1's battery.


    But if I have to choose one thing, I think I have to pick the cameras. Incredible combination of Good sensors and the lovely Hasselblad touch. Perfect.



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  16. T1620122158960
    Cupcake May 4, 2021

    T1620122158960 , May 4, 2021 :
    Despite not being exactly tech savvy especially when it comes to phones, I do appreciate a eye catching, versatile and well built phone that can fulfill tasks in my daily life. I have nothing but good impressions with regards to my OnePlus 9 Pro my aunt gifted to me. While I can’t say much about this phones specification for I am pretty clueless when it comes to technology, I can only speak on behalf to the joy this phone has brought to patients whom I help treat amidst the ongoing pandemic. As a nursing student in clinical training, I find it heartbreaking to witness isolated patients unable to see their loved ones who then have no choice but to virtually connect with family. My colleagues and I have often lent our phones to vulnerable, at risk, low income, homeless, and elderly patients to use my phone. During this unprecedented time, a lot of the hospital patients require a much needed lifeline to vital healthcare providers, loved ones and social support services. There is no better morale booster for both patients and healthcare workers especially now then to see patients smiling when virtually connected with loved ones. This OnePlus has definitely turned frowns upside down and I doubt it will change post pandemic.

    As someone who likes to actively maintain a healthy lifestyle, I spend my summers hiking up in the mountains. As quarantine measures have been set up for the summer, hiking among many outdoor activities are allowed if not encouraged as an alternative to big group activities. I am exited and looking forward to try my OnePlus 9 Pros highly regarded and ranked camera this summer :)

    Note: original png file was too large thus had to upload a smaller less crisp file

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  17. prajwal6171
    Cupcake May 5, 2021

    prajwal6171 , via OnePlus 9R , May 5, 2021 :
    With a broken phone in hand ,searching for a best flagship phone for an year ,finally with OnePlus 9R[e]1f601[/e].I was never settled by comparing many phones untill I bought this "Never Settle".Happy with the phone ,classy look, ultimate build quality,smooth, performance monster.Overll worth the wait and money [e]270c[/e]️



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  18. Guneet Sharma
    Cupcake May 5, 2021

    Guneet Sharma , May 5, 2021 :
    BD9F923B-7750-40DB-916C-CAA4A6D0291B.jpeg Namaste to all!

    One Plus holds a special place in my life as I used to buy a new One Plus phone on my birthday! So following this ritual, I bought One Plus 9R on my this year’s birthday ( 15th April ). I have also posted a complete Unboxing Video of the same on my YouTube Channel - guneetsharma ! Since, I’m a vlogger, so it’s necessary for me to get the correct Camera, the reason why I chose One Plus series! They have one of the best Cameras I know. Also After watching my One Plus 9R Unboxing Video, BD9F923B-7750-40DB-916C-CAA4A6D0291B.jpeg many of my relatives have also bought it! Thank you so much ONE PLUS! I SEE YOU!

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  19. JAGDESH17
    Cupcake May 5, 2021

    JAGDESH17 , via OnePlus 9R , May 5, 2021 :
    I was waiting for this phone since long time when I first time saw this phone. I was damn excited to buy this phone. And bought it on the occasion of my birthday.

    I had experienced using one plus 3 before so I wanted to buy only one plus and I went for the one plus 9R which seems to b perfect to my hand. His designs and camera looks like perfect .

    I don't wanna share much because I don't have words to share my inner feelings . This phone is just perfect for everything. Thats it.

    Thank you one plus for bringing this phone into this world. I appreciate your efforts. Thanks once again ❤️
    À pp ip


  20. TirthC.
    Cupcake May 5, 2021

    TirthC. , via OnePlus 9R , May 5, 2021 :

    I was looking to find my first ever OnePlus phone but as a student, I was a bit tight on the budget. I was worried about not getting good specifications because of the price issue but OnePlus 9R came with amazing specifications and fit right into my budget.
    If I were to talk about my unboxing experience then, then I would say that I absolutely adore the box that the phone came in. As I pulled the phone out of its plastic wrapping, the phone slid out so smoothly as if it knew how elite it is. Even the weight of the phone is just right and everything is smooth and sleek but sturdy at the same time.
    10/10: Didn't have to settle.
    Thank you Team OnePlus for designing this masterpiece.
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