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  1. Altaf1211
    Donut Dec 25, 2016

    Altaf1211 , Dec 25, 2016 :
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    Please read about Battery Calibration below and Follow the steps for better battery life on the below thread:
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    after updating OS software battery drain fast... even mobile is in standby it will automatic discharge...
    please resolve ASAP
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  2. keertivaibhav
    Froyo Nov 22, 2017

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    keertivaibhav , Nov 22, 2017 :
    hi everyone....i m sure many of us are facing issues regarding "mobile standby" battery consumption whether in beta or in stable OS version.i searched the forum and found that its a bug.here i did something that worked for me....currently in beta 27 for OP3.
    1.Dial *#*#4636#*#* in dialer.
    2.U will get "phone information" option.
    3. In that u will find "mobile radio power
    " toggle button.
    4. It must be ON.Now turn that off and wait for sometime ,may be 1 min.Than it will automatically gets ON.
    5. Once it shows ON,reboot ur handset from that page only.
    Thats all worked for me and the mobile stand by was gone from battery statistics
    here are some screenshots.....good luck

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  3. insomniachou
    Honeycomb Nov 25, 2017

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    insomniachou , Nov 25, 2017 :

    After a lot of online searching, I finally found a way to solve the issue that comes after updating to Oreo. Steps are listed below.

    1. Open the dialer and enter *#*#4636#*#*

    2. Click phone information.

    3. Find set preferred network type, choose the one that suits you. I am on AT&T, so I choose LTE/WCDMA, it was TD-SCDMA before I changed it.

    4. Reboot the phone and you're good to go. I have attached my battery status below.

    Note that after the fix I don't feel any battery life boost, only the cell standby doesn't show absurdly high. I was having decent battery life even when the issue was there.

    I edited this post on my phone, thanks and happy holiday

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  4. Kutbi1678
    Donut Dec 25, 2016

    Kutbi1678 , Dec 25, 2016 :
    Even I am feeling the same issues. Battery is draining very fast. Enclosed my IMEI details.



  5. anuj bhatia
    Cupcake Dec 25, 2016

    anuj bhatia , Dec 25, 2016 :
    battery is draining very fast I bought my 3t recently but even device is closed battery start draining even not lasting full day. kindly resolve this issue

  6. Harsimransingh26
    Gingerbread Dec 25, 2016

    Harsimransingh26 , Dec 25, 2016 :
    Same here
    When i bought oneplus 3t with built in version it gave an awesome battery life but after 3.5.4 it sucks.
    Please try to improve these issues.

  7. sumit.anand
    Donut Dec 25, 2016

  8. Baibhav_Kumar
    Honeycomb Dec 25, 2016

  9. G_Amrinder918
    Cupcake Dec 25, 2016

  10. rammohangs
    Eclair Dec 25, 2016

    rammohangs , Dec 25, 2016 :
    even I face the same problem of battery drain.if you notice even the finger print sensor is bit slow to react after the update .

  11. G_Something_Serious_T.V.
    Donut Dec 25, 2016

  12. Funk Wizard
    Lollipop Moderator Dec 25, 2016

    Funk Wizard , Dec 25, 2016 :
    No such problems.. I repeatedly get over 6 to 8 hours of SOT

    Edit: Did you try clearing cache after the update?

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    Donut Dec 25, 2016

  14. Asaajid
    Cupcake Dec 25, 2016

    Asaajid , Dec 25, 2016 :
    Battery starts reducing while on charge, battery reduces real fast, 2-3 hrs battery backup after d update... Pls get this fixed ASAP

  15. Asaajid
    Cupcake Dec 25, 2016

    Asaajid , Dec 25, 2016 :
    Network fluctuation is high and can't use the phone for more than 5mins after the upgrade

  16. Harsimransingh26
    Gingerbread Dec 25, 2016

    Harsimransingh26 , Dec 25, 2016 :
    [iFunk Wizard, post: 15510294, member: 218434"]No such problems.. I repeatedly get over 6 to 8 hours of SOT

    Edit: Did you try clearing cache after the update?[/QUOTE]
    , is this

  17. Harsimransingh26
    Gingerbread Dec 25, 2016

    Harsimransingh26 , Dec 25, 2016 :
    @iFunk wizard a lot of people are saying thing same as me, i guess you should throw a lil light over it...

  18. rahulmm
    Honeycomb Dec 25, 2016

    rahulmm , Dec 25, 2016 :
    If I leave my Bluetooth on always, I'm losing a lot of battery, even on standby. I am used to leaving Bluetooth ON always, so this is a bug. Having to turn it on and off as I need it is disgraceful.

  19. udit jaiswal
    Cupcake Dec 25, 2016

    udit jaiswal , Dec 25, 2016 :
    for me also the same problem battery sucks...it is only giving 3-4 hrs backup,even in standby mode battery discharge automatically.

  20. akashtn11
    Donut Dec 25, 2016

  21. tifa1987
    Cupcake Dec 25, 2016

  22. stephenboyo
    KitKat Dec 25, 2016

    stephenboyo , Dec 25, 2016 :
    Things like this made me not to upgrade to the 3T, no matter how good the hardware specs sounds it's the software's performance that will determine things in reality. hopefully they'll improve things for you guys with subsequent updates before the OP4/5 comes out in a few months time. In the meantime, the trick is to use apps like Greenify and Doze to keep your battery hungry apps at bay and also put your phone on airplane when not in use. Alternatively just dash charge as and when required batteries always deplete no matter their capacity.
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