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    sagarbhatt199 , Sep 29, 2019 :
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      Please use this thread for any questions, SOT, tips, issues and all things related to battery and heating of the OnePlus 7T .

      Please note that the way you use the phone (daily usage scenarios and habits) will make a huge difference to the battery/heating performance. In a scenario where there is a heavy performance workload, such as photo shooting/video shooting/mobile gaming/video consumption, the power consumption and heating of the phone will increase accordingly, which is a normal phenomenon.

      You are more than welcome to share any battery tips and tricks in the comment section and ask a forum moderator to pin your post on the first page of this thread.

      Battery optimization never ends. To help OnePlus better resolve battery/heating-related issues, please submit a bug report via the Feedback Tool in the Community app. Thank you in advance.

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    I'm observing battery drain issue on my OnePlus 7t . Battery is running out quite early like screen on time in just 3 hours and I think that's not normal?? Screenshot is also attached here for reference.
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    AzureB1te , via OnePlus 7T , Jan 6, 2021 :
    Greeting fellow users. As I've seen manny complaints about battery life, I tough I'd make a guide, just about that.

    I had my phone, for almost a year now, and I'm getting 8-9 hours of SoT, with mid to heavy useage.

    Everything you will need for this guide :
    - A OnePlus 7 series device (should work on others too)
    - A laptop/PC
    - A charging cable ( best if you have the stock)
    - Patience, and will to give up some things.

    The goal of this guide is to get the most battery life out of your phone, without having to go the 60hz route, or compromising too much of the phone's functionality.
    Altough, the more functionality you give up, the longer battery life you will have.

    The guide will be split into sections, each more advanced, with more compromise.
    So let's begin :

    Phase 1 : The Easy Ones
    In this phase we will set battery optimization up, along with a lot of tiny tweaks, that add up

    First, a little explaining :
    Q: What does "battery optimization" do?
    A: As of my research, it limits the backgroud processes of a certain application.

    Go to settings, than battery, than battery optimiation.
    Here, you will do the following :
    - Enable (Optimize) every game on your phone. Games are not apps, that need to run in the background. So it's better to make sure they don't.
    - Optimuze every other app, that does not have to run in the background. There's no point, in having your browser run in the background. Same for youtube, spotify, photo editing software.
    - Don't Optimize apps, that you need notifications from. Social media apps, like Twitter or Instagram would go here, altough you can get some extra juice, if you sacrifice your notifications.

    For the next step, turn Automatic Brightness OFF. It might be convinient, but it drains battery. An argument could be made, that it saves some battery, but you can replicate it's functionality by yourself - and that doesn't consume battery.
    My method of setting brightness (I usually do this when I enter a place with stable lighting)
    Drag your slider all the way down, and drag it up, until you can see something, comfortabily. That's it, it's not that hard.

    For step three, turn off face unlock. Convinient for sure, but again, it uses your camera, wich does drain A LOT of battery. Up to 5% of your 100.

    Step four, is widgets. Also quite convinient, but they have to update in real time, wich as you guessed it, drains a sh*t ton of battery.
    I only have a clock widget, and a weather one.
    Also, if you can, try mergeing your widget together ( time, date, weather,battery life) in the same widget.

    On this note also, don't use a big wallpaper. Keep it under 100KB, to be safe.
    If you want maximal battery life, chose an AMOLED style black wallpaper, since that turns off pixels. At the end, I'll post pictures of my personal setup.

    To wrap up phase one, go to About Phone, and tap build number until you get the "You are a develpoer" message.
    Now go to system settings,and find developer options.
    Find quick settings developer tiles there.
    On the bottom of the list, there should be one called " Sensors Off" enable that, and it should apper in your quick settings menu. It cuts electricity from your camera, microphone, proximity, and other sensors. Not only helps with battery life, but increases privacy too. I recomand enabling this as much as possible, and only having the sensors on, when you are using tham.

    With that, we head into the second phase.
    Here, we will say f you to google, and massively reduce our battery consumption.

    So let's begin.
    To start out strongly, get rid of all of your google search widgets. They consume A TON of battery. Also, the big step here, is to disable google assistant all together. I know, that some of you might rely on it, but disabling him can save HOURS of SoT.
    So go, and get rid of the little spy.

    Now, I'm going to reveal a HUGE secret. Android has a built-in firewall, that the developers are trying to hide.
    Head into settings-> Apps -> Data Usage Control.
    You will see a list of all of your applications.
    Be minimalist. A lot of your apps don't need an internet connection. A lot of apps connect to the internet, just to phone home. So only let the apps you use, and need.

