Unified OP3/3T Battery Thread

  1. P1578886685896
    Cupcake Jan 16, 2020

    P1578886685896 , Jan 16, 2020 :
    I am observing my 3T device's battery draining very fast. Software version is 9.0.6. I have checked some available tips but not worked well. Battery health is about 82%. So it's quite healthy still. Something else creating problem.
    Please suggest. Thanks. Asim.

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  2. P1578886685896
    Cupcake Jan 16, 2020

    P1578886685896 , Jan 16, 2020 :
    Please check battery health. I have verified it from service center. if it's above 80%then battery health of your device quite good.

  3. Sias1234
    Donut Jan 18, 2020

    Sias1234 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Jan 18, 2020 :
    i think oneplus avoids the phone to get to 100% to avoid the battery to overcharge and makes the battery bad overtime, so they show 100% but the charge stops if its 97%.

    idk, same thing happens to me.

    to fix this, you have to calibrate your phone.

  4. Sias1234
    Donut Jan 18, 2020

    Sias1234 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Jan 18, 2020 :
    you should calibrate you phone battery

  5. dsteixeira
    Cupcake Feb 1, 2020

    dsteixeira , Feb 1, 2020 :
    Hi. How to calibrate the Phone? Thanks in advance.

  6. Topper_Gas
    Jelly Bean Feb 2, 2020

    Topper_Gas , Feb 2, 2020 :
    Let the battery completely discharge, plug in the charger with it switch off, charge to 100%, switch phone back on, the battery should now be calibrated.

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  7. dsteixeira
    Cupcake Feb 2, 2020

    dsteixeira , via OnePlus 3T , Feb 2, 2020 :

  8. justwondering
    Gingerbread Mar 2, 2020

    justwondering , Mar 2, 2020 :
    I have a few Oneplus phones, a 5t a 7T and my trusty old oneplus 3T, one thing I have noticed though with my oneplus 3T is that when downloading any updates to apps or to the system the battery percentage goes down extra quick....my battery health is close to 87 percent, so it is not a battery issue...I read above about calibrating my battery, but strangely the issue only seems to happen when doing updates, I tend to only update on Wifi, so it is not the mobile data used.

    Currently using the latest update available for the phone.
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  9. F_Jaime_Bv_FNzl
    Eclair Mar 9, 2020

    F_Jaime_Bv_FNzl , Mar 9, 2020 :
    Has anyone installed one of those chinese 4000mah batteries? I had 70% at 7 am and by 9 am, just using it at the gym with mp3 and some chatting it drained the entire battery. Anything else I can do?

  10. PTuT
    Jelly Bean Mar 9, 2020

    PTuT , via OnePlus 3 , Mar 9, 2020 :
    Try to get oem battery (and really new one). You may have luck with these Chinese ones but hard to say which one is good and which one is bad. You're lucky your phone didn't catch fire.

  11. J1583925961961
    Cupcake Mar 11, 2020

  12. knowididnot
    Cupcake Mar 12, 2020

    knowididnot , via OnePlus 3T , Mar 12, 2020 :
    how do you check the 3T's battery health?