[UNIFIED]OnePlus 9 pro Battery, heating and charging feedback thread

  1. ram_h_ , via OnePlus 9 Pro Pine Green , Nov 21, 2021 :
    @OnePlus Battery backup on my OnePlus 9 pro my god it not even giving me at least 4hr of screen usages 😓 ..

    I am complaining about the battery backup i am getting on my OnePlus 9 pro running on Oxygen OS and also my display setting was at 1080p at 120hz with MEMC OFF, ULTRA-HIGH VIDEO RESOLUTION OFF still i don't even 5hr of battery backup. Man talking about the overheating its even worst. Yesterday i click some images of sun set nearly about 3-4 images and that's it the phone gives me temperature warning and automatically reduced the refresh rate to 60hz and shows lagging even there is Nothing in recent apps . So after i put the phone on table and leave it for 5 min then after its working normally , means seriously we accept this form a premium flagship literally 😓😓.

    I brought this phone because of the camera its not mean you are going this low , ignoring the phones bugs, problems like over heating etc etc . This is totally unacceptable. Please provide the suitable updates @Oneplusindia in 9 pro after all its you most premium flagship product . You must not ignore the user's problems and complaints like that .

    OnePlus i pay INR 65000 for this device your most premium flagship smartphone till now and if you not taking its problems, bugs seriously then you don't left us choice to shift to other brand .
    My smartphone currently have the Oxygen OS with September security patch today its 21 of November and still i don't receive the security patch update 😓.

    Now i am regretting my decision of buying OnePlus 9 pro over iphone 12 🥲

    Thank you 🥲


  2. M.F.Mushtaq
    Donut Nov 21, 2021

  3. Swejuggalo
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Nov 21, 2021

    Swejuggalo , via OnePlus 9 Pro Morning Mist , Nov 21, 2021 :
    Use it like normal and let it fully charge a few times. It has not learned your usage pattern or done any optimizations at all yet. It will take some time to settle in and last longer.
    But keep track on what happens in battery stats.

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  4. puccellino
    Lollipop Nov 21, 2021

    puccellino , Nov 21, 2021 :
    Have you downloaded any new apps recently? There may be something causing battery drain.

  5. mahinani
    Donut Nov 22, 2021

    mahinani , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Nov 22, 2021 :

    I dont know what was going on and i am not sure i m the person facing charging down issue ..after done 100% charge max to max 4-5 hours i can use after that below 15-20% don't why thats much faster it was going down that to i will not ay any games or any battery drain apps i will use only whatsap..insta..facebook..news reader thats it my usage apps.if i keep aside without using in 10-15 min 1-5% going down

    It was disgusting for me and i am not able to digest this issue .and also i am the person who r in top of the oneplus likely family member.

    For me compare to nord one plus 9pro not that much better un charging ..i used one plus 6,7,7pro,nord.i faced but not much in previous models .

    I m not sure and dont know what was the issue it was due to my phone issue or version update issue.

    Kindly someone suggest how to solve the issue

  6. pablofg1978
    Head Moderator Head Moderator Nov 22, 2021

    pablofg1978 , Nov 22, 2021 :
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  7. mahinani
    Donut Nov 22, 2021

    mahinani , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Nov 22, 2021 :
    Yes bro now i am literally regretting why i bought oneplus 9 pro.. literally its not at all acceptable min to min 5-6 hours also not able to use continuously ..and also charger problem two days back i traveld in bus ..in bus they dont have plug point for chage they has only USB port for onepluse 9pro two side are C type how this acceptable dont know ...like this issues how we can preffer new models [email protected] look into issues what we are facing and get back with solution

  8. ReakyMark
    Cupcake Nov 23, 2021

    ReakyMark , Nov 23, 2021 :
    Heating issue and battery drain still present in LE15AA.

    Heating issue
    1st time unbox and setup phone screen is hot even without use and the screen is lock, I solve it with reset the network it cool my phone down.

    2nd time it happen again when I downgrade my IN version and do local update to global verson LE15AA after update the screen hot again so I do reset network again it fixed.