    Now, we'll get into some more painfull steps : Google services.
    Google collects a lot of data about you, I'm sure you know this. But on a marco level, all you see, is crazy battery consumption.
    YOU WILL LOSE FEATURES YOU MIGHT RELY ON, but in my book, that's a win, for a longer lasting battery.
    Go ahead, and long press you Google Photos. Now, force stop, and disable it. I know, that it's painfull, but also, you have no idea, how much battery it can eat. Again, we might be talking about hours of useage, if you take a lot of photos.
    Another huge Google thing, that drains battery like sh*t, is the automatic backup.
    Go to settings->system->backup, and turn backup OFF. It's rarely, you ever need it. And you can enable it, the minute before switching to a new phone, and that's it. It eats your precious battery.
    A last google app, that I recomand ditching, is Maps. Now I know, that it's a huge one, but 1. It's painfull for privacy 2. Obvoiusly it consumes a TON of battery. So if you don't use it that much, disable it too, and install Open StreetMap, as an alternative. It's Open Source, and does not need an internet connection to work.

    Alright, congrats to everyone who made it this far.
    Another apps, that is quietly pinging it's developer is your built-in weather app. Uninstall it. It's only good feature, is the good looking UI. It's innacurate, eats battery, and steals data. Try Forcastie. Also Free,and Open Source.

    Now, that I made you uninstall a few apps, leg's do something else. Let's fix another huge issue : your radios.
    Only keep either Data or Wifi on at the same time
    Disable internet, when you're not using it.
    Only keep Bluetooth on, when used.
    Only use NFC for paying, and enable it only while in use.
    Same for GPS.

    Also, turn on darkmode, seriously it saves sooo much battery.

    Also a big tip : ditch chrome. It eats a lot of battery. Even brave is better. Better yet, Bromite, or Firefox.

    With this we end phase two, and start the shortest, but most advanced section.
    So get yourself ready, coz we're going deep down into the rabbit hole.
    P R O C E E D A T Y O U R O W N R I S K

    This is the section, where the laptop/PC is needed.
    We will remove (a) OnePlus system component(s).
    Plug your phone into the computer, and install the USB drivers. You should get a promt. If not, pull down your notifications, and select usb settings. Set it to MTP (file transfer) mode.
    Now, download ADB on your computer. I might leave a link at the end, or just google it, you should find it, on XDA.
    Go to settings->system settings->usb debugging and enable it.
    Now back to the PC, extract your platform tools.
    Open the folder, than hold shift, and right click. You should get the regular right click menu, but with and added ootion of "Open Powershell here" or "Open comand promt here" depending on your windows version.
    Now, type "adb devices" in your PS/cmd window. You should get a promt on your phone. Just hit allow.
    Now, repeat the command. It should respond with your devices serial number.
    If done, type "adb shell"

    So, here we go. We need to chose the packages to remove. The one, I recomand to remove, is the following : OnePlus Device Manager (ODM) or OnePlus System Service. It's the app, that phones home to OnePlus.
    To remove it, type:
    pm uninstall -k --user 0 net.oneplus.odm
    I had great results with removing this,altough, it gets reinatalled after every update, so you have to repeat it, time-to-time.

    You can also remove some other ones, but I do not have experience with any, so I'm not going to recomand. With this one tho, you do gain extra privacy, performance and battery life. So, that's it.
    We're done. As I promised, here's my setup :

    If you have any questins about this guide, or need help, feel free, to comment or DM me.

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    my pixel 3 has had severe battery drain since the moment I started using it. Android power drain has gotten worse over the last couple of years. Unless you have an android phone with a battery capacity above 4000 mah, get used to it.

    No one does battery performance better than crapple.

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    pubg gameplay was lit [e]1f525[/e][e]1f525[/e] at 90hz
    satisfied with OnePlus
    #SOT #oneplus7t

    for 60hz have a look on my latest post

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    Good enough. But why your hike is using thay much battery?​

    I don't know may be coz i use that the most...
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    Thanks [e]270c[/e]️

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    Photoman9988 , Oct 1, 2019 :
    Congrats... You turned off the single most unique feature of this phone compared to other phones in this price range in order to get decent battery life.

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    JP Llaga , Oct 1, 2019 :
    yes he did, he did that because he wants to share that OnePlus 7T can reach in 8HRS of SOT in 60hz.. which is very helpful to see that OnePlus is improving battery life in their device now..

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    meatandy , Oct 1, 2019 :
    I was wondering why part of the graph is blacked out.

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    azadshaikh99 , Oct 1, 2019 :
    my device was switched off at night

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    azadshaikh99 , Oct 1, 2019 :
    i did that because i wanted to share battery stats at 60hz ...
    and yesterday I've already showed sot at 90hz

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    screen on time means nothing if the scrolling isn't smoooth :p