Unbricking ONO using windows 8.1 what an adventure

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    Froyo Feb 9, 2015

    urbancoqui , Feb 9, 2015 :
    I know this is a duplicate thread However I thought it was important enough for me to be chastised about it being so.

    The information gathered mainly from one source and bits and pieces from else where. Credit all goes to them. I will try and list all the links from all the resources more importantly the painfully long ColorOs download from mega was just too much for me to handle and have decided to host it off my own nas for 2 weeks. After that you can pm me and I will send you a new link to Download it.

    My phone was nearly setup the way I wanted it thank god I made a nandbackup right before i bricked it. And by bricked I mean no boot no fast boot just a black screen of death. How did I get to this point? To put it simply it was stupidity, as always I didn't read everything. So let me break it down.

    I was running Validus latest Rom on Lolipop 5.02 with full stock PAGAPPS. This ROM is great in every sense of the word stable feature packed. My one gripe is the start and shutoff animations. So in trying to change them to something that is more me I went to install the minimalists oneplus red boot animation. Following all the instructions but one IF YOUR RUNNING LOLIPOP DON"T DO THIS It bricks your phone.

    Long story short i screwed my self.

    To the interwebzz I go!

    I find this post

    Which is all you really need to come back, however there is some confusion.

    The driver doesn't have to be the one from the 2012 pack as listed in the above link or at least not in my case it still always read Qualcom.....9006
    under comports.

    Every time I would uninstall the driver and before i could use the qualcom driver pack from 2012 it would auto reload it and that was after numerous attempts to uninstall and deleting files.

    What is important is ensuring you run Msm8974DownloadTool.exe as windows xp sp3 as outlined here


    So the moral of the story is read read and then read some more before you commit to doing something and always ensure you do a nand back up. After I was booted into a Chinese fast boot I just reflashed CM11 44 stock with oneplus toolkit. Re-rootes readded twrp recovery and restored my nand backup all was right in my world again!

    As promised here is coloros.
    password: UnbrickmyONO

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