    Battery drain
    It drain 15-30% over night so I decide to disable all notification even a system app and only allow a few app can have notification, and also disable all notification on lock screen, and schedule AOD start at 7am to 11pm.

    I do not use phone for a day to see battery drain after do above from 1am to 7am it drain only 5% with AOD off look great but after 7am to 4pm it drain around 25% with AOD on.

    I check the battery usage with system it show screen and mobile network stand by eat alot but my phone no sim is use why it drain so much

    Due to not able to call or receive call on specific sim I switch to my Poco f3 for primary call.
    I don't know why to enable volte on OxygenOS 11 so complicate and need to downgrade logkit so I decide not to do it and wait future update.

    Very disappointed in the OnePlus 9 pro 12/256gb
    It x2 price of my Poco f3 and my Poco f3 more stable than this.

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  9. ckshieh
    Cupcake Nov 24, 2021

    ckshieh , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Nov 24, 2021 :
    It happened to my OnePlus 9 Pro during the first 3 days of usage regardless of what I set or change the settings. Then on the 4th day, it is back to normal (in my own expectation). Maybe the phone is just not yet auto optimize itself.

  10. CasperTFG
    KitKat Nov 24, 2021

    CasperTFG , Nov 24, 2021 :
    I'm offering my feedback: release Android 12 for the 9Pro. Start sending monthly updates. Thanks.
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  11. CasperTFG
    KitKat Nov 24, 2021

    CasperTFG , Nov 24, 2021 :
    Hell yeah, just got the North American T-Mobile OTA, Version - November patch.

  12. AlexCabral
    Froyo Nov 25, 2021

  13. Fabianv
    Cupcake Nov 25, 2021

    Fabianv , Nov 25, 2021 :
    Hi, i have a question about the oneplus 9 pro battery. I recieved my op9 pro yesterday and i have been satisfyed with (almost) all aspects of the phone. The only thing that kind of bothers me is the battery life at the moment. I recieved the phone out of the box (sealed) with only 15 percent charge, i fully charged it before setting it up. Next i transfered apps (all my apps ive used on my old phone) and some data (whatsapp chat history, contacts etc.) I noticed that the battry drained super quick i got just shy of 4 hours of screen time leaving me with arround 30 precent. Also, over the first night, i went from almost 30 percent down to 13 with the phone in dont disturb mode and with all background apps closed. My question is: is this normal? (i know the phone will underperform slightly the first few charging cycles, but is this much regular) and also, should i make a fresh start by installing all apps from the store instead of transfering them? or does that not make a noticable difference? thanks!

  14. M.F.Mushtaq
    Donut Nov 25, 2021

    M.F.Mushtaq , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Nov 25, 2021 :
    I always used QHD. Dear plz tell me that when i use FHD instead of QHD then how safe my battery in percentage.

  15. pablofg1978
    Head Moderator Head Moderator Nov 25, 2021

  16. ckshieh
    Cupcake Nov 25, 2021

    ckshieh , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Nov 25, 2021 :
    I don't really use FHD, so can't tell you how much it will save on the battery percentage. In my opinion, since I want to have a phone that able to display in QHD, why in the earth I want to switch to FHD for. It defend the purpose I getting this phone actually.

  17. AlexCabral
    Froyo Nov 25, 2021

    AlexCabral , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Nov 25, 2021 :
    Clean install made a huge difference for me, I was getting 2:30 to 3 sot

    Deactivate the always on wifi and Bluetooth from location services. It made a change for me.

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  18. Fabianv
    Cupcake Nov 25, 2021

    Fabianv , Nov 25, 2021 :
    i appriciate you, the battery life today was already a lot better than yesterday

  19. Fabianv
    Cupcake Nov 25, 2021

    Fabianv , Nov 25, 2021 :
    so for a clean install, do you recommend just resetting the phone? or deleting all apps that where brought over from my old phone and re installing them

  20. AlexCabral
    Froyo Nov 26, 2021

    AlexCabral , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Nov 26, 2021 :
    Resetting to factory, I know I know, I did it once and man... It was some workout. But at the end I gained (a little) more sot and battery life. And funnily I think there was a conflict with the audio codec or something, clean install cleared some odd things happening with my usb c audio dongles.