[UNIFIED] oneplus 7 battery and heating feedback thread

  1. Swejuggalo
    Lollipop Aug 23, 2019

    Swejuggalo , Aug 23, 2019 :
    There a many battery guides that gives slightly different charging tips. Very shortly it can be put like this. Don't be afraid to top it of every now and then. Don't drain the battery to 0% as a rule. Stopping at 80/90% may give prolonged life (if any improvements at all depends on battery)

  2. Swejuggalo
    Lollipop Aug 23, 2019

    Swejuggalo , Aug 23, 2019 :
    And BTW... Any chargers work. But avoid cheap no name stuff. Could be harmful both to the phone and yourself.
    Some effort has been taken into account to counteract the problems with quick charging. But still slower charging could prolong life.
    The other problem is if something happens and your charging port turns into a piece of charcoal (or worse). Depending on how Oneplus handle this it could be a problem if the damage happened with a third party charger.

  3. nicolaisalien
    Eclair Aug 23, 2019

    nicolaisalien , Aug 23, 2019 :

    Thanks for your tips! Are your tips based on personal experience, or found from some specific article or something?

  4. Swejuggalo
    Lollipop Aug 23, 2019

    Swejuggalo , Aug 23, 2019 :
    A little bit of both. A bit of a tech nerd and read a lot. Work in a tech/electronics oriented area too.

  5. donPepitoGrillo
    Honeycomb Aug 23, 2019

    donPepitoGrillo , Aug 23, 2019 :
    Right now, it's better to charge to 100% overnight our Android phones to have a better battery life.

  6. nicolaisalien
    Eclair Aug 23, 2019

    nicolaisalien , Aug 23, 2019 :
    Why is it better to charge to 100% overnight? Currently I charge right before I start my day. I wake up, start charging, get myself ready, get breakfast, etc... By the time I'm ready to leave to work it went from 50% to 100% in about 40 minutes. Then the same next day. Would it be better to charge overnight?

  7. donPepitoGrillo
    Honeycomb Aug 23, 2019

    donPepitoGrillo , Aug 23, 2019 :
    From a technical point of view, batteries should be charged between 20-80% for better battery life. But, for Android in particular, the system does some optimizations only when battery is 100% charged, with device idle, and stationary (that's why I said charging overnight). If this optimizations are not completed, you will experience some battery drain which I think it's worst than charging your battery above 80% (which in fact it's not dangerous). I am not sure if this optimizations should be done only when you install an OTA, or whenever you install/update single apps, so some clarification could be welcome.

    By the way, what you shouldn't do is let your device reach very low battery levels. NEVER let your device to shutdown by reaching 0% battery. Besides, battery calibration is a myth.

  8. Swejuggalo
    Lollipop Aug 23, 2019

    Swejuggalo , Aug 23, 2019 :
    As far as I can tell there are no reasons to do a full charge every night (atleast I have never seen any facts supporting that).
    Always avoiding it is a bad idea as you say.

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  9. Akosimoii
    Cupcake Aug 25, 2019

    Akosimoii , Aug 25, 2019 :
    can i ask why ?

  10. Horsault
    Nougat Moderator Aug 25, 2019

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  11. Akshay_Patil7
    Cupcake Aug 26, 2019

    Akshay_Patil7 , Aug 26, 2019 :
    If you are posting this review then it must be true.
    how many apps running in background, your screen brightness, which carrier sim you are using these all factors come in picture for battery draining.

    and OP7 has 4A charger so definitely your mobile and battery will get heated while charging.

  12. donPepitoGrillo
    Honeycomb Aug 26, 2019

    donPepitoGrillo , Aug 26, 2019 :
    Yes, I don't know if that optimization should happens all days (because of update apps) or only from time to time (because of OTAs). I think it's the latest, but I am not sure about that.

  13. donPepitoGrillo
    Honeycomb Aug 26, 2019

    donPepitoGrillo , Aug 26, 2019 :
    This is not the reason, but I will give you a real case: about 4 years ago, my brother changed his laptop with a new one and stored the older one for 2 months with 0 almost % battery remaining. Then, he give it to me and the battery was dead FOREVER. It never recovered, no matter what you do.

    If I remember, battery degrades too way fast with that low voltages, you can read this article (and others from the same webpage):


  14. Swejuggalo
    Lollipop Aug 26, 2019

    Swejuggalo , Aug 26, 2019 :
    Fully discharged there is some kind of chemical reaction that shortens the battery life time drastically. While discharging it completely is not a catastrophy, if it's charged within a reasonable time, its unessesary wear and will shorten the life time much more than partial charges. The laptop is a good example of bad storage level.

  15. Sudipta.Sarkar
    Donut Aug 27, 2019

    Sudipta.Sarkar , Aug 27, 2019 :
    So you are saying that the battery draining issue will resolve after 4 full cycle??

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  16. Horsault
    Nougat Moderator Aug 27, 2019

    Horsault , Aug 27, 2019 :
    I'm merely saying a phone needs a running in period to give its full capacities.
    However, depending on the apps you're using, the quality of your network, some settings, among other things, results will of course be widely different from one to another, or from one day to the following one.

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  17. peto77
    Cupcake Aug 27, 2019

    peto77 , Aug 27, 2019 :
    Hi all look my Battery Cappacity after 5 years using on my Oneplus One
    Many times fully discharge, same for full charge.
    However, I charge when it is around 20/30% for 100%

    Don't worry about batery lifetime :)
    This is a 5 year battery lmao :D

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  18. S1565498648147
    Cupcake Aug 31, 2019

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  19. ajnabi572
    Donut Sep 5, 2019

    ajnabi572 , Sep 5, 2019 :
    Sorry I am new to this group,has been using op for the last 20 days , I am hardly getting 5 hr 15 minutes of sot , is it advisable to keep my one plus for overnight charging ? Should I wait my fone to drain the battery fully before putting it to charge ???

  20. Manivelan0212
    Donut Sep 5, 2019

    Manivelan0212 , Sep 5, 2019 :
    my phone OnePlus 7 regular variant heats up occassionally sometimes and that too I don't have any games I only use some social networking apps and I do surf chrome that's it. but it's heating I can feel the heat on the screen and as well as the back
    and I was worried a lot about it. Cuz I don't no which is normal or abnormal and my phone is which is only 2 months old.....
    any I have an doubt that does it occurs of any network problems
    so guys please assist me.

    whether all the OnePlus 7 regular variant users experience this or there is some fault on mine !